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Everyone deserves that best friend who delivers blunt advice with impunity. Comedian, writer, and actor Iliza Shlesinger is that friend. She has built a cult-like following of listeners seeking her hilarious take on their problems. Every week, people submit their burning questions to the show, with topics ranging from bad coworkers, psychotic bridesmaids, and a mother-in-law who won't move out to faking an accent and diarrhea etiquette. Iliza's answers range from wise and heart-felt to rage-fueled and off-the-wall. She enjoys nothing more than giving incisive life advice to total strangers, sometimes with a celebrity guest in tow. It's always entertaining, so go ahead: Ask Iliza Anything.

300 Episodes

Citroen Pergola

Iliza knows about cars and prenups.

Transcribed - Published: 15 May 2024

Ticking Boxes In Corporate America

Iliza puzzles through conundrums like a grocery store showdown and luring a new dog sitter.

Transcribed - Published: 8 May 2024

Let Them Eat Grapes

Iliza has solutions to deal with being allergic to everything and to make sperm donation less awkward.

Transcribed - Published: 1 May 2024

Come In Like A Knife with Kate Bowler

Iliza is joined by Kate Bowler, a New York Times bestselling author, podcast host, and Associate Professor of American Religious History at Duke University. They answer questions on the coexistence of religion and science and also how to get someone to flush the toilet.

Transcribed - Published: 24 April 2024

Fight Me

Iliza provides tips on confronting a cheating friend and introduces a new weekly segment.

Transcribed - Published: 17 April 2024

We've Got A Dalmatian Mix In The Back

Iliza balances heavier write-ins with the usual baby names and lazy groomsmen.

Transcribed - Published: 10 April 2024

Ready To Run

Iliza and Emily catch up before telling listeners to agree to be pied in the face and reach out to old friends.

Transcribed - Published: 3 April 2024

The Weight Of Favors

Iliza's mom, Ronnie, joins her on the podcast to answer your questions about not waiting for love and getting closure with someone you've ghosted.

Transcribed - Published: 27 March 2024

She Said, She Said with Rebecca Serle

New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Serle joins Iliza to give advice on getting your jacket back and a friend's mom starting beef. Rebecca's new book Expiration Dates is available now wherever books are sold!

Transcribed - Published: 20 March 2024

Door-To-Door Meat

Iliza shares about her new baby but then it's back to business with door-to-door meat sales and a concerning beard influencer.

Transcribed - Published: 13 March 2024

I Got You This Bean Bag

There's a murder and broken furniture and the broken furniture is so much harder to weigh in on!

Transcribed - Published: 6 March 2024

My Clog Is Powerful

Yes, this is an evergreen episode, but that doesn't make the takes any less hot! Iliza and Emily debate meal trains and weigh in on talking to an ex's brother.

Transcribed - Published: 28 February 2024

I Hate A Creamy Experience

Iliza has definitive thoughts on an Australian ambo romance (go for it) and a 4-day trip with a former friend (do not go for it).

Transcribed - Published: 21 February 2024

Lip To Lip

Iliza advises on moving past an emotional affair and running a tattoo shop.

Transcribed - Published: 14 February 2024

Get That Out Of Your Head

Iliza finds out the show is responsible for the end of an engagement and later advises a pilot on his relationship with an older woman.

Transcribed - Published: 7 February 2024

How's That For A Segue

Iliza has strong stances on tentative wedding attendees and hanging out in a dive bar with a boyfriend's parents.

Transcribed - Published: 31 January 2024

I Don't Wanna Get Too Involved

Iliza's jaw is on the floor over a missing stocking, Emily lights up when she can talk about office etiquette, and the people clamor for more Hot Scotty.

Transcribed - Published: 24 January 2024

Marine Mammal Moaning

Iliza is vindicated on the subject of olive oil cake and has tough love for a frugal listener and someone looking for a nickname.

Transcribed - Published: 17 January 2024

Ready To Flip A House

Iliza opines on Stanley tumblers, photo contests, and what to keep from your grandma.

Transcribed - Published: 10 January 2024

No More Nice Birthdays

A mother is charging her daughter for dish soap and a coworker is unnecessarily bubbly.

Transcribed - Published: 3 January 2024

Bridesmaid Drama is Perennial

Iliza finishes out the year with advice on being clear with friends and disentangling yourself from the people of your past.

Transcribed - Published: 27 December 2023

I Call It My Homer Simpson

Iliza talks jaw rubs, the Tooth Fairy, and weddings (obviously).

Transcribed - Published: 20 December 2023

I Am Also Poor

Iliza helps a postal carrier and has questions about a rude P.E. teacher.

