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Dr. Anita is a trauma therapist, spiritual teacher, and author of the New York Times bestseller, The Garden Within. Through this mix of solo episodes and conversations, Dr. Anita invites you to transform the way you feel, think, and live. Step into the garden of your soul and prepare to get your hands dirty. It's time for you to flourish!

90 Episodes

Power Moves w/ Sarah Jakes Roberts

Stripping our minds of the expectations that inundate our world has never been more difficult. It’s also never been more necessary. When we surrender our imagination of what life should be to embrace the story God is writing for us, everything changes. We go from powerless to powerFULL when we learn how power moves. ITL fam, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts is here to teach us how. In this vulnerable, loving, and deeply connected conversation between friends, Dr. Anita and SJR explore lessons about power in both the exhilarating highs and devastating lows that life brings. You are going to walk away ready to stand in the midst of the rubble with the power to rebuild! And…Get Sarah’s new book “Power Moves: Ignite Your Confidence & Become a Force” today!

Transcribed - Published: 3 April 2024

Seen. Heard. Known. Loved.

In this episode of In the Light podcast, Dr. Anita sits down with podcaster, social media influencer, author, and preacher Tim Ross to discuss the unique faith and mental health journey that led him through abuse, grief, loss, and addiction to build a ministry with one singular mission: making sure that all people can be seen, heard, known and loved even when they are disagreed with. Every minute of this conversation is incredible. Listen in! And grab Tim's new book-- Welcome to the Basesment: An Upside-Down Guide to Greatness. đź“– Tim Ross' Book: https://amzn.to/49y2n4Q đź“’ Welcome to the Basement Study Guide: https://amzn.to/3P2iVcV

Transcribed - Published: 4 March 2024

Let (Self) Love Rule

In a world full of opinions opposing the truth of who you truly are, loving yourself is the key to staying grounded. In this episode, Dr. Anita is joined by her daughter, Olivia Grace for a moving conversation about self-love through the lens of the ancient wisdom found in the ultimate definition of love: 1 Corinthians 13.

Transcribed - Published: 18 April 2023

Change The Story

When it comes to the past, we love talking about good memories and sharing lessons learned but too often we avoid the painful topics at all costs. The problem is silence leaves room for trauma to continue writing our story in ways we may not realize. In this final takeover episode, Kobe Campbell and her husband Kyle talk us through getting the help we need to change our story – you can rewrite what the past is saying to your present and about your future! Get Kobe’s new book “Why Am I Like This: How to Break Cycles, Heal from Trauma, and Restore Your Faith” today! https://kobecampbell.com/book

Transcribed - Published: 27 March 2023

Where Does It Hurt?

When we ask for help, we might not be sure what we need, but we do know what’s wrong. Or do we? In this episode, trauma therapist Kobe Campbell—with the help of her husband, Kyle— explains why we often overlook the real source of our life challenges. In the Light Podcast takeover week #2 is here! Get Kobe’s new book “Why Am I Like This: How to Break Cycles, Heal from Trauma, and Restore Your Faith” today!

Transcribed - Published: 20 March 2023

Protect Your Anger

We have all heard that we should protect our peace and let our anger go. Well, it’s time for a different lesson: Protect your anger too. Why? Because anger is an important part of every healing journey. In this episode, trauma therapist and author, Kobe Campbell returns to In the Light to illuminate the relationship between anger, trauma, and reclaiming our self-worth.

Transcribed - Published: 13 March 2023

Love & Friendship

Our siblings. Our cousins. Our parents. Our spouses. The highest hope for every important adult relationship in our lives is that the love we share will ultimately be rooted in a deep sense of friendship. In this episode of the In the Light, Pastor Yana Jenay Conner joins Dr. Anita to teach us how to be a good friend, when to break up with a friend, and more importantly – when to hold on to one.

