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Lauren Ash

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This podcast is a warm embrace, soothing realness, and conscious girl talk. Black Girl In Om exists to hold and heal black women and women of color around the world on their unique wellness journeys, mending us from the inside out. Come into conversation with our founder, Lauren Ash and wellness and Spirit-centered guests across various industries to talk all things self-care and self-love, spiritual awakening, intergenerational healing, and more.

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Black Women Are Worthy with Deun Ivory

Deun Ivory is back! In this mini-episode of the Black Girl In Om Podcast, Deun Ivory (she/her) joins Lauren Ash (she/they) in conversation around creative wellness and the Black Women Are Worthy movement. For those who are new to the show, Deun is the founder and creative director of The Body: A Home For Love, a 501C3 nonprofit and wellness membership space that shifts culture around how Black women heal from sexual trauma. They provide trauma-informed care, community, and creative wellness to black women seeking a safe space to heal and journey towards self-love. Deun is also the former art director for BGIO, so you’re sure to have interacted with her intentionally gorgeous work. In the episode, she affirms the power of channeling our creative energy toward healing our inner child and loving on ourselves. Deun and her team recently launched the Black Women Are Worthy movement with the intention of providing resources and care to Black Women survivors of sexual abuse. Their goal is to raise 2 million dollars to serve and grow a community of over 10,000 black women and to become the standard for trauma-informed care and creative wellness. The short film that catalyzed the movement is a stunning love letter to our undeniable worthiness as Black Women. It’s a must-watch experience filled with loving intention! Press Play to listen in on a joyful conversation between friends about creativity, healing, and sustainable joy. Connect with The Body: A Home For Love on their website thebodyahomeforlove.org And find them on Instagram @thebodyahomeforlove Watch the powerful short film and donate to the Black Women Are Worthy movement here: blackwomenareworthy.co

Transcribed - Published: 6 July 2021

#74 Divine Partnership and Conscious Hustling with Tiffany Hardin

Award winning executive marketer, talent manager, and founder of boutique consultancy, Gild Creative Group, Tiffany Hardin (she/her) joins Lauren Ash (she/they) in conversation around conscious hustling and intentional partnerships. Tiffany is one of the phenomenal women co-creating the presence and impact of Black Girl In Om in the world. With great thanks to her wealth of knowledge, BGIO’s central intention of helping to facilitate intergenerational healing for Black women across the Diaspora begins with how we operate behind the scenes and ripples outward. She’s committed to supporting divine partnerships rooted in equality and equity that move our culture forward. In this episode of the Black Girl In Om Podcast. Lauren and Tiffany talk about creating pathways to success that are aligned with our purpose and that do not rely on proximity to whiteness or patriarchy. They get into the paradigm setting choices that go into building and sustaining a platform like BGIO, and offer insight into how to maintain business partnerships that are nourishing rather than draining. Tiffany shares her fulfilling journey of moving from unconscious to conscious hustling, and the decisions she’s made to get there. While white supremacist ideas of success surround us in the world and can tempt us to prioritize winning over integrity or community, we need not compromise our beliefs to get ahead. Press Play to listen in on a gem-filled conversation between friends and partners who are making big ideas into realities. If you’re curious to turn your big idea into a reality, head over to GildGreativeGroup.com to learn more and get the ball rolling Find her on Instagram @Tiffany_Hardin Check out BGIO’s Sleep EP mentioned in the episode here: https://bit.ly/BeautySleepBGIO

Transcribed - Published: 29 June 2021

#73 Diving Deeper Into Our Ancestral Lineages and Practices with PariseNichelle

PariseNichelle (she/her) or Iya Shango Didi as she is also lovingly called, joins BGIO founder Lauren Ash (she/they) in conversation around connecting with our highest selves by diving deeper into our ancestral lineages and practices. Parise is an initiated priestess, medium, diviner, and healer. For over 15 years, she has used her gifts to help women of color heal trauma and align to their highest selves. As the founder of Do The Healing Work, she offers services designed to tap into all aspects of life. She combines western therapy practices with Traditional West African spiritual practices to heal generational traumas and aid in self healing and mastery. Utilizing her gift of clairaudience, Iya delivers guidance straight from the wisdom of the ancestors. In this episode of the Black Girl In Om Podcast, Lauren and PariseNichelle get into how sometimes we can feel a profound understanding within ourselves before we have the language or community around us to affirm that inner knowing.They encourage us to move beyond obligation and fear in our spiritual practice by giving ourselves permission to go internal and explore what’s most resonant for us. Parise affirms that our highest self is always communicating with us, and that it’s on us to hear and follow their call. Press play to dive deep. Ashe! Stick around after the conversation with Parise to hear a special Q&A with Cree Myles (she/her) from Penguin Random House all about the magic of reading and amplifying books written by Black authors. For recommendations of books that honor the rich breadth of Black experiences, head over to bit.ly/amplifyblackstories and follow Penguin Random House’s All Ways Black page on instagram @allwaysblack If you’re interested in connecting with your ancestors and stepping into further alignment with your highest self, you can schedule an ancestral reading or a spiritual DNA reading with PariseNichelle and sign up for her Power Tools Course mentioned in the episode at DoTheHealingWork.com Keep up with Parise on Instagram @dothehealingwork @iya_shangodidi And on Facebook @dothehealingwork If you’re interested in offering support to BGIO’s first physical space, home, or want to find out more, head over to blackgirlinom.com/home-by-bgio

