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The Wellness Mama Podcast is a weekly series covering the topics of holistic health, real food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins, natural living, DIY, parenting, motherhood, and other health tips to give you actionable solutions to improve your family’s life! Brought to you by Katie Wells of WellnessMama.com

817 Episodes

Seven Essential Health Elements With Ryan Lazarus

Episode Highlights With Dr. Ryan LazarusPillars of health: Move, Rest, Nourish, Learn, Connect, Challenge, SparkThe details on nutrition: the EAT planSalt should not be demonized and what we need to know about salt consumptionHow 3-5 grams of salt a day can be really helpfulPractical tips for getting enough high-quality sleep: routine, environment, timing, exerciseMovement tips you can do at home and the value of movement/play over exerciseTop-level pillars: learning, connecting, challenge, a...

Transcribed - Published: 13 June 2024

The Lazarus Method: How to Create Your Own Health Playbook & Gamify Healthy Habits

Episode Highlights With Ryan LazarusThe life-altering event that drastically changed the course of his life and led to the work he does nowAn indoor soccer injury that led to severe health problems for him including type 1 diabetesWhat he learned in his own recovery and how this led to him helping people His epiphany that led to incredible results in his workThe four reasons people make changes: you have no other choice, when you learn enough that you want to, when you are inspired to by...

Transcribed - Published: 12 June 2024

Being the “Weird Parent” In a World of Sugar, Vegetable Oils, and EMFs With Dr. Cameron Chesnut

Episode Highlights With Cameron ChesnutThe things he does differently in parenting that make him a “weird” parent tooTinfoil hat topics for him with his kids and familyThings he avoids with his kids: vegetable oils, sugar, EMFsWhy he almost completely avoids sugar with his kidsHow insulin response as children can affect insulin sensitivity as adultsEven more reasons to avoid vegetable oils completely How certain foods contribute to chronic inflammatory states Why he completely avoid...

Transcribed - Published: 11 June 2024

Peak Performance in Daily Life: A Surgeon Who Trains Like a Professional Athlete With Dr. Cameron Chesnut

Episode Highlights With Dr. Cameron ChesnutWhat sets him apart as a surgeon How he trains like an athlete to show up best in surgeryRecovery protocols that set him apart from other surgeons How he makes sure he can show up for peak performance every time he enters the operating roomInflammatory states optimized - what to doHis routine for getting into flow state for every single surgeryA functional medicine approach to surgery and what you can learn from itWhy he even does genetic t...

Transcribed - Published: 10 June 2024

10-Year Anniversary Episode: Then vs. Now & What I’d Tell Myself 10 Years Ago

Episode HighlightsWhat life looked like 10 years ago!What has changed on the Wellness Mama business sideHow my mindset has changed over this past decadePhysical health vs mental/emotional health - or both?How I lacked a work-life balance back thenWhat I wish I knew 10 years ago: light, protein, sleep, inner workThe real 80/20 is light, sleep, stress, community, and then nutrition and supplementsPrevious podcast guests I really enjoyed speaking with (and why!)Resources MentionedSelf DecodeNutr...

Transcribed - Published: 5 June 2024

Secrets to Intimacy and Connection: 13 Pathways to Freedom With Rori Montali

Episode Highlights With RoriHer own transformative journey with trauma and healingHow intimacy extends far beyond romantic relationships and some ways to help address itWhy she disconnected after childhood trauma and how she learned to reconnectWhat the 13 pathways of intimacy are and how she learned themWounds around intimacy related to competition among womenThe most common thing that comes up for women in her programResources We MentionDesire for IntimacyRelax Sauna - Use code Rori100

Transcribed - Published: 4 June 2024

How to Listen to Our Subconscious to Maximize Success With Rori Montali

Episode Highlights With RoriWhat craniosacral therapy is and how she got into itWhat somatic emotional release isThe power of tuning into the subconscious mind and how to begin to tune into itConnection of breath and the subconscious mindThe four areas of the subconscious that she helps people work onOne simple way to tap into your intuition dailyResources We MentionDesire for Intimacy

Transcribed - Published: 3 June 2024

How to Regulate Your Nervous System to Manage Anxiety, Overwhelm and Burnout With Michelle Grosser

Episode Highlights With Michelle GrosserThree lifestyle factors that help support nervous system healthHow to incorporate moments of stillness every day and how just 10 minutes a day can helpMovement as a healthy lifestyle factor for nervous system healthThe importance of ten minutes of play a day (and different forms of play/redefining that term)What language our nervous system speaks and how to communicate effectively with itSimple somatic techniques you can do at home for free to regulate ...

Transcribed - Published: 30 May 2024

Calm Mom: Signs of a Dysregulated Nervous System & How to Regulate With Michelle Grosser

Episode Highlights With Michelle GrosserRegulated vs dysregulated nervous system statesWhy a regulated nervous system doesn’t mean we are calm all the timeSources of nervous system stress in our modern lifestyles The different nervous system responses to stress and how they look different in different peopleAcute steps you can try to regulate the nervous system in the momentWays to respond and address different types of nervous system responses Our bodies are constantly communicatin...