Transcribed - Published: 14 February 2023

Story Time

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Overcoming generational trauma isn’t about breaking curses. It’s about giving voice to the story. A story that belongs to you but didn’t begin with you. In part one of this deep dive into healing generational trauma, Dr. Anita teaches us about the memories, meaning, and biological mechanisms that shape our story while using her own scars to show us that we have the power to narrate the next chapter of our family legacy. Hint: It’s filled with love and light!

Transcribed - Published: 26 October 2022

Don’t F.O.R.G.E.T.

It’s Dr. Anita’s birthday episode and she is gifting US with her wisdom on true self-care, living in purpose on purpose, and empowering yourself with words you speak from the heart. This is an episode you won’t F.O.R.G.E.T!! Get 20% off your first purchase of any Munk Pack product by visiting Munkpack.com and entering our code ANITA at checkout.

Transcribed - Published: 17 October 2022

Listen In

Emotions are embodied experiences. Taking care of your body also strengthens emotional well-being. In this episode somatic therapist, relationship expert and author, Jordan Dann joins Dr. Anita for a conversation about body language. We know our body language speaks to others but what is your body trying to tell you? As we learn to listen to messages from within we become more aware of how we feel, what we need, and where to heal. Listen in as Jordan coaches your inner voice and shares tips from her new book, “Somatic Therapy for Healing Trauma: Effective Tools to Strengthen the Mind-Body Connection”. Get 20% off your first purchase of any Munk Pack product by visiting Munkpack.com and entering our code ANITA at checkout.

Transcribed - Published: 3 October 2022

Killing Comparison

Envy. Discouragement. Imposter Syndrome. They all have a common source --comparison. Dr. Anita invited Pastor Nona Jones to teach us how to set ourselves free once and for all. Throughout her life and in her career--most recently as an executive for the world's largest social media company--Nona discovered that despite professional success, true confidence can only be achieved by defeating toxic comparison and securing our identity to God's approval alone. Grab your notebooks, listen in, and then dive even deeper by picking up Nona’s new book. It’s called, “Killing Comparison: Reject the Lie You Aren't Good Enough and Live Confident in Who God Made You to Be”.

Transcribed - Published: 27 September 2022

Access Granted

When one door closes another door opens. There is always a way forward, but opportunity and advancement often depend on one thing: access. In this episode, Dr. Anita is joined by a friend of the In the Light family, Chrystal Evans Hurst. Together they get real and dig deep to talk about: why we believe (or don’t believe) we have access to what matters most, the pain that paralyzes or empowers us, and how -- even while waiting-- you can access joy right this very minute.

Transcribed - Published: 19 September 2022

The F Word

In the Light podcast is back and Dr. Anita is keeping it real in exactly the way we love her for as she takes us on a deep dive into nobody’s favorite topic. Forgiveness. That’s the real F word! After self-identifying as “forgiveness challenged”, Dr. A offers tips for unforgiveness prevention and sheds light on the shame attached to this struggle, the ways that forgiveness is sometimes abused, and who forgiveness is really for (hint: it’s not just for you).

Transcribed - Published: 12 September 2022

May the Force Be With You

We are wrapping up our Women Power Series, with a SHEro who is no less than a force. Evon Benson Idahosa is a lawyer and a leading international expert on sex trafficking and gender-based violence in sub-Saharan Africa. Through her organization Pathfinders Justice Initiative, this highly-accomplished Nigerian queen is literally setting captives free. In this episode, Ms. Idahosa joins Dr. Anita and her co-host, Oliva-Grace to discuss her chain-breaking work and the authentic power we can all derive from embracing our history and moving forward with purpose.

Transcribed - Published: 28 March 2022

The Embodied Life

Woman Power series - week 3! Dr. Anita and her daughter, Olivia sat down with @blackliturgies creator & NYT bestselling author Cole Arthur Riley to discuss the power of storytelling, the difference between spirituality & religion, how worldview influences faith & mental health, and what it means to thrive as a “living soul” in a culture that too often places us at odds with our bodies.