Transcribed - Published: 13 December 2023

Definitely Name The Dog Mushroom

No one has ever been a better choice to give possible dog names than Iliza, who also has advice for a dramatic but impressively diverse friend group.

Transcribed - Published: 6 December 2023

Put It In The Tiny Toilet

Ronnie joins Iliza to provide some post-Thanksgiving maternal spice.

Transcribed - Published: 29 November 2023

We Are Big Sister

Iliza answers questions about family drama in this turkey blaster of an episode.

Transcribed - Published: 22 November 2023

Boring Cracker Barrel Lifestyle

Iliza is appalled by intolerant parents but thrilled by some juicy follow-ups.

Transcribed - Published: 15 November 2023

What Do We Always Say

Iliza boos not drafting a contract and friends whose terrible boyfriends have to go everywhere with them.

Transcribed - Published: 8 November 2023

Giant Baby Huey Husband

Iliza weighs in on a $1,000+ photo shoot and in-law disrespect.

Transcribed - Published: 1 November 2023

Trust Me, I'm Right

Iliza is off to a frenzied start but she has tips on improving your dating app profile and ignoring a copycat.

Transcribed - Published: 25 October 2023

Hello, I'm Here To Be Your Blessing

Iliza gets the other side of a previous listener's story and analyzes the word "gratitude."

Transcribed - Published: 18 October 2023

I Have A Strong Jaw

Iliza wants to help you with backyard rats, friendship green flags, and passive aggressive texting.

Transcribed - Published: 11 October 2023

How Do I Control Another Person's Behavior?

Iliza shares some big news but then it's back to business with questions about a boss spreading rumors and a team member mansplaining to scientists.

Transcribed - Published: 4 October 2023

Do The Noodles Once

Iliza encourages honesty to get out of gift-giving, noodle sharing, and walking on urine soaked floors.

Transcribed - Published: 27 September 2023

Right To Stink

Iliza knows how to deal with smelly coworkers and drama-prone bridesmaids.

Transcribed - Published: 20 September 2023

Look, You Need Teeth

Iliza supports asking your boyfriend to not be toothless and taking your kids to the library.

Transcribed - Published: 13 September 2023

That's Unevolved

Iliza is back from abroad and ready for your wedding questions! She has strong opinions on being allowed to change your mind and New Zealand's bagels.

Transcribed - Published: 6 September 2023

The Algorithm Knows

Iliza shares etiquette for avoiding uncomfortable questions and skipping weddings you aren't interested in attending.

Transcribed - Published: 30 August 2023

Dutch Truth Sword

Iliza has advice for babies in the Texas wine country and weird, clingy coworkers.

Transcribed - Published: 23 August 2023

It Comes Down To Self-Worth

Iliza has sound advice to contend with a husband who won't stop talking about the minutiae of his job and then a listener's top of the cobb turns very quickly into a bottom.

Transcribed - Published: 16 August 2023

I'm Smiling And I'm Being Nice

Iliza thinks this week's listeners have it all figured out, but everyone could smile a little bit more.

Transcribed - Published: 9 August 2023

One Perfect Dog Balloon

Iliza drills down on miscommunication, gives her best advice ever, and tries to explain Jewish traditions to Emily outside of the scope of Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams.

Transcribed - Published: 2 August 2023

It's Too Late To Be A Teen Model

Iliza promises a listener's sexual dreams about an ex mean nothing and weighs in on a date's penchant for following bikini models on Instagram.

Transcribed - Published: 26 July 2023

I Thought Those Were My Charleston Chews

Iliza tries to soften the blow of a listener's boyfriend doing standup comedy and misjudges Noah's intentions when he arrives bearing gifts.

Transcribed - Published: 19 July 2023

Some Dork's Duplex

Iliza gives listeners suggestions on how to roast the worst people in their lives and is realistic about the requirements for dog training.

Transcribed - Published: 12 July 2023

Cue Tiny Party Horn

Iliza might have psychic abilities and she definitely has advice on distant dads, being ghosted, and an oversharing coworker.

Transcribed - Published: 5 July 2023

Get Some Serotonin

Iliza brings newfound scientific knowledge to a question about a grabby boyfriend and is impressed by a Chinese New Year party that led to a guest getting pregnant.

Transcribed - Published: 28 June 2023

My Questionable Dad

Fred Shlesinger, Iliza's dad, joins the podcast to celebrate Father's Day and talk New York accents and clingy parents.

Transcribed - Published: 21 June 2023

Put It On A Plate

Iliza lives vicariously through a potluck horror story and calls on Noah to help a law librarian with a negative coworker.

Transcribed - Published: 14 June 2023

You Know I Had To Give It To You

Iliza talks about not letting work define your self-worth and how to discuss handling unwanted attention with young women.

Transcribed - Published: 7 June 2023

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