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Berner Phone #14: Annoying Generational Differences

Berner Phone

Hannah Berner and Des Bishop

Comedy Interviews, Stand-up, Comedy

4.45.5K Ratings

🗓️ 9 November 2023

⏱️ 78 minutes

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This week we’re working through some intergenerational conflict. Gen Z can’t stand how older people text, rake leaves, and use social media. Millennials and Gen X are bothered by ever-changing lingo and TikTok. And everyone is mad that people yell on the phone in public places.

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Hi It's Hannah Burner and Des Bishop. Thanks for calling the Burner phone. If you leave a message after the tone, we may have to make it into a podcast. What's up my little dialers?


What's up my little dialers? You get to experience our relationship as we are long


distance for... Is this the third week in a row? I think this is the, this is our third remote, maybe, yeah third remote


episode. No, fourth, this is our fourth. Really? So you guys have realized that we


never see each other and that's the strength that makes a marriage last


But we're gonna see each other soon


Except that I was supposed to be back on Tuesday


He was and we had a we've had a health scare over here in Dublin. So we're not going to get too dramatic but I got an MRI just on my stupid shoulder for like, you know, just,


literally everything's easier to do in Ireland, scan-wise. So while I was here I was like, oh, I'll get an MRI,


it's some shoulder pain. And then something else showed up in my stupid


MRI. And there's not any major cause for concern, but enough that I'm getting further scans. So dialers, don't worry.


Hannah still wants you to think that it's a good idea


to date an older man, but.


This is the reality of being with a boomer.


This is the reality of being with a boomer. This is the...


I'm not a boomer.


Speaking of boomers, we wanted to do this episode.


I love how I just went on to the next thing,


but yes, we're sending love to Des it just like went on to the next thing but yes we're sending love to


does in Ireland as he gets his scans.


But yeah yeah first you try to go on to the next thing then you try to then you now


it sounds like your


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