Transcribed - Published: 29 May 2024

Understanding Air Quality and Mold Testing In Your Home With Ryan Blaser

Episode Highlights With Ryan BlaserWhy indoor air can be more contaminated than outdoor airThe most common problems with indoor air qualityHow to test the air quality in your homeCO2 levels in the home and what to do about itWhat to know about mold in the home and how to test for itWhy mold is the biggest unknown health problem we are dealing with70% of homes have a mold problem they don’t know about itWhat to know about chemicals and water contaminants Reasons to have air filters in you...

Transcribed - Published: 28 May 2024

EMFs and Lighting: How to Optimize Your Home With Ryan Blaser of Test My Home

Episode Highlights With Ryan BlaserThe most common EMF problems we encounter in our home environmentsOur bodies run on electrical signals, so things like EMFs can affect our bodiesTechnology isn’t going anywhere, but how to minimize any damage from itHow the wiring in your home can create EMFs you don’t know aboutMore reasons that spending time in nature is so beneficial Why nature is the gold standard for lighting and how to take advantage of thisWhat flicker rate is, and how this impac...

Transcribed - Published: 27 May 2024

800th Episode: 8 Unconventional Habits That Improved My Life (Solo Episode)

Episode HighlightsWhy I make an effort to get more sun exposure, not lessThe many benefits of light beyond just vitamin D exposureHow light improves our cells and is a huge health hackThe reason I consume a LOT of salt water and feel great when I doThe one natural ingredient I treat like the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding treats Windex and use for everythingResources MentionedJaspr Air FilterLMNTFunction HealthCastor Oil packsTruDiagnosticMasszymesPectasolCourtney Hunt, MD - InstagramD Minde...

Transcribed - Published: 22 May 2024

Top Integrative Tips and Remedies for Healthy Kids With Dr. Elisa Song

Episode Highlights With Dr. Elisa SongThe state of children's health today, and why we are seeing some type of problemAlarming data about the rise of autoimmune disorders in children Why teenagers are at the highest risk and the most rapidly rising segment of the population for autoimmunityWhat to know about antibiotic use The time and place for antibiotics and what to do if kids need themWhen antibiotics can be avoided and what to try insteadAntibiotics are the single biggest disru...

Transcribed - Published: 21 May 2024

The Key to Building Resilience in Kids From the Inside Out With Dr. Elisa Song

Episode Highlights With Dr. Elisa SongHow she got into integrative pediatrics and holistic wellness for kidsWhat whole child resilience is and how we can nurture it in our kidsThe foundation of resilience in children What cellular resilience is and how to increase itWhy illnesses spike in the winterThe number one thing we can do to uplevel resilience in kidsHow the gut microbiome is the key to lifelong wellnessPsychological stress can affect the gut, and gut health can affect psychologic...

Transcribed - Published: 20 May 2024

Why to Ditch All the Artificial Fragrances & Where They Are Hiding With Mira Dessy

Episode Highlights With Mira DessyThe problem with fragrances and why she calls the cleaning product aisle "the aisle of death"How chemicals and fragrances affect the body and why it mattersWhy fragrance-free isn’t always a better alternativeFragrances can have a lot of harmful compounds involved and they aren’t required to list them The easiest and most important first things to swap out in your houseWhy dryer sheets are terrible offenders for home air The biggest offenders in personal care productsWe can reset our olfactory senses when we avoid artificial fragrances Why laundry is often the worst offender Resources We MentionThe Kitchen TableBranch BasicsFontana CandlesiMOM Podcast If you need a mom friend right now, you’ve come to the right place. Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify

Transcribed - Published: 16 May 2024

Building a Preparedness Pantry Without Relying on Junk Food with Mira Dessy

Episode Highlights With MiraWhy preparedness is a growing trend How financial concerns are leading to more interest in having preparedness pantriesThe problem with most long-term food storage — highly processed foods Why access to clean water is so important with stored foodsHow much food and water do we need to store aheadA reason to have a regular pantry and a preparedness pantry How to figure out what your family eats over a two-week period to know what to storeFreeze-dried vegetables and fruits are a good optionWhat canned goods to consider for food storageWhy you should keep a few things in your car to be preparedResources We MentionThe Kitchen TableThe Kitchen Table membershipTheingredientguru.comThrive MarketiMOM Podcast If you need a mom friend right now, you’ve come to the right place. Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify

Transcribed - Published: 15 May 2024

The Adaptability of Our Bodies and Minds: We Have More Control than We Think with Dr. Olivia Lesslar