Transcribed - Published: 15 June 2021

A Jubilant Juneteenth Cocoon of Inspiration with Lyvonne "Pastor Bae" Briggs

Pastor Bae is back, y’all! Body and sex-positive preacher, writer, and transformational speaker Lyvonne Briggs aka “Pastor Bae” (she/her) joins Lauren Ash (she/they) for this special minisode all about the Queen Solomon Goddess Rising Summit coming up this Juneteenth. Lyvonne has curated this sacred space for those who are ready to embrace the power of the Divine Feminine. Four expert master teachers will come together to create a cocoon of safety and inclusion for inspiration and healing. Inside the cocoon, all of a caterpillar’s life force energy is channeled toward transformation. On the other side of that focused growth is an earned confidence in blossoming. Flying comes naturally once we’ve put in the work of nurturing our transformation. The Queen Solomon Goddess Rising Summit will offer a jubilant and nourishing space to evolve in the company of sacred community. At the Summit, Lauren will guide an energy healing meditation and will talk about aligning and harmonizing Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy. Lyvonne will share about her gift of alchemy and offer insights into how to take energy that was meant for our harm and make it our medicine. Juju Bae, Hoodoo practitioner, Orisha devotee, and all around “bad bitch witch” will talk about ancient spiritual practices and how we can liberate our understanding of ancestral and indigenous wisdom. Hip-Hop Womanist scholar and manifestation maestro EbonyJanice Moore will share major keys to manifesting. Diviner and Spiritist Tatianna Tarot will lead a collective reading, so bring your questions and intentions! If you’re curious to decolonize and liberate your spirituality, amplify your authentic voice, and tap into Divine Feminine energy, head over to QueenSolomon.eventbrite.com to get your ticket to the Queen Solomon Goddess Rising Summit! Use code Lauren16 for 16% off your purchase. 11% of all proceeds will be donated to Art and Abolition, an organization that exists to heal, empower, and protect young girls in Kenya who have survived violence as a result of poverty. You can donate directly to Art and Abolition at artandabolition.org Lyvonne’s intention is for the Queen Solomon Goddess Rising Summit to be 100% doable for folks. If resources are tight but you’re still feeling that nudge and excitement to be at the Summit, you can DM Lyvonne on Instagram @LyvonneBriggs about how to make it happen. Keep up with Pastor Bae on socials @LyvonneBriggs

Transcribed - Published: 12 June 2021

The Process: Unconditional Love begins tomorrow, June 10!

Hi community! BGIO founder Lauren Ash (she/they) is popping in with this special episode to announce that The Process: Unconditional Love begins tomorrow June 10th. This 28-day journey, exclusive for an intimate collective of members, will deepen into unconditional love and support with weekly group coaching with Lauren, a heart-chakra focused experience with special guest teacher Millana Snow (Wellness Official Co.) and weekly community support. Rooted in the power of intention, spiritual rituals including meditation, Kundalini, and movement, storytelling, and journaling, those who fully commit to The Process will experience transformation. The Process: Unconditional Love is most rooted in an exploration of the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakra. The journey kicks off on the New Moon in Gemini on Thursday, June 10th with our first group coaching call, and continues with 90 minute group coaching calls starting at 5:00 p.m. CST / 6:00 p.m. EST Thursday, June 17th, Thursday, June 24th, Thursday, July 1st. All calls will be live and recorded so that members unable to attend the call will be able to access the replays. If you’re interested in claiming unconditional love as your center, we invite you to join us for this 28-day journey. Head over to https://bit.ly/3tZxGQ9 to claim your spot in the program. You can also find The Process: Unconditional Love by going to blackgirlinom.com and clicking on Offerings. Sign up soon before enrollment closes on June 17 If you’re curious to become a certified yoga teacher, or simply want to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, you can sign up for Koya Webb’s Get Loved Up month-long yoga teacher training at koyawebb.com/get-loved-up/ The life-changing book that Lauren mentions in the episode is called The Five Levels Of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz. You can order it online here from a local bookstore: https://bookshop.org/books/the-five-levels-of-attachment-toltec-wisdom-for-the-modern-world-9781938289453/9781938289453

Transcribed - Published: 9 June 2021

#72 Creating Spaces For Ourselves Outside The White Gaze with Makkah Ali

Makkah Ali (she/her), Chicago-based podcaster, facilitator, and public speaker, joins BGIO founder Lauren Ash (she/they) in conversation around spiritual seeking and creating spaces for ourselves outside of the white gaze. Makkah is a multidimensional being who makes space for others to find peace and beauty in the many identities they claim. She executive produces and co-hosts the Identity Politics Podcast, which centers the voices of Black Muslim women and features new stories and perspectives about race, gender, and Muslim life in America. In this episode of the Black Girl In Om Podcast, Lauren and Makkah talk about their individual journeys of defining their relationships with God for themselves outside of anyone else’s expectations. Makkah shares about the many ways that wellness and Islamic faith seamlessly overlap in her life. Lauren and Makkah also discuss the power of intentional connection in a white supremacist world that banks on us feeling and being isolated from one another. Makkah encourages us to create spaces for ourselves outside of the white gaze so that we can self actualize and define our values for ourselves. Press play to get inspired! Follow Makkah on Instagram and Twitter @MsMakkah Listen to the Identity Politics Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts, and find out more about the show at IdentityPoliticsPod.com For 20% off of Organifi’s delicious completely plant-based and non-GMO organic superfood blends, head over to Organifi.com/blackgirlinom and use code blackgirlinom Note: This conversation was recorded in September 2019 while Makkah was the president of the Board of Directors of the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative. She now serves as a Director on the Managed Organizations Team at Arabella Advisors, where she works with philanthropic partners to develop, structure and maximize the impact of social sector projects. Makkah is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Crossroads Fund which supports community organizations working on issues of racial, social and economic justice in the Chicago area.

