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Berner Phone #32: Conquering Anxiety

Berner Phone

Hannah Berner and Des Bishop

Comedy Interviews, Stand-up, Comedy

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🗓️ 13 March 2024

⏱️ 60 minutes

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This week the dialers are sharing their secrets to beating anxiety. As always they are hilarious, relatable, and wise.



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Hi It's Hannah Burner and Des Bishop. Thanks for calling the Burner phone. If you leave a message after the tone, we may have to make it into a podcast. Hi my little dialers, does and I are back. I mean he's not back yet. He's still across the pond in Ireland.


Seven days since surgery did my first physio session today.


His ACL is getting better. I know that that's why you guys are trying to listen to the pod


to get an update on Des's tear tendons.


Baby steps, baby steps.


We're all growing and learning and healing. We have a fun little episode today.


Yeah, are you are are we gonna talk about what inspired it or we not?


Well I already hit on it on Giggly Squad that just came out but I have my Netflix


special in two weeks and I think that the gravity of the event finally hit me and I had a little bit of an anxiety attack this weekend and I was joking because I feel like I either am really cool, calm, confident as a cucumber,


or I'm having like a complete breakdown.


And I was telling Des about it, and Des was like, you you know what let's see what the little


dialers have to say. Yeah but I I just wanted to know what in general you know how


they deal with like you know nervous you know, big events coming up.


I wasn't, I wasn't, we didn't put it out like,


what do you think about me having a fucking breakdown


before my Netflix special. Yeah, we didn't tell you guys the details of the motives behind it, but I'm interested to see...


But hey, I mean, obviously this isn't going to be 20 messages of people saying cry but like a lot of people were like cry


So you should feel you you should be reassured that your reaction to the stimuli of this stress was pretty common,


certainly amongst the little dialers.


So don't feel bad.


Well, I hold the little dialers very close to my heart.


We actually feel emotions at the same time.


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