Episode Highlights With Dr. Olivia LesslarThe science of the mind-body connection and why it matters so muchWays foreign things enter the body and why understanding this is importantWhat guardian sites are and how to support themHow to get the mind, body, and emotions in alignment It is only within a parasympathetic state that the body will healYour nervous system responds to the neurochemicals you pump out in relation to your emotionsThe biggest needle movers for supporting the nervous system and spending more time in parasympathetic The real deal about blue light and how it impacts the nervous systemGetting light exposure right for nervous system healthEasy things you can do at home to manage your light exposure at night and help your body get ready for sleepThe importance of melatonin and how it helps address inflammation in the bodyWhy shift work is now considered a carcinogen How animal products in the diet are a signal of safety to the body and nervous systemResources We MentionDr. Olivia Lesslar - WebsiteDr. Olivia Lesslar - InstagramiMOM Podcast If you need a mom friend right now, you’ve come to the right place. Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify

Transcribed - Published: 14 May 2024

Understanding the Science of Mind-Body Connection With Dr. Olivia Lesslar

Episode Highlights With Dr. Olivia LesslarWhat psychoneuroimmunology is and how understanding it can help improve our healthHow everything relates to everything and why understanding this is importantWhat polyvagal therapy is and how addressing nervous system health is beneficialThe dorsal vagal response of fawn and how this affects the nervous systemHow she looks at hormones differently than her peersGetting to the why of hormone imbalancesSymptoms as messengers and how to learn how to listen to your bodyWhat a food matrix is and why it is important Why we actually get more nutrients from food than from the same amount in a supplementHow to send safety signals to your bodyYet another reason to get morning sunlight and what photo prevention isResources We MentionDr. Olivia Lesslar - WebsiteiMOM Podcast If you need a mom friend right now, you’ve come to the right place. Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify

Transcribed - Published: 13 May 2024

Life Skills for Kids and Independence vs Protection with Katie Kimball

Episode Highlights With Katie KimballWhy life skills are still important (and maybe more so) in today's world How life skills foster confidence and relate to mental healthThe reason for the rise in anxiety and depression in kidsChore wars and balancing responsibility and life skills with kids doing too much workRequire the work, not the resultsThe downside of being overprotective and giving kids the idea that they need someone else to keep them safe How the correct level or risk for kids is a way to build resilience against fearNavigating the progression of toddlers to teens and handing off responsibility Ways to encourage critical thinking with kidsWhy young kids are wired for critical thinking and how to nurture itResources We MentionLife Skills Now - summer campKids Cook Real Food courseiMOM Podcast If you need a mom friend right now, you’ve come to the right place. Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify

Transcribed - Published: 8 May 2024

How to Create More Sanity and Calm With Dane Maxwell

Episode Highlights With Dane MaxwellWays to create more space and sanity, especially as a momSanity is available right now if you can figure out what your mind is doing or needing How to figure out what your mind is doing and say yes to itWhy women are often not told things that are in alignment with the complexity of who we areThe unconscious scripts running in our minds at all timesIt isn’t necessarily what we think, but what we think about what we thinkLearning to ask, "What is the invisible thought happening that is creating the pain?”How to say yes to your mind and to your pain in order to release itThe process of becoming best friends with your own mindWhy women are wired for success as entrepreneurs and how to tap into this if you want toCommonalities of the most successful businesses and why women innately do these things through building community and solving painResources We MentionDane's business course for women (limited time opportunity!)Start from Zero: Build Your Own Business. Experience True Freedom by Dane Maxwell Start from Zero PodcastStartfromzero.com

Transcribed - Published: 7 May 2024

How to Write a Children’s Book for Your Own Children To Help Them Avoid Pitfalls You Experienced with Dane Maxwell

Episode Highlights With Dane MaxwellHow his journey led him to write a children’s book for his daughterHis journey from high-achieving entrepreneur to singerHow Hatha yoga helped him process energy in his body after traumaThe therapies that helped him resolve past traumaHow he's working to avoid passing on negative patterns to his daughterWhat dual sympathetic reset is and how it helped his PTSDHow this led to writing a book for his daughterThe formula you can use to write a book for your children and the resources he sharesResources We MentionThe Mermaid Who Couldn't Pick A Tail by Dane Maxwell

Transcribed - Published: 6 May 2024

Root Cause Approach to Cold and Flu & Why Many OTC Medications Are Unhealthy With Nazlie Latefi

Episode Highlights With Nazlie LafefiWhy most OTC medications are outdated and were created before we understood inflammation and its roleThe reason many products don’t address root causes and aren’t helpful in the long-termSurprising ways that many OTC medications workHow to address the root cause of colds and flu at the inflammatory levelThe respiratory lining is similar to the gut lining and ways to support itOTC products can damage the respiratory lining just like we can damage the gut liningYet another reason to avoid sugar The fascinating way she discovered this new approach when studying signaling moleculesProblems with the conventional approach to handling allergiesHow some OTC products get in the way of the body's natural repair process Why taking allergy medication can make you more prone to getting sickHow aspirin plus omega-3 can help the body build resolvins and shorten the duration of illnessResources We MentionBiovantaReady, Set, Food

