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A Reminder To Stay In Integrity With Yourself/Your Faith So That You Aren't Attaching Your Name To Opportunities That May Not Be For You.

Brown Girl Self-Care

Brown Girl Self-Care

Education, Health & Fitness, Self-improvement

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🗓️ 1 April 2024

⏱️ 41 minutes

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Something recently happened on my end that was an excellent reminder for me to do what I believe is right/stay in integrity with my morals and faith and I absolutely had to share it here on the show. I had the opportunity to work with a brand that MANY influencers partner with but Iturned it down because it didn't sit right in my spirit. It ended up being the right decision even though on the front end it seemed like I missed out on a great opportunity.

Listen for more deets and use this episode as a reminder to use your discernment when possible, even if it means not moving forward with any type of opportunity.

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