Transcribed - Published: 21 March 2022


In the second episode of our “Woman Power” series Dr. Anita and her guest co-host, Olivia-Grace Phillips, are drawing wisdom from Dr. Thema Bryant. As a trauma psychologist, researcher, and minister, Dr. Thema deeply understands how conflict within and around us can disconnect us from our God-given gifts and purpose, and she is here to walk us home. Home to our authentic selves where we unapologetically stand in our power as women who know God.

Transcribed - Published: 14 March 2022

The Business of Surrender

It’s Women’s History Month and Dr. Anita is celebrating the revolutionary power of women with four history-makers who inspire her. First up is Arian Simone. As an entrepreneur, philanthropist, best-selling author, and Co-Founder and CEO of the Fearless Fund --the First Venture Capital Fund built by women of color for women of color-- she personifies the power of purpose. Her journey from business owner to homelessness to corporate boardrooms illuminates the potency of faith, hard work and forgiveness. We may not all be entrepreneurs, but we are all in the business of surrendering to our divine purpose. That business always turns a profit!

Transcribed - Published: 7 March 2022

Mapping Change

In a world where change feels constant, we can use boundaries to map our journey into uncharted territory. Boundaries are more than just the borders we draw to protect ourselves. They are the route we travel to reach that place called “next”. In this episode, Dr. Anita and guest co-host & therapist Danae Wheatley are sharing their own experiences with mapping change. They get raw, they get real, and they are sharing it with you. Tune in as these two friends inspire you to reconnect with the terrain of your heart and recommit to making your dream your destination.

Transcribed - Published: 28 February 2022

The Narcissism Episode

“Dr. Anita, please do an episode about narcissism!” In the Light listeners, your wish is our command, and we can’t think of a better time to do it than during a month dedicated to setting boundaries for ourselves and with others. This week Dr. Anita and her February co-host, Danae are joined by Dr. Vanessa Abernathy, a clinical psychologist, relationship abuse survivor, and author of UNbaitable U: Keys to Triumph Over Narcissistic Abuse. Together they are shining a light on narcissism in romantic relationships, family systems, and friendships. Dr. Abernathy will illuminate the path to freedom and prepare you to support others on their healing journey.

Transcribed - Published: 14 February 2022

Boundaries 101

It’s time to go to class. This episode is Boundaries 101. Nedra Glover Tawwab’s New York Times bestseller, “Set Boundaries Find Peace” is the textbook and Dr. Anita, along with her good friend and fellow therapist, Danae Wheatley are the students. Together they are testing the health of their own boundaries, reflecting on how they have grown, and making plans to keep flourishing from here. Join the class! Unlimited seating. No waitlist. Tuition-free. Clarity guaranteed.

Transcribed - Published: 7 February 2022

Go to Sleep

When it comes to improving our wellbeing, it can be hard to know where to start. Dr. Anita is here with the simple answer you need: go to sleep. It will change your life. Listen in to find out why catching more ZZ’s is the ultimate act of self-care while sleep deprivation has been linked to emotional problems, poor concentration, immune system failure, divorce, and early death. It turns out that sleep is not only a biological imperative – it’s an act of faith. God calls us to be refreshed before we do anything else. Do you trust Him enough to rest?

Transcribed - Published: 31 January 2022

Wrong Lanes Have Right Turns

We are turning the light on for 2022 with a powerful story about what change looks like. Dr. Anita shares her own change challenge for the year and then welcomes Pastor Michael Phillips, author of “Wrong Lanes Have Right Turns”. Michael invites us to stand in the light with him as he walks us through the decisions that changed his life and the life of his entire family for generations to come. From drug dealer to thought leader, from urban criminal to education advocate, his story will arrest and inspire you. Your divine destiny is just one decision away!