Transcribed - Published: 1 May 2024

How to Build Anti-Aging Muscle Mass & a New Way to Think About Obesity With Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Episode Highlights With Dr. Gabrielle LyonWhy the body becomes less efficient at protein turnover with age and how to counteract thisThe biggest needle movers when it comes to building muscleWhy not to train to get better and what to do insteadHow to build an effective structure for getting stronger that doesn’t have to take a ton of timeWhy high-intensity training even just once a week, can make a huge differenceWhen you exercise, you sensitize muscles to glucoseThe long-term benefits of training on hormones and agingDifferences between women and men with training and hormonesThe most important workouts women can doWhat to know about sarcopenia and what we can do about itSarcopenia is not a disease of aging but a disease of inactivity How this relates to cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer'sWhat the normal recommendations get wrong about protein consumptionQuality of protein matters and how to optimize thisDietary protein is essential to building and maintaining muscle but quality matters a lotThe normal dietary protein numbers are just the minimum to avoid deficiency and are not adequate for building muscle and being metabolically optimalStandards vs goals for getting betterHow to use technology and tracking to your advantage in making these changesResources We MentionForever Strong: A New, Science-Based Strategy for Aging Well by Dr. Gabrielle LyonDr. Gabrielle Lyon - websiteDr. Gabrielle Lyon - PodcastHand Grip Strengthener

Transcribed - Published: 30 April 2024

Forever Strong: A New, Science-Based Strategy for Aging Well with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Episode Highlights With Dr. Gabrielle LyonWhy she went back to study nutrition after becoming a doctor and what she learnedThe one patient that changed her life and her career trajectory Why we’ve been trying and failing to fix an obesity epidemic for 50 years and why we’ve gotten worse, not betterFat is just a symptom of unhealthy skeletal muscle What happens when a person doesn’t have healthy skeletal muscleThe myth of “healthy sedentary individuals”Having healthy skeletal muscle is the only way to be healthySkeletal muscle is its own organ system and why this is important Why muscle is the best protection for having a healthy pregnancySkeletal muscle is the only organ systemWhat a DEXA is and what it measuresThe division between muscle mass and strengthWhat is happening in the body and the blood with unhealthy skeletal muscleThe loss of lean muscle mass is more detrimental than excess body fat!How waist-to-hip ratio is helpful in understanding where fat is Resources We MentionForever Strong: A New, Science-Based Strategy for Aging Well by Dr. Gabrielle LyonDr. Gabrielle Lyon - websiteDr. Gabrielle Lyon - Podcast

Transcribed - Published: 29 April 2024

Plant-Based Minerals: What They Are & How They Work with The Mineral Geek Caroline Alan

Episode Highlights With Caroline AlanWhat plant-based minerals are and how they are much different than other forms of mineralsHow we can get minerals from decomposed plants The molecules inside humate: humic and fulvic Minerals fuel the cells via mitochondria in the cellsFulvic is an intracellular molecule that removes toxins from the cell and humic hangs out in the blood to help remove inflammation-causing elementsThese can actually be helpful in removing heavy metalsThere are 70+ minerals in plant-based minerals in the ratio that the body needsHow quickly these can work within the bodyThe reason these can be absorbed even without a healthy gut lining!How humic interacts with the cell wall to help it and can improve hydrationSpecific tips for athletes with minerals Minerals drive all the biosynthesis processes in the body!How minerals relate to bone health and why to think about this differentlyThe problem with megadosing specific minerals without balancing minerals in the bodyOne theory of why some athletes end up with osteopenia at earlier ages Mineral usage for kids and pregnant or nursing mothersHow humic can help with glyphosate exposureResources We MentionBeam Minerals

Transcribed - Published: 25 April 2024

Mythbusting Minerals – Understanding Minerals Starts in the Cells with Caroline Alan

Episode Highlights With Caroline AlanWhy modern humans are experiencing so many mineral deficienciesThe reason modern humans can’t get enough minerals from foodHow minerals impact mitochondria and why this is so importantYour body makes amino acids but minerals must be ingested We are often operating at 40% of the mineral levels we actually needSymptoms of mineral deficiencyHow mineral depletion affects the nervous system and cellular healthHer own experience with mineral depletionHow to get minerals back into the cells correctlyWhat fulvic and humic minerals are and what they do Macrominerals vs micromineralsThe problem with megadosing minerals - your body is not a carResources We MentionBeam MineralsCaroline Alan - WebsiteCaroline Alan - Instagram

Transcribed - Published: 24 April 2024

How to Become More Resilient and Release Unconscious Programs with Dr. Olga Stevko

Episode Highlights With Dr. Olga StevkoWhat resilience is and why it is important Common traits of people who are resilient What kinds of things can lower our resilience How the language we use toward ourselves and our children can impact us drasticallyA way to become the observer in a situation to shift focus and become more resilientWays to cultivate resilience with small daily practicesHow resilience can help us when we go through difficult situationsResources We MentionDr. Olga Stevko - website

Transcribed - Published: 23 April 2024

How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence to Improve Your Life With Dr. Olga Stevko