Transcribed - Published: 1 June 2021

#71 Doing Everything With Love with Caprice Dominique

Natural hair care stylist Caprice Dominique (she/her/they) joins BGIO founder Lauren Ash (she/they) in conversation around naming and claiming our desires. Caprice has been blessing Lauren’s life and hair for several years with her healing hands and personal touch of love and compassion. She’s all about empowering Black women to own our unique hair journeys. She encourages us to love our hair and ourselves holistically, and affirms that self care is about so much more than the products we use on our hair or on our bodies. It’s also about our patterns of self-talk and our healing practices. Press play to listen in on a heartfelt conversation between friends about trusting ourselves to claim our blessings unapologetically. Keep up with Caprice and schedule an appointment with her on Instagram @CapriceDominique For 20% off of Organifi’s delicious completely plant-based and non-GMO organic superfood blends, head over to Organifi.com/blackgirlinom and use code blackgirlinom

Transcribed - Published: 18 May 2021

Enroll Now To Join Us For 28 Days To Alignment

Hey community! Lauren’s popping in to announce that 28 Days To Alignment, Black Girl In Om’s quarterly alignment and intention masterclass, kicks off this Tuesday the 11th with an intention-setting gathering. This program is all about you setting a clear intention in your life and learning Lauren’s personal rituals, journaling inquiries, and personal best practices for living a life of intention. Your investment in 28 Days To Alignment comes with 2 live group coaching calls with Lauren, 7 guided audio meditations, 4 recorded spiritual downloads, the 28 essential truths of alignment, and more. This self-paced but community interactive journey offers you life-time access so that whenever you’re in need of a reminder of how to return to clear intention and aligned action, you’re supported. All you have to do is show up! If you’re down to enroll for the Spring 2021 experience, head over to blackgirlinom.com and click on “Offerings” to sign up. Use code BGIOPodcast for a special discounted price of $222 ($58 off)

Transcribed - Published: 7 May 2021

#70 Becoming A Reflection Of Our Most Authentic Selves with Taylor S. Hunter

Photographer, wellness guide, and artist, Taylor S. Hunter (she/her), joins Black Girl In Om founder Lauren Ash (she/they) in conversation around building self-trust and getting specific about our dreams. Taylor invites us to expand our perceptions of self by stepping into all parts of who we are, shadows included. Lauren and Taylor discuss how we can build self-trust and avoid wasting time by looking to ourselves as sources of insight instead of defaulting to others. As Taylor affirms, “your canvas is yours.” Press play to listen in on how both Lauren and Taylor are authentically co-creating the present moment with the universe. Read full show notes for the episode at bit.ly/BGIOPodcast70 Keep up with Taylor on Instagram @goldentimetay and book a self-love session with her at taylorshunter.com Support BGIO's healing space for Black women, Home, here: https://bit.ly/bgiogofundme For 20% off of Organifi’s delicious completely plant-based and low-sugar organic superfood blends, head over to Organifi.com/blackgirlinom

Transcribed - Published: 4 May 2021

#69 Suspending All Constructs Of The Mind with Dr. G

Spiritual warrior Dr. G (Doc/She/This Being) joins BGIO founder Lauren Ash (She/They) in conversation around the power of play and presence in the face of life’s transitions. Dr G is a clinical psychologist, death doula, writer, and multidisciplinary teacher who works with individuals to transform their adversity into the grounds for strength by bringing greater awareness to the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Lauren and Dr. G encourage us to seek out who we are outside of the constructed systems we navigate. Once we dissolve those edges of being, anything becomes possible. Stick around after the conversation with Dr. G to hear a special Q+A with Soulful Vibes Co. co-owner, Sunny Brooks, all about accessible wellness and the power of ritual. Read full show notes for the episode at bit.ly/BGIOPodcast69 Head over to ClaudelleGlasgow.com to schedule an appointment with Dr. G Stay in the loop with Dr. G on Instagram @garudagrin If you were touched by this episode and are inspired to extend a heart offering to Dr. G, you can do so through Paypal @ClaudelleRGlasgow or Venmo: DrCGlasgow Follow Soulful Vibes Co. on Instagram @soulfulvibesco and shop by intention at SoulfulVibesCo.com for whatever affordable, high quality, high vibrational, spiritual and metaphysical items you may need to get your spiritual practice started, or to supplement your existing rituals. Use code BGIO15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase #SoulfulVibes #SoulfulVibesCo #SoulfulVibesCoPartner #SoulfulVibesCoAmbassador

Transcribed - Published: 20 April 2021

#68 Reclaiming Wellness As Our Birthright with Bonkosi Horn

In this episode of the Black Girl In Om Podcast, co-founder and creative director of Freedom Apothecary, Bonkosi Horn (she/her), joins BGIO founder Lauren Ash (she/they) in conversation around reclaiming self care and wellness as our birthright. Freedom Apothecary is a space that centers Black women & WOC coming together in community along their self-discovery, healing, and wellness journeys through holistic lifestyle practices and rituals. All of the products they carry are nontoxic, clean beauty, and created by women. Lauren and Bonkosi talk about offering ourselves grace as we bring further awareness and active intention to what goes on and in our bodies. While mainstream wellness conversations can get a bad rap for being only for a certain type of person, Lauren and Bon discuss how true self care is our birthright as Black women. We deserve to prioritize our experience and nurture a relationship to self. Bonkosi is here to help us along this journey, and to connect us with a network of like-minded women through Freedom Apothecary! While their physical space is in Philadelphia, you can access an abundance of clean women-founded offerings from them wherever you are through their website (FreedomApothecary.com). True wellness should be accessible to everyone because, as Bon says, “It’s a right. It’s not a luxury.” IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL FIND OUT MORE ABOUT - How tapping into what she was craving positioned Bonkosi to dream up Freedom Apothecary - Where to start when making a choice to divest from brands and products with dangerous ingredients. - An App that helps you to choose the safest beauty and household products by allowing you to see what ingredients are in them and alerting you to which ones are toxic. - Resources that help Lauren to feel more empowered in her choices around the products she uses - Bonkosi’s advice for doing DIY skincare right Bon’s experience growing a brand that is centered on wellbeing specifically for women and women of color - The process of learning to ask for help when you need it How motherhood encourages intentional prioritization and boundary-setting Freedom Apothecary is reopening, safely and slowly the first week of April, so head over to FreedomApothecary.com to find out more about their many offerings or to book an appointment at their Blend Bar! Keep up with Bonkosi Horn on Instagram and twitter @Bonkosi For 20% off of Organifi’s delicious completely plant-based and low-sugar organic superfood blends, head over to Organifi.com/blackgirlinom If you're interested in offering support to BGIO's very first physical healing space for Black women, head over to gofund.me/8de0022e

