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Align Yourself With The 2024 Your Future Self Deserves, Starting TODAY. What Are Your Pillars?

Brown Girl Self-Care

Brown Girl Self-Care

Education, Health & Fitness, Self-improvement

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🗓️ 6 November 2023

⏱️ 56 minutes

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Hey, Hey!

If you want to have a "real" conversation without all the cutesy fluff about how you can begin now to align yourself with the 2024 your future self will thank you for, press play on this episode of the Brown Girl Self-Care podcast.

I'll be sharing:

How many goals/pillars to focus on between now and the end of the year

Why you should start now

What a SWOT Analysis is

Reflections at the end to help you reflect so you can hone in your focus

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Hey hey what's going on you're listening to the brown girl self-care


podcast my name is brie Mitchell I'm the host of the show as well as the


founder of brown girl self-care brown girl self-care is a platform and space of


intentional healing, joy, and abundance, specifically


catering too, I should say, black women, black women. I love you black women. Let's go ahead and get into


today's episode. I'm going to just say this right off the top that I am


recording this episode on Zoom and I'm doing so because if you've been following along you may or may not


know that I am in the middle of a 60-day elevation challenge and part of this


challenge is me getting comfortable being seen. So I do plan on


releasing this episode of me doing this on Zoom to YouTube.


Look, I can't even commit to a date.


That's how shook I am right now.


But before the end of the year, my goal is to


before the end of the year start releasing video content to


YouTube. So this will make its way up there at some point. So you'll be able to see


my beautiful face and all my crazy facial expressions in this episode.


So I want to go ahead and let you know that today's topic, real talk.


We're going to be talking about, and by the way, let me back up a second first of all I didn't even


welcome you into the space welcome do whatever you need to do while you're


listening to the sound of my voice if you're working if you're taking a walk right now if you're listening to the sound of my voice. If you're working, if you're taking a walk right now,


if you're working out, you got your headphones on, if you are in the car driving somewhere.


If you are just taking some time to just chill and reflect and rest, do what you need to do. Light a candle,


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