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Do You, BOO! Let's Gooo, It's Spring!

Brown Girl Self-Care

Brown Girl Self-Care

Education, Health & Fitness, Self-improvement

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🗓️ 25 March 2024

⏱️ 42 minutes

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If you need an infusion of good energy as we begin to shift towards "spummer" (aka Spring + Summer, lol), THIS is the episode for you! It's time to get into our flow while we forge ahead, living our best lives. Listen to todays episode and refresh your spirit!

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Hey, you're listening to the Brown Girl Self Care Podcast. My name is Bree. I'm the host of the show, as well as the founder of Brown Girl Self Care.


Brown Girl Self Care is a platform in space of intentional healing, joy and abundance and rest for black women.


Let's go ahead and get into today's episode, y'all.


What's cracking, number one?


I hope that you are doing well.


I hope that the last few weeks have been treating you with as much


kindness and grace that you can possibly hold.


We're at the end of, I guess technically, Q1,


because as of when you hear this will be,


I think on the last Monday of March if I'm not mistaken so let's just go ahead and say we're


pretty much at the end of March at this point and yeah spring has sprung and of course summer is definitely very, very close behind that.


In today's episode, I just want to really quickly just hop in your ear because of the shift in weather and I know that means us


going outside more and things like that and and starting to do more things you know the what can I say the not the shackles but the I'll say the the slowing down of winter is starting to kind of like we're moving beyond that


And we're entering this new season where spring is about


Renewal and growth and stepping out and for some of us we're getting ready renewal and


growth and stepping out and for some of us we're getting ready again for like having our hot girl summers and stuff like that


But it's just a season of like newness and you can take that however you want so in today's


episode I just want to encourage you as again we approach this new season I want to encourage you to just do you


that that like that's it that's the message I want to encourage you to do you all right I realize


again that for a lot of us or for some of us I should say when we're like in those fall and winter


seasons again each season has a purpose by the way I think we've talked about this on the


podcast before of course each season has a purpose, but when we're in like those, I'll just call them like heavier months and I don't mean heavy in a bad way, but we're in those heavier I guess months like fall and winter.


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