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Current Mood: Confused In Comparison

MOOD with Lauren Elizabeth

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Relationships, Mental Health, Laurenelizabeth, Moodboost, Health & Fitness, Mentalhealth, Chicago, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 28 October 2022

⏱️ 77 minutes

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Welcome back to MOOD! This week, Lauren and Chloe break down everything you need to know about comparison. From Social Comparison Theory to your boyfriends ex and best friends, they got it all covered.

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Welcome back to Moode with Lorna Lisbeth. I'm your host, Lorna Lisbeth,


and I'm your co-host, Chloe Par. And today we are going to be talking all about our current


mode, which is, what is it again? It's confused in comparison. Yeah, because you know, like,


sometimes like you just feel so confused about your life and your looks and your relationship,


your career, because you're constantly in the comparison death trap. I don't know why I said


death trap. I was gonna say, I really thought you were gonna say moode. I was about to say it


with you. And I was like, oh, oh, I was gonna say loop. Like, you know, you're kind of like going.


Yeah, because it's like you're kind of going in circles. I did write down rabbit hole at one point.


Like, you know, how you go down the rabbit hole. But first, of course, let's jump into best mood


and worst mood of the week. Okay, hello. What is your, like, you know, let's start like on the low


so we can get high. So what was your worst mood of the week? I feel like finally for the first time


in a while, my best and worst actually don't really totally relate. They're pretty separate. Wait,


me too. It's like, you know what I mean? Like, it's like on the same page. Yeah, it's like nothing


like came out of the other one or whatever. Which is like two totally different moods, which happens


sometimes because moodes are not, they're not, um, I'm having a can't think of words today. I mean,


either I'm like brain farting right now. Moodes aren't. It's gonna be really interesting. Oh my god,


I can't even think of the fucking word. I'm gonna try. So my worst mood this week was irritable.


And I feel like you had a similar one a couple weeks ago. And no, it was last week short tempered.


Oh, it was. Okay. Did I pass it on to you? You might have. Oh, no. Literally my best mood


last week was fun. And now it's like, nope, she was having a no boner at this week.


Wanted to start off too. I didn't want to make it my whole worst mood. But I will say that I


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