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Black Woman, Don't You Dare Give Up!

Brown Girl Self-Care

Brown Girl Self-Care

Education, Health & Fitness, Self-improvement

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🗓️ 30 October 2023

⏱️ 28 minutes

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Hey, hey!

I want to share some encouragement with you today because recently, I had been questioning if I should continue with Brown Girl Self-Care. Listen in and I hope that you are left feeling inspired and encouraged today.

Be sure to share this episode if you felt it in your spirit the way that I did.

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Hey, hey, what's going on? You're listening to the Brown Girl self-care podcast. My name is Bri. I am the host of the show as well as the founder of Brown Girl self-care.


Brown Girl self-care is a platform and space intentionally created for black women that are looking to get to where the healing abundance and joy resides in life.


I want to have a mindset chat with you today. I'm not sure how long this episode is going to be, but I want to talk about mindset very briefly.


And this is going to be important for you, no matter where you are in life right now, as we are all moving forward to a place of feeling more whole and more healed.


Mindset is always important. So regardless if you're a nine to five or a parent, single, married, entrepreneur, whatever the case may be, students, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. This episode is for you.


Before I get into this quick mindset chat that I want to share with you, I want to encourage you to please if you have not done so.


Settle in, grab some tea, light a candle, get your journal, do whatever it is that you need to do in this moment so that you can be present while we have this conversation.


Maybe you put this on while you go for a walk. Maybe you're putting this on while you're driving to work. So instead of having whatever thoughts you may normally have on a Monday, you're like, you know what?


I'm going to go ahead and listen to something that's going to edify my spirit. That's going to help me to bloom. That's going to help me to realize my worth and my value.


All right. So okay, I'm recording this from my phone. So it may sound a little different, but you know, sometimes whenever the inspiration hits, I just want to be obedient and move forward with it.


So if you hear the dog barking, y'all know the infamous dog. Okay. Or you hear traffic. It's because I'm recording in my bedroom. Windows open. I'm sitting here on a meditation pillow.


Getting some sun. And I got the nudge in my spirit to just go ahead and record. Okay. So here we are. Let's talk about mindset. And again, I don't know how long this episode's going to be. This might just be a quick word for somebody. Definitely for me.


So as you know, obviously I'm a podcaster. And I currently do not have a nine to five or a job. I quit that in 29th September of 2019.


So that was pretty much four years ago, four years ago, right.


But there have been times, y'all, where I am just like, I don't know if I want to keep doing this podcast.


I don't know if this podcast is for me. I don't know if this is something that I'm really, like, am I really, really?


I guess this really, really my thing or am I just being like, am I being delusional?


Because sometimes, you know, things are not going my way. I feel discouraged. For example, like the numbers are low.


Like I'm not getting as many downloads or, you know, maybe there was a brand that I really wanted to work with. And they was like, not chick.


We, we, we're not in the same, we're not in the same page. You know what I mean? Like just different little setbacks.


Sorry, y'all. I know y'all heard that little setbacks and things like that, where it's just like, maybe I just need to stop the podcast.


Like, maybe I'm really not, again, maybe I'm being delusional and the thing that I am doing where I thought, or my intention is to just kind of like help other women that look like me to just bloom.


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