Transcribed - Published: 26 January 2022


Messy. Acceptance. Courage. Invaluable. Fragility. Freedom. Empowered. Process. Longevity. Celebration. Generosity. Reflection. 12 months of In the Light. 12 powerful themes. In this episode, Dr. Anita is wrapping the year by reflecting on them all. She is giving us scripture after scripture to back up every thought God gave her along with some heartfelt wisdom on finding the right therapist to join you on the journey to your next. Happy New Year!!

Transcribed - Published: 27 December 2021

Burn It Off

It's that time of year! We’re turning our focus toward the future and setting our goals and intentions for 2022. Before we do that let’s plan to succeed by uprooting every form of self-sabotage that has tripped us up in the past. Self-sabotage isn’t really about what you do or don’t do. It’s rooted in the painful places in your heart but, with intentional work, we can burn away envy, fear and shame to transform self-sabotage into a life full of inspiration, purpose, and success.

Transcribed - Published: 20 December 2021

The Gift of Belief

Mental illness is real and on the rise. In the wake of the pandemic depression and anxiety disorders have soared but we are not helpless. In this episode, Dr. Anita shines a light on powerful insights about trauma and mental illness gleaned from some of her favorite guests and then takes us deeper as we prepare us to ask ourselves, and others, the hardest question of all: How are you? We can take good care of ourselves and the people that we love if we are willing to be honest about how we are doing and believe others when they give us their truth.

Transcribed - Published: 13 December 2021

The Right Words

Dr. Anita is wrapping the year by gifting us some of In the Light’s best moments and there’s no better place to start than the heart. Having the right words to truly describe how we feel helps to protect us from the effects of stress. This episode is a vocabulary list of the best emotion words from our 2021 conversations to help you answer the all-important question - How do you feel?

Transcribed - Published: 6 December 2021

Words of Affirmation

After months and months of unexpected change, many of us are seeking fresh balance despite the ground still shifting beneath our feet. In this episode, Dr. Anita is speaking directly from her heart with one purpose: to affirm you. Whether anxiety’s grip seems relentless, or grief is showing up in new ways, or you are just feeling all the feels this holiday season, your heart needs to know that you are going to be okay. Spoiler alert–you are.

Transcribed - Published: 29 November 2021

Out of Bounds

Dr. Anita is exhausted in the very best way possible! Listen in as she reflects on THEE moment that was the 2021 Woman Evolve conference. Then, stick around for some much-needed direction on building healthy relationships. Dr. Anita is joined by fellow therapist Danae Wheatley for this compelling conversation overflowing with education, insight, and auntie-flavored truth. In family, in friendships, and in love, we are recovering from CODEPENDENCY by naming our pain, healing our pain, and setting boundaries.

Transcribed - Published: 8 November 2021


Ladies listen up! Our friendships are just as important as our romantic relationships (if not more)and sometimes, they are just as challenging (if not more) but when you find those special sister-friend bonds, it’s EVERYTHING. In this episode of In the Light, Dr. Anita is chatting with minister and life coach, Irene Rollins, who gets vulnerable about her own difficult friendship journey. She offers guidance on the roles that different friends play and sheds light on how to find sister-friends you need.

Transcribed - Published: 1 November 2021

Please Review the Attachment

Relationships are challenging but romantic relationships can be EXTRA challenging! When it comes to dating and marriage questions, love is the answer! Literally. This week, Dr. Anita welcomes relationship expert Love McPherson back to In the Light. Love insists that “attachment styles” are key to deciphering the mixed messages that undermine healthy connections. She is here to teach us about each style and to help you identify yours. Knowing your attachment style will empower you to transform the most important relationships in your life. That’s something to celebrate!

Transcribed - Published: 25 October 2021

Stay in the House

Speaker, teacher, pastor’s wife, and multiple-attempt suicide survivor Heather Palacios dedicates her life to helping those struggling against suicide. In this conversation with Dr. Anita, Heather shares what dark days have taught her about living in the light. Whether you have ever contemplated suicide or not, Heather’s wisdom will inspire you to celebrate each and every day you get to spend in the amazing body that was created to house one very unique person — YOU!