Transcribed - Published: 6 April 2021

Welcome home!

Lauren (she/they) announces that Black Girl In Om’s very first physical space, home, is coming soon to the Longfellow community in Minneapolis! In this mini-sode of the BGIO Podcast, Lauren takes us through the serendipitous journey toward crafting the vision and finding the perfect location to plant the roots of what will be an oasis of intergenerational healing and wellness for black people. Home will feature a black-sourced, organic herbal apothecary, diverse healing modalities from specialized practitioners, culturally-specific programming for black folk to heal and come together in community, a curated shop of essentials, and more. Even in the face of injustice, we can create heaven on earth right here, right now. The story of how home came to be is a testament to how walking in alignment with your purpose and staying committed to your vision inevitably attracts a resonant community along your shared path. Let the journey begin! You can offer support to Home by BGIO at gofund.me/8de0022e To find out more about the space, head over to blackgirlinom.com/home-by-bgio

Transcribed - Published: 29 March 2021

#67 Radical Self-Inquiry Through Yoga Nidra with Tracee Stanley

In this episode of the Black Girl In Om Podcast, author and lineaged yoga teacher Tracee Stanley (she/her) joins BGIO Founder Lauren Ash (she/they) in conversation around why Yoga Nidra is the powerful healing practice the world needs. When we give ourselves the tools of rest, we build upon our strength, peace, and ability to focus on what matters. Yoga Nidra offers tools that allow us to hold space for ourselves fully first. From that place, we are able to truly hold space for others also. Lauren and Tracee discuss how paying homage to lineage in our yoga training and practice provides us with key context that positions us to connect more profoundly to source, and to find our own voices within long-standing traditions. Tracee encourages that bringing self-inquiry to everything we do can help us peel back layers of conditioning and experience to reveal our purpose and our power. She describes how nurturing a relationship with nature in our spirituality practice can open us up to further power and self awareness. This conversation is filled with nourishing gems, so get your journals ready! As Tracee says, “You are your most beloved. Lift yourself up like you’re your most beloved!” IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT MORE ABOUT - Yoga Nidra - What it looks like to truly hold space for ourselves - Honoring lineage in your spiritual practice - Allowing your unique voice to shine through your spiritual practice - Moving from fight or flight to rest and digest - Lauren’s Yoga Nidra journey and how she’s holding space for herself - Yoga Nidra as a tool for manifestation - Partnering with the unknown - Tracee’s intention for her Book, Radiant Rest: Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation and Awakened Clarity - What a Rest Nest is and how to create one for yourself - Incorporating nature in spiritual practice You can keep up with Tracee on her websites traceeyoga.com and radiantrest.com Follow her on instagram @tracee_stanley and twitter @Shaktidiva Buy her beautiful book Radiant Rest: Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation and Awakened Clarity at Radiantrest.com Listen to her podcast Radiant Rest anywhere you listen to podcasts If you’re hoping to add more rest and ease into your life, head over to Organifi.com/blackgirinom for 20% off your purchase of completely organic superfood blends

Transcribed - Published: 23 March 2021

#66 Expressing Love & Spirituality Through Food with Klancy Miller

In this episode of the Black Girl In Om Podcast, chef & author Klancy Miller joins BGIO founder Lauren in conversation around the expansive power of expressing love to ourselves and our communities through the preparation and enjoyment of food. Klancy and Lauren share their unique food rituals that help them to create the perfect vibe for a truly nourishing and joyful culinary experience. Klancy talks about how never seeing Black women featured in food magazines growing up inspired her to build a first-of-its’-kind biannual printed food & culture magazine called For The Culture created by and about Black women tastemakers across the Diaspora. As Klancy points out, we are literally everywhere as chefs, somaliers, farmers, bakers, food activists and restaurateurs, playing essential roles in architecting cuisines and influencing the culture. No matter where you’re at in your relationship to cooking and food, you’re sure to take away something nourishing from this conversation that inspires you to infuse each meal with love and joy. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL FIND OUT MORE ABOUT: - Klancy and Lauren’s cooking rituals - The best parts about cooking solo - How spending part of her childhood on a farm in Atlanta making food grown off the land informed Klancy’s deep love and appreciation for food - The ways food plays a role in our expression of spirituality - Klancy’s practice of cooking as meditation - The power of cooking as an act of love - Klancy’s mouthwatering and surprisingly easy recipe for Tian De Légume - a delicious dish with summer vegetables and goat cheese (YUM!) - The energy-boosting benefits of a sugar detox - How Klancy organically built a dynamic network of black women throughout the food world - Some of Lauren & Klancy’s favorite black women owned vegan restaurants in NYC and Los Angeles Pick up the beautiful 1st issue of Klancy’s food magazine created by & about black women tastemakers, For The Culture at ForTheCultureFoodMag.com Keep up with Klancy on instagram at @Klancycooks Order your copy of Klancy’s incredible cookbook Cooking Solo on her website, KlancyMiller.com If you’re interested in trying Green Chef, the number one meal kit for eating well, go to GreenChef.com/90blackgirlinom. Use code 90blackgirlinom to get 90 dollars off including free shipping. Green Chef is sustainably packaged, uses fresh certified organic ingredients, and makes it super easy to follow a delicious plant based diet! Head over to blackgirlinom.com to join us in Black Girl In Om’s online sisterhood of black women committed to wellness, joy, and healing in community, The Circle. The Circle sources our members with empowering guides, divinely ordained connections, and culturally aligned resources for you as you expand into your most authentic self.

