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Current Mood: Nervous About Change

MOOD with Lauren Elizabeth

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🗓️ 19 November 2022

⏱️ 94 minutes

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Welcome back to MOOD! This week, Lauren and Chloe dive into how they navigate change in life both big and small. With real tools and personal experience this episode will help you take that big leap. As always you'll enjoy the mood boosters, best mood, and worst mood of the week!

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Welcome back to mood with lorna lizabeth. I'm your host lorna lizabeth and I'm your co-host


Chloe par and today for our current mood combo we are going to be talking about change because


it's one of the most stressful and just mind altering things ever because you're constantly


questioning yourself and stressed and anxious and unsure or fearful. There's so many moods that go


along with it and it feels as though when you're in your 20s you go through a lot of change.


So we're going to break down just changes that we've been through in our lives, the stages and


how to get through pretty much any kind of change you could be dealing with in your 20s or any age


but obviously there's so much in your 20s because they suck. They literally do. I mean also post


pandemic so much changed because a lot of people moved our remote now. The world changed. Yeah we'll


be heading into that too. But first of course we are going to talk about our best mood and worst


mood of the week. Alright let's start with your worst mood because let's get it out. I ran


into and I need to hear it. Okay so back story I was on the peloton in our apartment gym and then


Lauren mocked in. Ran into her. What was your experience like with my mood? Like a juteil that I


was not okay. Like I was a little scared. Oh really? Yeah like I was like backed into the corner.


Like a little you know like got in between the legs. I did kind of back you into the corner. Now that I


think about it. Honestly physically and emotionally. And that was on Monday right? Yeah because yesterday


I was grinding through this apartment. Okay. That's when I saw your worst mood like yeah that was


the worst day of this week for sure. My worst mood this week was insanity because as you all know


I moved apartments and I thought oh my god it's going to be so easy because I'm just moving units.


I'm staying in the same complex. Nothing crazy. And it is still 100% as awful as moving anywhere.


It was horrible and I think the expectation of oh this isn't going to be that bad.


Really just set me up for failure in that sense. So I you know like obviously moving is just


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