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Do You Ask Yourself "Why" You Do Some Of The Things You Do?

Brown Girl Self-Care

Brown Girl Self-Care

Education, Health & Fitness, Self-improvement

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🗓️ 17 July 2023

⏱️ 43 minutes

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Hey, sistren!

I want to talk about being allowed to ask ourselves why/question things before making decisions. Were you allowed to do so as a child? Do you find yourself operating from the surface-level version of yourself constantly? Let's talk about it on todays episode. I also share what my attachment style is which is something important to consider when we talk about self-exploration and questioning thoughts/patterns.

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Hey y'all, what's going on? You are listening to the Brown Girl Self-Care podcast. My name is


pre-Mitchell. I'm the host the show as well as the founder of Brown Girl Self-Care. Brown


Girl Self-Care is a platform specifically for black women who are looking to get to where


the healing resides and where the abundance and joy resides as well. I want to go ahead and talk to


you today. First of all, this is your first time listening to the show, hey girl, hey,


forgot to mention that. If you've been listening for a while, welcome back sis. So today,


I want to talk about, actually there are several things I want to talk about, and if I could


sum it up in one line to get us started, it would be, do you ask yourself why before you do like


the next thing or if you're in a pattern of doing a specific thing, do you ask yourself why?


I want to talk about that today and I'm most likely going to also talk about or touch upon


attachment styles, just a smidge as well, because you know I had some interesting things happen


over the last few weeks and I figured I wanted to have this conversation. So before we get into it,


I like to share what I have done in the last few days, a couple of weeks, etc for self care and


the instant thing that comes to mind literally because I'm sitting at my kitchen table on a Sunday


recording this is I have some sunflowers in front of me and maybe about, I don't know how many,


maybe like eight, nine, ten sunflowers that I actually bought from Trader Joe's, they come in a pack


of four or five each, about two of them and like a week ago and they're they just now literally


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