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252: Reviews of Laser Tag

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

Forever Dog


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🗓️ 27 September 2023

⏱️ 64 minutes

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Welcome to beach to sandy water to wet. A podcast featuring real reviews written by


people who just need the world to know what they think. Between you and me I


wanted to like this podcast but I'd give it zero stars if I could.


Hey everyone, we're here for our next installment of the podcast. This is episode 252.


Lazertag. Lazertag. Good times. I've not done laser tag in a very long time and when I take it.


Can I play Lazertag as an adult? Can is a very broad term.


Should. Perhaps not. Okay. But I think it depends on the circumstance.


I mean I did read one review. Maybe I have it. I don't know. Where someone said, yeah,


my like wife and I or girlfriend and I whatever. She had never played laser tag in her life and


we went. Yeah, but what she, well he failed to mention was that they were eight.


Just kidding. But I think you can. I think you have to make sure it's the right context


that you behave in the right way. Yeah. I feel like some of the reviews were like, oh,


this grown man shoved my child and I'm like, yeah, obviously that is not.


If I ask if I can play Lazertag in your first thought as well, he probably shouldn't be shoving


those kids. Okay, obviously, but I'm saying like in context for people who maybe didn't read


six hundred thousand reviews of Lazertag, there are some adults who do behave inappropriately.


So I feel like as adults, we need to be mindful of the context. Anyway, this guy should just


make adult Lazertag then if they don't already. They must, you know, they probably do already.


But what do I know? Not much. Okay. Do you want to go first so I can find my reviews?


Sure. Great. My first one was sent in by Kana. And Kana sent a review of UltraZone Lazertag.


It's located in Sherman Oaks, California. One star. The cold efficiency with which this place


has mechanized the children's party would have made Henry Ford blush. Oh my god. And they managed


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