Transcribed - Published: 9 March 2021

#65 Embracing The Black Velvet Of The Void With Jas The Moon Mother

Jas The Moon Mother guides people to retrieve their liberation and align with their soul’s purpose. She utilizes the tools of Human Design and intentional language to interrupt looping lies that can keep us trapped in cycles of burnout. In this episode of the Black Girl in Om (BGIO) Podcast, Jas joins BGIO founder Lauren in conversation around identifying as God and bringing radical presence to each moment. Jas shares that we are all here to embody and deliver a divine message unique to only ourselves. She encourages us to tap into patience in the process of defining and working toward the “why” at the heart of our mission. While the inevitable nothingness of uncertainty can be intimidating, there is no need to fear the fruitful black velvet of the void. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT MORE ABOUT: - Human Design; a synthesis of many different ancient teachings and wisdoms wrapped into one - Utilizing Human Design as a tool to help you discover your “why” - Serving your purpose rather than your ego - Interrupting counterproductive patterns of passive comfort - Reacquainting ourselves with the black velvet of the void - Nurturing narratives that serve our purpose and releasing narratives that place us in unnecessary bondage - Switching your mindset around resources from scarcity to receptivity - Transforming our relationship to triggers - Jas’s perspective on the 3 key reasons why we are either manifesting the opposite of our desires, or not manifesting our desires at all - Clearing up the differences between our beliefs and our identity Keep up with Jas The Moon Mother on Instagram @themoon.mother Find her on her website Moondustourmother.com where you can order a personalized Human Design Soul Map reading Listen to her podcast Divinely Human wherever you listen to podcasts Head over to takecareof.com and enter the code blackgirlinom50 to get 50% off your first Care/of order!

Transcribed - Published: 22 February 2021

#64 Integrating Sensuality, Spirituality, and Sexuality with Lyvonne “Pastor Bae” Briggs

Lyvonne “Pastor Bae” Briggs is a body and sex positive pastor and preacher, spiritual life coach, transformational speaker, and founder of The Proverbial Experience, an IG Live series of spiritual gatherings to nourish your soul. She is committed to centering the experiences of Black women in her work of rooting spiritual practice in pleasure and authentic empowerment rather than in shame. In this episode of the Black Girl in Om (BGIO) Podcast, BGIO founder Lauren Ash and Lyvonne Briggs join in a joyful conversation around reclamation of our sexual agency as daughters of the African diaspora and women of color. As Pastor Bae says herself, “I’m not your mama’s preacher. Praise the Lord!” IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT MORE ABOUT: Utilizing pleasure as a vessel for healing The transformative power of vulnerability The art of integrating our sensuality, sexuality and spirituality Decolonizing sex, the body, and religion in ways that make room for us to live fully in our humanity and worthiness Shifting from conversations about intergenerational trauma to conversations about intergenerational healing Unapologetically giving voice to our desires Lauren’s Kundalini yoga practice and journey Deepening into ancestral connection Starting your Ancestral Altar Get in touch with Lyvonne through her website LyvonneP.com Meet her on Instagram @LyvonneP Find her on Patreon if you’re ready to learn in community about the art of integrating your sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality Cohort 4 of her online course “i’m a Surthrivor” is launching Wednesday March 3, 2021 Trigger Warning: sexual violence 12:46 This episode of the Black Girl in Om Podcast was sponsored by BirchBox. Head over to birchbox.com/blackgirlinom to get 50% off of your first box!

Transcribed - Published: 8 February 2021

#63 Freeing Up Our Bodies with Our Voice with Gina Breedlove

Gina Breedlove is a sound healer, a vocalist, a composer and a medicine woman. She is committed to the liberation of us, one body at a time. In this episode of the Black Girl In Om (BGIO) podcast, BGIO Founder Lauren Ash and Gina Breedlove join in conversation and discuss the power of voice and listening as a radical act. They poetically weave us through history and the source of our healing--our roots.

Transcribed - Published: 15 December 2020

#62 Creativity as a Spiritual Practice with Chetna Mehta

In this episode, Black Girl in Om Founder Lauren Ash explores the belief of creativity as a spiritual practice with mystic and mixed media artist, Chetna Mehta, creator of @mosaiceye. Through the lens of wisdom she has gained from lived experience and studying psychology, Chetna explains how practicing self-compassion can not only expand our capacity to connect with others, but also opens the floodgates of our divine creativity. Chetna encourages us to connect to and lean on our spiritual support system as a way to cultivate a deeper relationship with ourselves and subsequently the world around us. She offers decolonizing our relationship to creativity as a soothing balm to comparison mind and creativity as a gift for our inner child. Chetna believes that “our capacity to feel the “darker”, more uncomfortable emotions informs our capacity to feel the other spectrum of emotions. They play into each other and there’s wisdom in both.”