Episode Highlights With Dr. Olga StevkoWhat emotional intelligence is and how it affects all areas of lifeWe need to be able to feel to have emotional intelligenceWhat happens when people feel too little or too muchProblems that can arise if someone has very high emotional intelligenceWays to improve emotional intelligence How unconscious programs are formed from trauma and life events or passed geneticallyWhat mirror neurons are and how they can be helpfulHow pets can help with emotional intelligenceWays to deal with unconscious programming Her term: what artificial emotional intelligence isHow she helps people with the unconscious level without using hypnosisGenetic trauma and how it can affect the unconscious level without you even being aware of itResources We MentionDr. Olga Stevko - website

Transcribed - Published: 22 April 2024

How Your Nervous System Can Help Create the Life You Want With Veronica Rottman

Episode Highlights With VeronicaHow we can befriend our bodies and nervous systems to help create the life we wantThe pitfalls that women especially can fall into when it comes to nervous system healthHow this relates to reproductive health, especially for womenDeeper nervous system healing that goes beyond just affirmations and talkingHow to make amends with your body and start to signal safetyWays to build a nervous system healthy environment in our homes and teach our kids good nervous system habits from a young ageHow to integrate nervous system health into your whole dayWhat co-regulation is and how to create it with your partner and kidsResources We MentionVeronica Rottman - websiteVeronica Rottman - Instagram

Transcribed - Published: 18 April 2024

Somatic and Autonomic Nervous System Healing with Veronica Rottman

Episode Highlights With VeronicaWhat somatic healing isThe way this ties into nervous system healingSomatics is a broad term that includes all things that mean healing through the bodyModalities that are included in somatic healing What somatic experiencing isHow we can use the body to help resolve trauma and promote mental wellnessWhat polyvagal theory is and why it is important 80% of thoughts, emotions, and experiences are moving from the body upWhy nervous system healing isn’t just deciding not to be stressed… we have to show our bodies that we are safeWhat the “four Fs” are and why they matter: Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fawn A ventral vagal state is a state of safetyHow to build capacity for safety in the nervous systemResources We MentionVeronica Rottman - website

Transcribed - Published: 17 April 2024

How to Take Care of Your Skin During Menopause and As You Age with Dr. Mina

Episode Highlights With Dr. MinaHow hormone changes affect the skinWhy the skin changes at menopause and what to do about itThe reason menopause isn’t a bigger part of the conversation Why acne can happen again in menopause The reason hair loss happens sometimes during menopauseWhat to know about different skincare procedures Procedures that can be helpful and what to avoid (plus risks and downsides)At-home devices that work and ones to avoidResources We MentionThe Skin RealMito Red Light

Transcribed - Published: 16 April 2024

Simplify Your Skincare Routine for Better Results with Harvard Dermatologist Dr. Mina

Episode Highlights With Dr. MinaWhat a minimalist skincare routine is and why keeping it simple can be best Skincare is self-care but it doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensiveThe basics of a skincare routine that works and what you don’t needProducts that can help you age gracefully without any extreme proceduresOver-the-counter products that can workHow a vitamin A cream can be beneficialVitamin C serums and if they can be helpfulWhat different skin types actually need and the real truth about skin typesHow to build skincare habits around your skin type and skin goalsAn inside-out approach to good skinSkincare is whole body careResources We MentionDr. Mary Alice MinaEidonOneSkin

Transcribed - Published: 15 April 2024

Emotions and Their Impact on the Vagus Nerve with Diane Ducarme

Episode Highlights With Diane DucarmeYou have about 100 billion nerve cells in your body and they're all orchestrated by the vagus nerveThe vagus nerve was discovered in 1872 in medicine but is still not understood in the Western worldVagus comes from the Latin vaga, which means to wander, and it wanders throughout the bodyThe things that get in the way of the vagus nerve working optimallyHow emotions come into play hereWhat brain freeze teaches us about the vagus nerveWhere Western medicine recognizes the connection of emotions to the vagus nerveLiver toxicity can lead to wakeups from 1-3 a.m.Ways to support the vagus nerveHow we can sometimes intuitively avoid foods that are harmful to the vagus nerveResources We MentionMigraine TestNectar Health

Transcribed - Published: 11 April 2024

The Physical Benefits of Letting Go - Learnings from Migraine Sufferers with Diane Ducarme

Episode Highlights With Diane DucarmeShe speaks seven languagesEnglish is actually her third languageThe genetic aspects of migraines and why they're so intenseThe health benefits of letting go and how this relates to migrainesHope for migraine sufferers and how to actually resolve migraines through a root cause approachHow not letting go impacts our brain and also our body in a massive wayAn incredible story about someone completely recovering from migrainesThe actual process of letting go and some easy tactics to use to do itWhy emotions are actually positive but staying stuck in a single emotion is detrimentalHow to consciously change emotionsPractical suggestions for processing and moving emotionsHow to use foods to help dissipate negative emotionsResources We MentionNectar Health - Diane DucarmeMigraine TestThe Migraine Heroes PodcastLetting Go: The Pathway of Surrender by David R Hawkins, MD, PhD

Transcribed - Published: 10 April 2024

The Natural Healing Frequencies of Infrared and Red Light with Robby Besner of Therasage

