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The best of Russell's shows on Radio X Catch unaired content and all the best bits of Russell Brand's Radio X show on this podcast.

37 Episodes

Introducing 'I've Been Thinking with Peter Frankopan'

Hi, Russell Brand listener, We’ve got another brand new podcast we think you’ll enjoy. ‘I’ve Been Thinking’ is a new weekly show hosted by Peter Frankopan. As well as being a best-selling author (Silk Roads), Professor of Global History and Oxford and voted as one of the World’s Top 50 Thinkers, Peter uses this podcast to speak with some incredible guests looking at topics from around the world that help understand and explain the past, present and future. Guests include former Director of the FBI James Comey and Chinese artist & activist Ai Weiwei. This is a taster of what you can expect from the show. If you like what you hear please search for I’ve Been Thinking with Peter Frankopan on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts.

Published: 1 July 2021

Introducing ‘If It Bleeds It Leads’

Hi Russell Brand fans – we have a new True Crime podcast we think you’ll enjoy called ‘If It Bleeds It Leads’ Could you be a criminal? What separates the way you think, from the criminal mind? Join the world’s leading professor of criminology, Prof. David Wilson and star of Silent Witness Emilia Fox as they discover what’s really going on behind some of the most notorious crimes. What do you do with have-a-go heroes who try to stop you robbing a bank? What's it like inside an escalating prison riot? And how do you deal with Britain’s most infamous hitman telling you he's been ordered to kill you? In this podcast series you’ll hear from offenders, the police, crime experts and investigators as we delve into the workings of the criminal mind. Here’s a sneaky peak and the first Episode drops on Monday 14th June. If you like what you hear search for ‘If It Bleeds It Leads’ on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts.

Published: 11 June 2021

Introducing That’s a First! Season 2!

Hi Russell Brand fans! Radio X are releasing Season 2 of a podcast we think you’ll enjoy. That’s A First! is hosted by comedians Maisie Adam and Tom Lucy and in each episode they’re joined by a guest who reveals some interesting firsts from their life… and then gets ripped to shreds. In series 1 we heard about the first time Romesh Ranganathan soiled himself just before he was due to go in stage and series 2 promises to be just as revealing with guests such as Joel Dommett, Kiri Pritchard McLean and Chris Kamara! This is a quick taster from Maisie & Tom. If you like it, search ‘That’s a First!’ and subscribe on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts.

Published: 23 November 2020

New Podcast for you - Early Work with Rhys James!

Hello podcast listener. If you're a fan of Russell Brand then we think you'll enjoy another podcast, Early Work with Rhys James. Stand-up, panel show regular and the only comedian with a podcast, Early Work sees Rhys and guests reliving some of their most cringeworthy childhood and teenage attempts at creativity. Search Early Work where you get your podcasts and find Rhys on Instagram and Twitter @rhysjamesy for more about the podcast.

Published: 15 October 2020

EP33: When souls collide in a radio theatre (with Professor Brian Cox)

It happened. It really, really happened. A live broadcast (albeit with a 10 second delay), involving a metaphorical glass panel and a LIVE audience. What a beautiful thing.

Published: 18 December 2017

EP32: A load of Nan-sense (with Wim Hof & Dr Lindsey Fitzharris)

This week, Russell & Matt spoke to Dr Lindsey Fitzharris about cutting people's legs off in Victorian times. Nasty. Also, Wim Hof was on the phone with advice on dealing with the (EXTREME) cold. Plus, Matt's "Forgotten Knowledge" continues to blossom.

Published: 11 December 2017

EP31: Camp Gateau (with Ed Stafford & Robert Lacey)

This week, Matt was keen to dissect his recent camping experience with Russell. Is gateau a camping essential? Friend of the show Ed Stafford was on hand to clarify. Also, the lads spoke to Robert Lacey - Royal Correspondent on Netflix series, the Crown!