Transcribed - Published: 1 December 2020

Healing Power of Sleep minisode

*Plumps pillows* Sis, when’s the last time you invested in making your sleep ritualistic? Given the nature of the intensity that has been 2020, we hope that you can end this year on an intentionally regenerative note with us and consider how to enter 2021 more supported than ever. Because truly: #YouDeserve.

Transcribed - Published: 30 November 2020

#61 Affirming, Approaching, and Allowing Abundance: Accept The Calling with Rha Goddess

We are buzzing with excitement because the number of vital life lessons shared in this conversation are too abundant to count. Listen in to experience the powerful (un)learning, necessary affirmation, and bountiful wisdom shared between Black Girl In Om Founder, Lauren Ash and the transcendent spirit that is Rha Goddess. As the Founder and CEO of Move The Crowd [movethecrowd.me], Rha inspires the entrepreneurs she’s worked with for decades to redefine their relationship to work and success. With the release of her book, The Calling: 3 Fundamental Shifts to Stay True, Get Paid, and Do Good [movethecrowd.me/thecalling], she is bringing that wisdom to us all, a point made clear in this poignant conversation.

Transcribed - Published: 3 November 2020

#60 Dive into the Mystery Heart First with Mariam Mouna

Mariam Mouna Guessous, Founder of I See You Wellness, is giving us the real life hacks—an Ikea Pinterest board could never. Join Lauren Ash, Black Girl In Om Founder, as she talks all things adventure with Mariam. Learn how to say yes to your soul-self by diving into the mystery when you follow your heart. Mar shares her story of breaking out of a corporate box as an NYC award-winning advertiser who said “f*ck it” to answer the calling to be herself. To be, that is our only mission.

Transcribed - Published: 20 October 2020

#59 Embody Your Power At Your Pace: An Invitation To Vibrate Higher Daily with Lalah Delia

Press play to immerse yourself in this conversation that truly feels like a breath of fresh air. In this moment of sisterhood, Black Girl In Om Founder, Lauren Ash is joined by the one and only Lalah Delia. In what can be considered a continuation of her first BGIO podcast moment [http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE33], Lalah is here to keep us all on the path to vibrate higher daily and alchemize our own lives. Since we last spoke, Lalah has created a whole entire book [http://bit.ly/2PV9qwS] that encompasses the lessons, the learnings, the blessings, and the challenges she faced in the journey to the miraculous life she lives today. If you’re reading this, consider this an invitation for you to invite a new way of living and being into your daily existence, from your relationships to your purpose. You’re here because you’re ready to own your narrative. You’re here because you’re ready to step into your power. You’re here because you’re ready. You’re ready in all the ways to breathe new life into your most authentic and highest self. Let Lalah and Lauren guide you through with this purposeful discussion on their journeys to all they are and hope to be and call in the same intentionality for yourself. It’s time, boo. You’re ready. In this episode, you’ll hear more about: - The process Lalah went through to get to the place she’s at now — the author of a bestselling published book, Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power - The spiritual traditions and ritualistic living that Lalah draws from for inspiration as she defines her path to her highest and whole self - Some of the insights and explorations described in detail within the book - How the power of community plays a role in the healing process - Writers, leaders, and spiritual guides Lalah has called on at different points in her journey - Why it’s crucial to set yourself up with practices and rituals that serve you - Ways your space — both immediate and distant — can activate or limit you - The “Divine Disruption” that Lauren experienced, and the spiritual breadcrumbs she received from her Grandmother, to make a big leap and move from a place of faith and inner knowing - One empowering ritual you can start using today to clear energetic space in your life - The impact Lalah’s healing had on her mindset around motherhood

Transcribed - Published: 6 October 2020

#58 Homecoming: A Spiritual Return

We are back and we’re better, people, like that Bryson Tiller quote. Season 5 of the Black Girl In Om podcast is cultivating energetic and spiritual conversations that speak to deeper aspects of our healing journeys as black womxn and as multifaceted spiritual beings. At this moment in human history, in global history, BGIO is honing in on the value of vulnerability. Our founder, Lauren Ash, opens episode one acknowledging the generative nature of sharing her story as a catalyst for healing, for awakening, and for connection. It begins with a birthday in Barbados. As we’re soothed by the transient visuals of turquoise tropics, beauty, and Oshun energy, Lauren’s story transports us to a place where clarity reigns and imagination meets intention. Listen as she walks us through her return to self and her return home, physically and spiritually, by being crystal clear on what she needs. What is deserved. Every single moment that we breathe, we have access to every single thing that we need. When you’re clear on what you need, you’re signaling to God, you’re signaling to the Universe, you’re signaling to all of your guides in life, and to your highest self, that you’re willing to receive just that. If you’ve ever wondered what it means to be unconditionally loved and supported, this episode tangibly defines it. Get into it.

Transcribed - Published: 22 September 2020

Wholeness is where it’s at: The Circle is LIVE and welcomes every part of you!

Black Girl In Om (BGIO) is beyond grateful to launch The Circle, our monthly membership experience. Listen as our founder, Lauren Ash, does what BGIO does best: sets the intention and tells the story that led BGIO to offer this phenomenal members-only, digital community for black womxn and womxn of color around the world. Consider how you first heard about Black Girl In Om. Maybe you were looking for community, hoping to see yourself in the wellness space. Or your girl came in clutch when she DM’d you with an invite to a BGIO event that your spirit needed. Wherever you find yourself on this journey, we welcome you, we affirm you, and we acknowledge your presence. The Circle is a sacred meeting place, where our global collective can come together to focus on connecting the dots between healing and wholeness. In this minisode, Lauren soothingly dares you to shift your perspective. Ask yourself, have you been consciously or unconsciously navigating with only this narrative that trauma is the script for you or your family? We’re working against that in The Circle. We know that these days, we’re not short on unprecedented times. This moment in history has felt and feels chaotic, yet it is also a divine opportunity to grow, to heal, and an invitation to deepen into self unlike ever before. Through the development of this monthly rotating wellness curriculum, The Circle opens up a world of healing and possibility through guidance on how to center wholeness in everyday life. All parts of you are valuable. All parts of you, all parts of us, are welcome to come. Tap in to hear Lauren highlight the ways that The Circle members will grow as a result of their participation. We invite you to join The Circle to begin or continue your path to whole, visit blackgirlinom.com for more details and enrollment.