Episode Highlights With Robby BesnerCreating the safest home environment for healingThe difference between infrared and red light and how to use them bothWhat full-spectrum infrared is and how it includes near, mid, and far rangesWays to create a healthy home environment with protective healing frequenciesHow sleep drastically impacts healing and how to support deep sleepWays to reduce EMFs in our home environment without going crazyWhat EMF harmonizing is and how this can be helpfulHow we already have more than just 5G around usWhat PEMF is, and how it's beneficialThe eight pulsed frequencies that he includes that are the most beneficial 2 PEMF frequencies for parasympathetic, the 2 that work for focus and motivation, and others that are helpful for pain reliefWhat ozone is and how it can be beneficialMany of us age, in part, by lack of oxygen being held in our blood cellsWhy the order of things matters and how to use these optimally How he stacks all of these modalities for the most effect Why he recommends sauna in the morning for optimal effect and how to stack it with other modalities to make it more effective Resources We MentionTherasage

Transcribed - Published: 9 April 2024

Harnessing the Energies of Nature to Create a Healing Platform in the Body with Robby Besner

Episode Highlights With RobbyThe connection between toxicity, inflammation, and energyNatural and non-invasive ways to support the body in detoxificationThe natural frequencies that help break the bonds of toxins and where they are stored in the bodyHow infrared is especially beneficial and how it supports the body in healingWhat the healing frequencies of nature are that are found in sunlightHealthspan vs lifespanWhat we don’t realize about nature exposure and sun exposureHow infrared frequencies are especially helpfulWhat the science says on infrared frequencies and far vs near-infrared How these frequencies support mitochondria and nitric oxide You can get over-exposed to UV light but how to balance it naturallyHow we can get too much UV and not enough infrared from the sun and how to balance thatUnderstanding the wavelengths of infrared light and how to use them most effectively Products that support the frequencies our body needs to healThe benefits of heat/sauna and the temperature shifts for supporting the bodyResources We MentionTherasageSoaring Child: Thriving with ADHD A place where you will learn how to address your child's ADHD symptoms naturally.. Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify

Transcribed - Published: 8 April 2024

Playing Chess When Everyone Else Is Playing Checkers with Nathan Barry

Episode Highlights With NathanWhat does he mean by playing chess when others are playing checkersA fascinating way Reese Witherspoon did this with a book clubOther examples of flywheels and playing chessTip: Look at anywhere you spend money in business and turn those into opportunities to make money or provide services How Amazon does both flywheel and playing chess wellHis three basic principles for this type of business: build more than a personal brand, sell products rather than attention, have recurring revenue or repeat purchasesThe benefits of writing and creation and how to get the benefits in your own life, even if you don’t run a businessA reason to write 1,000 words a day as a creative exercise The benefits of taking on new challenges and getting out of your comfort zoneWhy it’s fun to be a student again and stay a student foreverResources We MentionConvertKitBillion Dollar Creator PodcastThe Billion Dollar CreatorStreaks AppSoaring Child: Thriving with ADHD A place where you will learn how to address your child's ADHD symptoms naturally.. Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify

Transcribed - Published: 4 April 2024

Flywheels: How to Use Them To Improve Every Aspect Of Your Life with Nathan Barry

Episode Highlights With NathanWhat a flywheel is and the correct understanding of the termHow flywheels exist in physics and how the concept is helpful in business as wellThe story of how building a well with a flywheel in Africa changed how he thought about businessHow a flywheel business system can help you have better resultsImportance of disconnecting effort and impact and getting leverage How to apply flywheels at the small business level to get better resultsAn example flywheel for content creationWhat an avatar is and how writing to a single person can be very helpful in businessHow flywheels apply to personal life as well, especially in health and fitnessExamples of byproducts of flywheels and how to make them beneficial Resources We MentionConvertKitGood to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don't by Jim CollinsCreator Flywheels – The Operating System for Your BusinessSoaring Child: Thriving with ADHD A place where you will learn how to address your child's ADHD symptoms naturally.. Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify

Transcribed - Published: 3 April 2024

How Our Food System Has Become Centralized and Industrialized (& How to Change It) with Brett Ender & Harry

Episode Highlights With Brett and HarryHow the industrialization of food changed human nutritionThe biggest changes to the food supply in the last few decades and how they are impacting our healthOne thing sprayed on most grocery store chicken that you might not realizeThe real problems for animals and humans with factory farming and how to make better choices80% of meat in the grocery store is controlled by four major companiesIs regenerative agriculture scaleable?How we can help change the trend with our own food choicesHow more protein and healthy food can actually be a beauty secret as wellThe benefit of cooking just 3 more meals at home each weekSimple food choices that can make a big health differenceResources We Mentionnoble proteinMeat Mafia PodcastEatWild.comWeston A Price - InstagramGood RanchersSoaring Child: Thriving with ADHD Here is a place where you will learn how to address your child's ADHD symptoms... Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify

Transcribed - Published: 2 April 2024

Why Are We In the Worst Metabolic Health Crisis We’ve Ever Seen (& How to Fix It) with Meat Mafia