Transcribed - Published: 18 October 2021

Safe Space

The mother-daughter relationship is powerful. When our relationship with our mother is healthy, it supports our emotional wellbeing in countless ways. When that relationship is broken, the emotional impact can be devastating. In this episode, Dr. Anita and her daughter, Olivia-Grace open up about the personality conflicts that threatened their relationship from the start, and the hard work they did to grow and turn things around. It’s never too early to heal and it’s never too late!

Transcribed - Published: 11 October 2021

Thirty-Second Dance Party

In the Light Podcast is back and we are celebrating that! So many of us are feeling overwhelmed right now, so in this episode, Dr. Anita gives us a look at how she personally responds to challenges in her own life, while making room to celebrate the good stuff. This episode is packed with tools to increase your wellbeing–physically, emotionally, and spiritually–even under pressure and W.E. are here for it!

Transcribed - Published: 4 October 2021

Programming Update

Transcribed - Published: 13 September 2021

Still Waters Run Deep

Anxiety. Insecurity. Perfectionism. Nervousness. Each of these emotional experiences is a form of fear. We can change its name, but it exhausts us just the same. Are you ready to finally get some relief? In this episode, blending faith and mental health as only she can, Dr. Anita is speaking rest to the deep water of your soul! No matter where you are in the process of birthing the new thing God has for your life, let this teaching guide you to a place of peace.

Transcribed - Published: 30 August 2021

No Passing Zone

Dr. Anita admits that she doesn’t love strength training, but she does love the lessons it teaches us about getting stronger emotionally and spiritually. Building strength is a process, and even though there are no short-cuts, most of us try to find one anyway! In this episode Dr. A delivers mega doses of truth about using “spiritual bypassing” to avoid emotional pain and the toll it takes on our faith and wellbeing. Don’t fall for it! Emotional honesty strengthens us spiritually. It’s hard work but you are worth it!

Transcribed - Published: 23 August 2021

Don't Miss It!

In this hurried culture, where we pride ourselves on multitasking, Dr. Anita is slowing us down this week. Even when the world is pulling us in any direction except “here and now” she urges us to be present on purpose. Reflecting on the moments that she’s gotten right and times when she’s dropped the ball, Dr. Anita offers tips to make sure you don’t miss a moment of this incredible blessing called life!

Transcribed - Published: 16 August 2021

The Trust Test

We’re leaning into the faith side of the faith and mental health conversation this week as Dr. Anita gets real about how hard it can be to consistently believe that God really does plan to give us the desires of our heart. Past disappointments can tempt us to sacrifice our dreams on the altar of anxiety we are saying no tothatself-sabotage! Listen in to learn how to evict anxietyfrom your prayer closet and rebuild your trust in God

Transcribed - Published: 9 August 2021

You Are Here

Change IS possible, even if it doesn’t always seem that way. Whether you feel like giving up on achieving a change in your life or you’re looking for fresh insight as you chase your dreams, Dr. Anita is here to demystify the process of change. Turns out, there are only five steps between “here” and “there”. Grab your notebook and listen in to map your way to your next.

Transcribed - Published: 2 August 2021

The Gift of Imperfection

This one is for the perfectionists! Displaying the kind of vulnerability that we love her for, Dr. Anita shares her story of recovery from perfectionism. From the childhood wound that started it all, to the freedom she is determined to maintain, Dr. A teaches us how the power of humility can break the chains of perfectionism and lead us into a life overflowing with unconditional love.

Transcribed - Published: 26 July 2021


Sometimes we are completely out of touch with the weight our heart is carrying. Past trauma, the effects of the pandemic, stress, and bad news can really add up! Too often we try to compartmentalize our pain only to end up disconnected from our deepest truths. In this episode, Dr. Anita invites you to construct your autobiography. Connecting the dots between past experiences and present pain positions you for a powerful future!