Transcribed - Published: 9 September 2020

Affirming words—and our affirming new sister circle for you.

Take a brief moment to close your eyes, breathe, and affirm with us that in this moment you have everything you need to get through. Our founder Lauren Ash offers a calming moment within what may be a storm for many of us right now. And, then, she offers an exciting announcement about something our team has been creating with love for our community. This week, Black Girl In Om officially introduces The Circle—a new digital sister circle for our global community. This month in our five-week journey, we invite 250 black women and women of color to join us in leaning into the unlimited growth opportunities, spiritual awakenings, and community support possibilities that this unprecedented moment in history affords us. Get more details and enroll in the beta experience of The Circle here before we reach capacity: https://bit.ly/3emVabv We understand that this is a time of financial uncertainty for many, so please apply to our community scholarship here by April 20th and encourage a sisterfriend that you believe would benefit from the 35-day journey we have in store: https://bit.ly/2z7EJQi Eager to support our mission and our community? We welcome your generosity here: https://bit.ly/BGIOSupport 10% of all gifts at this time support the creation of more community scholarships for The Circle.

Transcribed - Published: 17 April 2020

This year, say yes to the unfolding with our love, Danielle Lyles Barton.

The darling Danielle Lyles Barton is back on the podcast to chat about the incredible journey she's taken since we last spoke in this special "minisode". Listen along as she and BGIO Founder, Lauren Ash chat through the evolutions that have birthed the incredible experience that is the unfolding. In this four day, immersive experience you’ll find so much: Truth. Healing. Stillness. Sisterhood. And that’s just a sampling of all the blessings on the way when you choose to show up for you. Press play on this episode to get all the details, including a special opportunity just for our listeners, and start your application to join today: http://bit.ly/bgioxtheunfolding We hope this episode and this invitation serves you well, love. If you feel called to it, follow your intuition and trust that your unfolding is on the other side of this beautiful experience. If you’d like to know more about Danielle, check out her full bio here: http://bit.ly/38P3DAk and follow her on Instagram @daniellelylesbarton

Transcribed - Published: 17 March 2020

This weekend, join (and support!) the body: a home for love for their #mybodymyhome LA experience.

In this "minisode" our beloved sisterfriend Deun Ivory returns to the Black Girl In Om podcast to chat with Lauren Ash about what she is cultivating within her 501c3 (it's official, ya'll!) nonprofit organization the body: a home for love. For our Los Angeles loves, this Sunday, March 1st Deun and her team present an experiential fundraising activation featuring a series of wellness programs and art installations for black women. With a 2020 goal to raise $100k to support survivors in their healing journey through a day retreat tour, pop-up gatherings, and an interactive coffee table book, we encourage our community to get involved and support, so head to www.thebodyahomeforlove.org to learn more and donate. Get more details about Sunday and RSVP today: http://bit.ly/mybodymyhomeLARSVP Follow along Deun's phenomenal new chapter and journey on Instagram at @thebodyahomeforlove

Transcribed - Published: 28 February 2020

Creating Space To Expand: A Moment of Reflection and Meditation with Lauren Ash

Happy New Moon, loves! We know many of you are still getting your lives from The Expansion Series and we have another treat from this tour to serve your journey to expansion. In this recording, live from the Los Angeles stop of The Expansion Tour, BGIO Founder, Lauren Ash shares a moving testimony on the expansive power of pleasure, connecting with our bodies, and reclaiming the idea of being home within our bodies. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastLAwithLA And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 23 February 2020

#57. Creating Space To Expand: A Conversation with Karlene Graham Perry

In today's continued conversation from the DC stop of The Black Girl In Om Expansion Tour, we are joined by Karlene Graham Perry, a force of love and manifestation in all the ways. With a chat on love, evolution, intentional actions, and so much more, this is exactly the conversation to settle with as you finish your year. We hope you love it and we'll see you next year for even more beautiful moments to come! Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE57 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 31 December 2019

#56. Creating Space to Expand: A Live Conversation with Alexandria Eregbu

Our fourth installation in the Black Girl In Om Expansion Tour podcast series is here with special guest Alexandria Eregbu. We had the best time diving deep into the meaning of "home", flowing with our internal rhythm, and creating what we need for ourselves. Enjoy as we dive deep into this nourishing conversation for the soul with Alexandria from the Chicago stop of The Black Girl In Om Expansion Tour. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcast-E56 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 24 December 2019

#55. Creating Space To Expand: A Live Conversation with Rachel Cargle

We're excited to share another beautiful moment from The Expansion Tour with y'all today. Prep your listening ears for some seriously stellar sister time with the absolutely beautiful and brilliant Rachel Cargle. Immerse yourself in this conversation on seeking softness, defining “enough” for ourselves, creating space for ease, abundance, opportunity, and so much more from the New York stop of The Black Girl In Om Expansion Tour. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE55 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 17 December 2019

#54. Creating Space To Expand: A Live Conversation with Erica Chidi-Cohen

In the next installment from The Expansion Tour this fall, we have a conversation full to the brim with gems, quotables, and moments that make you think, laugh, cry, and everything in between. We're getting into all of it with the genius, giver, and truly rich gift that is Erica Chidi-Cohen. Get your life from this conversation on finding a deeper level of self-awareness + self-love, examinations of our pain + trauma, sexual liberation, and more recorded live from the Los Angeles stop of The Black Girl In Om Expansion Tour. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE54 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 26 November 2019

#53. Creating Space To Expand: A Live Conversation with Deun Ivory

We're closing out this year with the expansive conversations from this fall’s first ever BGIO Expansion Tour! First up? The incredible, incomparable, and inimitable Deun Ivory. Enjoy this conversation on walking in alignment, finding + following your ministry, her incredible journey to where she is today, and more recorded live from the San Francisco stop of The Black Girl In Om Expansion Tour. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE53 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 26 November 2019

Join us for a full day of wellness this November!