Episode Highlights With Brett and HarryHow their own health journey got them into the work they do and taught them about the massive health crisis we are inThe unique diet that completely changed Brett's healthWhy so many people have at least one marker of metabolic disorder and what we can do about itThe markers of metabolic dysfunction and the one that is easiest to measure at home at no cost (hint: it's about your waist)There are 40,000 products at most grocery stores and they come from ten large companiesMyths about meat and fat consumption that exist in modern societyThe bad data that led to the recommendations against meat and healthy fatsWhat the data actually shows about things like cholesterol and red meat consumptionWays to make healthy eating more affordable on a budgetThe unique protein powder they created to help bridge the nutritional gapOne simple nutritional switch you can make that can drastically improve your health (1 g of protein per pound of body weight per day)Resources We Mentionnoble protein powderMeat Mafia PodcastSacred Cow: The Case for (Better) Meat: Why Well-Raised Meat Is Good for You and Good for the Planet by Diana Rodgers and Robb Wolf

Transcribed - Published: 1 April 2024

A Real-Time Example of Shifting Energy In My Workspace With Elaine Glass of Get Quiet

Episode Highlights With Elaine GlassTips for how to clear your own spacesHow she does energy clearing of places and spacesBurn palo santo to remove any negative, stuck energyOpen a window or door to the outside to release the energy out of your spacePlaces in your space where energy can get stuck (pay attention to wall intersections)Make sure to move furniture so fresh air can get behind and around itCleaning is a great way to clean energy. Not only are we cleaning dust we can see but we're clearing the negative energy we can't seeThis works great to turn around negative moods in your home or space (works great with kids!)If you can leave a window open often, that lets in good, light energyTry clearing a home before selling it!The way clearing her energy helped her find love againResources We MentionGet Quiet: 7 Simple Paths to the Truth of Who You Are by Elaine Glass

Transcribed - Published: 28 March 2024

How to Shift Your Energy to Move Your Life Forward and Get Unstuck with Elaine Glass

Episode Highlights With Elaine GlassThe importance of getting quiet in a world that only seems to get louderWhy surrender is important and can make life much more enjoyable How we hold so much as women and how the holding can lead to so much sufferingThe way to start shifting your inner language and ask better questions to get better answersWays to tune in to your body and listen to what it is trying to sayThe biggest, most transformational thing you can give someone is the gift of listening so they feel heardWays to help our kids feel heard and also help them process their emotions and find solutions instead of solving everything for themHow to tune in to our energy centers and questions to ask to helpWhat she did to get quiet and an easy thing you can do to tune in to your bodyWays to gain confidence and how that can change the worldResources We MentionGet Quiet: 7 Simple Paths to the Truth of Who You Are by Elaine GlassLetting Go: The Pathway of Surrender by David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D

Transcribed - Published: 27 March 2024

New Way to Support Memory (& Why Memory Is Declining) With Tina Anderson

Episode Highlights With Tina AndersonWhy memory is such a problem in the modern world Some of the reasons focus and attention are so tough nowA record number of people are using prescription stimulants to increase focus and memorySmartphones could be to blame for an increase in people diagnosed with ADHDHow brain and gut health are relatedWhat role stress plays in our gut and brain healthTheir research-backed natural products for calming stress and increasing focus and memoryKey ingredients that help with focus and memoryA new, exciting ingredient to help with focusA possible answer for why we might experience pregnancy brain!How their focus and memory products are different from other ones out thereHer needle movers: walking, intermittent fasting, red-light saunaHow to get started on supplements and how to take them to see the best resultsResources We MentionJust Thrive Health - 15% off with the code wellnessmama15

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The Supplements I Take (Almost) Every Day & Why With Tina Anderson

Episode Highlights With Tina AndersonAll the things in the modern world that assault our gut health and what to do about itUnderstanding the different types of probiotics and how they work differently A reason to avoid probiotics that need to be refrigerated The importance of probiotics and why all aren’t created equalWhat to look for in a probiotic or a supplementSpore-based probiotics and what makes them differentWhy many probiotics don’t survive the digestive systemWhat K2 is and why it's so importantThe difference between vitamin K2 and vitamin K1What the studies say about how vitamin K2 works in the body and how it supports cardiovascular healthThe potential danger of taking too much calciumWhat prebiotics are and why they matterProbiotics are the gardener, prebiotics are the fertilizerThe benefits of IgG products and how to use themThe colostrum craze and an important thing to knowWhy they do studies on each of their formulations to make sure they're effective in the exact percentages they useResources We MentionJust Thrive Health - Save 15% with code wellnessmama15K2 product

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Lunar Rhythms and Women’s Health (Menopause and Postmenopause) With Masami Covey

Episode Highlights With Masami CoveyHow the moon cycles affect hormones and different phases of lifeA tip for when it might be slightly easier to engage with your kidsWhy progesterone is considered the Zen hormoneHow men also have monthly hormone fluctuations based on the moonHow the moon affects parasites A reason to eat less carbohydrates around the full moonWhen to build muscle and protein intake based on the moonHow to benefit from the dark phase, new moon phase of the moonHer East meets West philosophy of healthSome traditional food suggestions from her childhood in Japanese culture The benefits of fish head soup and how to make it! Resources We MentionMasami Covey - WebsiteSwimmy by Leo Lionni

