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Berner Phone #15: What Men Want Women to Know

Berner Phone

Hannah Berner and Des Bishop

Comedy Interviews, Stand-up, Comedy

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🗓️ 15 November 2023

⏱️ 53 minutes

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This week men are revealing the things they want women to know. They aren’t always thinking about sex and don’t want to hear about your exes, but at the same time they are self proclaimed “horny garbage”.

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Hi It's Hannah Burner and Des Bishop. Thanks for calling the Burner phone. If you leave a message after the tone, we may have to make it into a podcast. Welcome to Burner Phone. We are back together under the same roof.


Yes, isn't this nice to be on our own couch?


We're not in a studio.


No. Back together.


We've been together for 24 hours and it's been, you know,


enlightening, exciting. Oh and most importantly I don't have cancer.


No, no, come on. You know, obviously people we want. We went 30 seconds without you bringing up cancer.


No, come on. Last week we were saying I had to stick around in Ireland for some scans and you know I've done a number of scans


if results came back you made not a hundred percent sure what it is yet but it's not


cancer so for anyone that was concerned maybe you're pregnant that could be it could be


that could be it that could be it um we went kind of rogue this episode we went a


little bit wild we did because you know Sunday night we look at each other and we say


what's the vibe what are we feeling and we like to make


sure that each episode gives a little different you know energy yeah we like


variety is a spice of life yes you Yes, like box of chocolates and we decided to ask the girls to bring their


boyfriends onto the phone to give us a dial and it was


interesting. It was interesting. What was the exact prompt again? What was the exact prompt again.


What was the exact prompt?


Because it was the men, I gave them two options.


Well, we wanted to make, we wanted to, we felt like this might not be as a as a as a as hot a


subsequent you know people coming in because of the well yeah it had more


admin you had to like get your boyfriend exactly get him on the phone so we, what is something you want women to know about men?


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