Transcribed - Published: 19 July 2021

The Power of Hope

Summer is in full swing at In the Light, so Dr. Anita is shaking things up! For this episode she decided to be her own guest and she’s talking about living a life empowered by hope. Whether you have let go of a dream, feel challenged by the idea of living out your purpose, or you’re just a little tired, Dr. Anita is here to deliver the fresh dose of determination that you need.

Transcribed - Published: 12 July 2021

Let The Light In

This week, Dr. Anita sits down with Institutional Abuse expert, Dr. Wade Mullen to freely shine light into a very dark space: church abuse. Drawing from his personal experience, research, and work with faith communities, Dr. Mullen is sharing insights from his latest book – Something’s Not Right: Decoding the Hidden Tactics of Abuse and Freeing Yourself from Its Power. Listen in for the tools you need to call out abuse and support healing journeys.

Transcribed - Published: 28 June 2021

Tales from the Darkside – Part II

Dr. Anita is back to share the conclusion of her conversation with chaplain, trauma survivor, author, and poet J.S. Park. The story of his decades long struggle with depression, the freedom he’s found in recovery and the elastic strength of his faith will stretch you in all the best ways! Darkness never wins...light always does.

Transcribed - Published: 21 June 2021

Tales from the Darkside – Part I

This week, Dr. Anita sits down with poet and atheist-turned-chaplain, J.S. Park for a two-part interview, sure to leave you thinking more deeply about EVERYTHING. Drawing vulnerably from his experiences with childhood trauma, alcoholism, depression and the transformative love of God and armed with wisdom gleaned from hundreds of patients hovering at the edge of life, J.S. delivers the darkness-confounding light that we all need.

Transcribed - Published: 14 June 2021

Press the Reset Button

It’s been a long time coming but here we are! FOR every area of your life that has been on pause, it’s finally time to PRESS RESET! In this episode, Dr. Anita is talking about what she is doing to press reset in her own life AND she’s chatting with THE Latasha Morrison who is an author and the founder of Be the Bridge. Listen in for advice on letting go, moving into your next, riding out the hard parts, and flourishing each and every day of your life!

Transcribed - Published: 7 June 2021

Stay the Course

One year after the death of George Floyd, Dr. Anita sits down with Rev. Eugene Cho to explore the fragility of identity in a time of racial and religious upheaval. They are talking faith, racial righteousness, the richness of the AAPI community, and the power of diverse relationships to enrich our lives and enlarge our hearts. Justice work is hard work. We won’t give up, but weWILL take care ourselves spiritually AND emotionally. Wellness is non-negotiable!

Transcribed - Published: 24 May 2021

Turn Up the Microphone

What do poetry, trauma, love, and the dark side of San Francisco’s streets have in common? Spoken word artist and author, Hosanna Wong! Hosanna is joining us In the Light this week to show us how the most fragile moments of her youth have been transformed to become the most powerful elements of her ministry and mission. This superwoman is out to save the world and she knows exactly how NOT to do it! Listen. Learn. Heal. Grow.Hosanna will leave you inspired to step up to the microphone that’s been waiting for YOU.

Transcribed - Published: 17 May 2021


In a world that seems to rush to rate and judge every aspect of who we are it’s easy to internalize the message that we can never be good enough.In this episode,Dr. Anita and Vivian Mabuni, founder of the AAPI women’s collective Someday Is Here, slow down to explore the forces that shape our self-esteem. Vivian’s vulnerability is sure to strengthen you in ways you didn’t even know you needed. Prepare to fully embrace how valuable and worthy you are. Hint:It’s a lot

Transcribed - Published: 10 May 2021

Beautiful Things

Life is fragile in so many ways but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Fragility connects us to our vulnerabilities, but it also helps us to appreciate the most delicate and beautiful things in our lives. Join Dr. Anita as she sits down with her favorite guest and love of her life, Pastor Michael Phillips to explore identity, youth, vision, and faith. They are here to remind you that embracing fragility actually makes us strong!

Transcribed - Published: 3 May 2021

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