Transcribed - Published: 21 March 2024

The Moon’s Influence on Your Biology & The Dark Moon Phase with Massami Covey

Episode Highlights With Masami CoveyThe connection of the moon to our biologyThe lunar calendar vs solar calendar focus on biology Why the circadian rhythm is not exactly 24 hours! A fascinating study on melatonin production and pineal gland with lunar rhythmWhy melatonin decreases during the full moonDeep sleep can decrease by as much as 30% leading up to the full moonWhat moon bathing is A reason to take HCL, especially around the full moon, because digestion can slow downThe connection between lunar cycles and menstrual cyclesWhy melatonin is so importantWhat the glymphatic system is, and how to support it to remove metabolic wasteA quick practice that you can try to help support the body around the full moon with head massageWhat oil cycling is and how it can be beneficial (and how to do it correctly)Why taking certain oils as capsules is important because they oxidize quicklyHow to support melatonin naturally Yet another reason to get morning sunlight, but also nighttime moon exposureResources We MentionMasami Covey - WebsiteMasami Covey - YouTube

Transcribed - Published: 20 March 2024

Take Care of Your Bones and They Will Take Care of You with Margie Bissinger

Episode Highlights With Margie BissingerWhy bone health is not just an issue for older peopleAlmost 90% of your bones are developed by age 18-20, and how to help our kids have strong bonesThe top things that affect bone health: exercise is huge, nutrition, reducing inflammation1 in 2 women in the US will have a fracture due to osteoporosisThe nutrients that are actually important for healthy bones beyond just calciumThe role of vitamin D in bone health, and why it is so importantTypes of movement that are best for bone healthEven just 10-20 jumps a day can help with bone density!How to test and improve bone densityThe way hormones and inflammation play a roleResources We MentionBone Health Mini Course - Use code wellnessmama for 50% offNatural Approaches to Osteoporosis - Use code wellnessmama for 50% offHappy Me Happy Life - Use wellnessmama for 50% offSilica from Eidon

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Happiness Is Good Medicine (& How to Develop Happiness Habits) with Margie Bissinger

Episode Highlights With Margie BissingerHappiness is an inner state of health and peace that is not dependent on your circumstancesIt is also living your life in colorWhat our “then I would be happy” stories can teach usOur base level of happiness, and how we can change itWhy only a small amount of what contributes to happiness is external Is happiness selfish?How happiness is contagious, and how this helps those around youHappiness habits you can develop and strengthenThe importance of being a victor and not a victim in life, and how this is an inner shiftHow to be solution-focused instead of problem-focused What blaming, shaming, and complaining are indicators ofAbout 80% of an average person’s thoughts are negative and how to shift thisBetter questions to ask internally to curate the good in your lifeGood happiness habits we can help our kids have from a young ageHow to recalibrate if you are around negativity from other peopleHer 5-step approach to developing the happiness habitResources We MentionHappy Me Happy Life - Use code wellnessmama for 50% offFree 7-Day Happiness Habits Journal and 7-minute morning meditationMan’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

Transcribed - Published: 18 March 2024

Bioregulator Peptides - Mother Nature’s Ultimate Rejuvenation Hack with Nathalie Niddam

Episode Highlights With Nathalie NiddamWhat bioregulator peptides are, and how they are different than regular peptidesBioregulator peptides are only 2-4 amino acids longThese peptides only act as an epigenetic switch and can cross the cellular and nuclear membranes Bioregulator proteins are native to the body and are found in every life formHow we can optimize these for better healthThese specific peptides can help the body regenerateThe confusing naming system for these peptides Natural ways to upregulate things like growth hormonesWhere to get bioregulator peptides and how to use themOral vs. injectable bioregulators Different types of bioregulators and how they are often used in specific casesThere are 21 different bioregulators for different areas of the bodyThe safety profile on bioregulators and what to know about safetyResources We MentionNathalie - WebsiteBook: The Peptide Revolution by Zenithia Renewart

Transcribed - Published: 14 March 2024

Understanding Peptides and How to Use Them with Nathalie Niddam

Episode Highlights With Nathalie NiddamWhat peptides are and why these chains of amino acids can be so beneficial Peptides are amino acids that are 50 or less amino acids in length, polypeptides are 50-100Proteins are chains of 100 amino acids or moreHow peptides act as signaling molecules They are naturally occurring in the body but specific ones can be used in special waysInsulin is actually a peptide that we make and that we can take if needed Most peptides we take are naturally occurring fragments of peptides within the bodyWhat BPC 157 is and how it is effective in a wide range of uses — the Swiss Army knife of peptidesOther peptides that can be beneficialWhy peptides are hard to get right now and what to know about themRisks and safety information to know about peptidesResources We MentionNathalie - website and podcast and Instagram

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