Published: 4 December 2017

EP30: Lost a Gee, gained a Noel (with Theo Paphitis & Noel Gallagher)

Celebrating 30 episodes back on-air by throwing a loving embrace around wrinkly rocker Noel Gallagher, and lobbing business ideas at former Dragon’s Den ‘Dragon’ Theo Paphitis like he’s some sort of capitalist coconut shy.

Published: 27 November 2017

EP29: Magic, curses & cults (with Philip Carr-Gomm & Ian Haworth)

Russell is keen to dispel the idea that he keeps a foot in all faiths just to be on the safe side. Perhaps Druidry is the answer? Also, Matt's got a calming new item called "Forgotten Knowledge."

Published: 20 November 2017

EP28: Lift up the bloody paw! (with Graham Hancock & Oscar Schwartz)

Russell, Matt and Gee tackle Egyption myths and mysteries with Graham Hancock, AI and poetry with Oscar Schwartz and the glass panel may or may not finally see it's first incumbents. Talk to us via [email protected] and hit subscribe if you're listening to this via iTunes so we shoot right up those charts like belly worms being birthed into the world.

Published: 13 November 2017

EP27: Flinchy Flinchy (with Hamish and Andy & Tom Morgan)

Do you like board games? Russell most certainly does. This week we heard from Hamish & Andy and found out that Matt might be from the past. Plus a chat with Tom Morgan, the real life "Up" Balloon man!

Published: 6 November 2017

EP26: Luring the denizens of the night (with Nick Baker)

Matt is very worried about the lack of insects these days, so the team spoke to Nick Baker to find out what it all means! Also, Russell had a little accident.

Published: 30 October 2017

EP25: Here Cometh The Yuck Man (with Ed Stafford)

Matt got the chance to speak to his crush this week; the man-legend Ed Stafford! Plus, Russell's brand new feature.... "Raising the Cultural Bar".

Published: 22 October 2017

EP24: Flat little snow globe (with Mark Sargent)

This week, Russell chatted to Mark Sargent and he reckons the world is flat. Then Russell started talking about an emery board again! Plus, Matt doesn't think Russell would be very good at living on the streets.

Published: 15 October 2017

EP23: Whose DNA is better? (with Simon Amstell)

They said it wouldn't happen! One of the ideas from the show has finally been followed up! This week, we found out about Russell & Matt's heritage and it got a little competetive. Simon Amstell was on too, chatting about his (and Russell's) new book!

Published: 1 October 2017

EP22: We wish to buy an island! (with Neil Harbisson & David Collin)

This week Russell, Matt & Gee spoke to Neil Harbisson: He's a real life cyborg dontcha know!? He's even got an antenna! After that - author David Collin came on to help Russell further his plan to purchase an island utopia! The Revolution is coming!

Published: 24 September 2017

EP21: The sweet sweet ooze of success (with Dr Pimple Popper & Dr Rob Drummond)

If you're of a sensitive disposition - the lads chatting to Dr Sandra Lee AKA Dr Pimple Popper might leave you a little worse for wear! Dr Rob Drummond was on the phone too and fully explained the Ninky Nonk. Plus, did you know that Gee is in a band now?

Published: 17 September 2017

EP20: Lurking in the bushes (with Brian Adcock & Lisa Fenton)

Proving the boys wouldn't survive two minutes in the wild they spoke to bush craft expert Lisa Fenton. Russell and Matt aided satirical cartoonist Brian Adcock with ideas and there was an argument over who would live in a Lighthouse.

Published: 27 August 2017

EP19: A radioactive cloud of positivity (with Professor Francis Livens)

There's been a nuclear explosion, but should we condition our hair? We get to the bottom of that conundrum, analysis the MMAS meet up, discover that Bear can do origami and a lie about a bird.

Published: 19 August 2017

EP18: A caffeinated wind tunnel (with Al Gore)

Welcome dear listener. Before the Radio X show this week Russell sat down with former Vice President of the USA, Mr Al Gore. Hear clips of that, Matt's 40th birthday plans, MMA plans and plans about funerals and why you should be thinking about your death.