Our annual celebration of Black Girl In Om is here, y'all! To celebrate year five, we are *so* excited to announce The Annual, an elevated experience for women of color to practice holistic well-being. In partnership with The Assembly, we've created this immersive full day event to release what no longer serves you, receive all that's meant for you, and remember your divine ability to breathe easy. Get all the info on what we have planned, how you can join us, and save your spot right here: http://bit.ly/TheAnnualWellnessDay19

Transcribed - Published: 29 October 2019

Expansive intentions + an invitation for you.

Press play to be blessed with some of the intentions from your fellow community members + share your intentions with us when you reserve your spot for The BGIO Expansion Tour: http://bit.ly/BGIOEvents

Transcribed - Published: 27 October 2019

#52. Moving Mindfully: Motherhood, Meals, and Manifestations of Power with Jenné Claiborne

Those of y’all who’ve been with us for a while already know today’s guest. The darling, jubilant, and all-around lovely Jenné Claiborne is joining us on this episode and we couldn’t be happier. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE52 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 15 October 2019

This fall, we're inviting you to expand.

Transcribed - Published: 4 October 2019

#51. Perfect, Whole, Complete: Connecting Curiosity And Conscious Communication with Dr. Crystal Jones

You are perfect. You are whole. You are complete. All the thanks to the incomparable and absolutely incredible Dr. Crystal Jones for gifting us with that truth to forever hold onto. Throughout this conversation, Crystal reminds us that we are and always have been everything we most desire. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE51 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 1 October 2019

#50. The Many Layers of Black Womanhood with Kenesha Sneed

Press play and journey through the musings of an incredible and impactful multidisciplinary artist we love, Kenesha Sneed. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE50 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 17 September 2019

#49. Explore, Examine, and Enrich: Reset Your Relationships with Nkechi Njaka

Who are you in your relationships? In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory are sitting down with the most mindful neuroscientist we know, the incredible Nkechi Njaka, to dive into this question in a major way. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE49 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 28 August 2019

#48. Documenting and Defining: Determine Your Story with Rikkí Wright

Through her words, her work, and her presence, Rikkí Wright is creating a legacy that will live on forever. As a modern-day storyteller, Rikkí demonstrates the beauty, the power, the vulnerability, and the stories of Black women through the unique perspective of her lens. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE48 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 13 August 2019

#47. Cultivating Connection Creatively with Morgan Harper Nichols

Connection is at the heart of our lives as human beings and in this podcast conversation, Morgan Harper Nichols is sharing more on what that means to her. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE47 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon (We're releasing this episode a little earlier than our usual schedule, but we know you're gonna love it. Consider it our gift to help you flourish through the final moments of Mercury retrograde and as we approach the new moon.)

Transcribed - Published: 30 July 2019

#46. Ignite Intentionally: A Cannabis Conversation with DeJanae Evins

As much as we love a huge green salad, smoothie, or juice, we’re discussing going green in a whole new way today. In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory sit down with DeJanae Evins, an expert on cannabis, wellness, and their various intersections. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE46 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 23 July 2019

#45. Claim Your Divine Reality with Millana Snow

The life you desire is already yours, but do you trust that you can create it? With encouragement from the one and only Millana Snow, we’re confident your perspective will be changed forever. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE45 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 9 July 2019

#44. Loving, Living, Learning: A Liberated Life Talk with Rev. angel Kyodo williams

This conversation goes DEEP, y’all. We know this episode is going to touch so many of you with the affirmations, advice, and real talk provided by the absolutely incomparable Rev. angel Kyodo williams. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE44 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 25 June 2019

#43. Authenticity Above All: Creating Sustainable Community with Abena Boamah

In a word, this conversation feels like home. Join Black Girl In Om Founder, Lauren Ash and Art Director, Deun Ivory for this enriching, moving, cackle-filled chat with their very best * clears throat and sings * giiiiiiirlfriend, Abena Boamah. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE43 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 11 June 2019

#42. Destigmatize Your Desire with Ev’Yan Whitney

Let’s talk about sex, baby... but for real though! Black Girl In Om Founder, Lauren Ash and Art Director, Deun Ivory are sharing all types of fortifying, affirming, and healing thoughts on this topic with exceptional educator and sexuality doula, Ev’Yan Whitney. Get the full show notes here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE42 And join us on Patreon for exclusive podcast updates: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 28 May 2019

#41. Answers and Alignment with Deun and Lauren

We’re back, loves! This new season is starting off with so much greatness, thanks to y’all. Get the full show notes, links to what was shared in this conversation, quotes to tweet, and more here: http://bit.ly/BGIOPodcastE41 And join us on Patreon for exclusive updates today: http://bit.ly/BGIOPatreon

Transcribed - Published: 14 May 2019

Black Girl In Om Season 4 Teaser with Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory

Catch the latest from Deun and Lauren with the first peek into Season 4!

Transcribed - Published: 5 May 2019

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