Published: 13 August 2017

EP17: Emerging from a cocoon, service resumes (with James Buckley)

After a momentary absence through choice, not a suspension or sacking, Russell, Matt and Gee hit the airwaves to bring audio delight once more. Tales of Matt's holiday, James Buckley off of The Inbetweeners and importantly talking to those at CALM

Published: 6 August 2017

EP16: Gareth and Bekki sitting in a tree... (with Mark Niemierko)

Operation help a mate get a date is in full swing this week as Producer Gareth and Bekki Priestley finally give it a go on air. We're also in the presence of the UK's number 1 Luxury Wedding and Event Planner Mark Niemierko to help us plan the best #MMAS soirée. Get outside and tell the world about the Russell Brand on Radio X podcast, love, happiness and compassion guaranteed*. *Cannot be guaranteed.

Published: 15 July 2017

EP15: He’s got the horn, the French horn (with Stefan-Pierre Tomlin)

Russell and Matt help a mate get a date (that’s Producer Gareth) aided by the most swiped right’d man on Tinder in the UK, Stefan-Pierre Tomlin. We also encounter the world from an animal’s vantage point with Dog Psychologist Karen Wild. Spread the word, tell a friend and reap the karma of bringing the Russell Brand Show on Radio X into their lives.

Published: 8 July 2017

EP14: Get A Mate A Date (with Anthony Adolf & Ian Wallace)

In this week's transmission, we transcend into another dimension by delving into the past and the sub conscious as we're joined by genealogist, Anthony Adolf and Dream Analyst, Ian Wallace. After that we try and hook our mate Producer Gareth up on a date and he's well pleased. Enjoy dear listener and remember to review! For every 5 star review we get, Producer Gareth is one step closer to finding an actual human partner and not the plant he talks to at home...allegedly.

Published: 2 July 2017

EP13: Less is more / More or less (with Katherine Lewis)

This week Russell raises the tone finally, Matt relives a photo shoot and we find out who 'cutie boots' is.

Published: 26 June 2017

EP12: Within ice the answers lie (with Andi Peters & Wim Hof)

We got ice cold and cleared our minds with Wim Hof, Producer Gareth met his old boss Andi Peters and Russell became the tip of the spear for a new musical movement called "Grime"...it's going to be big. Follow Matt on Instagram - MattunderscoreMorgan

Published: 18 June 2017

EP11: So THAT'S what the bum bag is for! (with Emma Kenny)

That's right dear listener, this week we really do answer one of life's biggest, and greatest conundrums, the humdinger that had a nation gripped - what the hell does Russell keep in that skinny bum bag? Matt and Russell also regale us with tales from their domesticated lives that could give Erin Brockovich a run for her money, and Emma Kenny, TV psychologist comes on and tells the team that the chaos is good! All that content in this wonderful little podcast - get it in your ears and don't forget to subscribe, tell your mates, and leave a review (only 5 stars though pls).

Published: 11 June 2017

EP10: A glance at the subs bench (with David Baddiel)

Russell found himself adrift in the sea of solo radio but put out a call to David Baddiel, a psychic who happened to be in the building and Matt found the strength to him 'accept call' to be on the phone.

Published: 4 June 2017

EP9: Can I be you, if you be me?

The studio was almost overcome by nudity as Russell and Matt attempted to exchange identities, Elvis was very much in the building and we're not sure we'll ever find out what Russell's bumbag is for.

Published: 27 May 2017

EP8: Flexing like a bee with a six-pack

What's better for you, exercise or bees? Well both if you listen to the guests on this week's Russell Brand on Radio X podcast. You will also encounter bonus podcast only content that makes Matt, Mr Gee and Producer Gareth uncomfortable. Get it right in your ear holes.

Published: 20 May 2017

EP7: Look not around the podcast, don't look at the podcast, look into the ....

Relationships are rekindled and new ones are forged, on this week's Russell Brand podcast. Paul McKenna was in reception and then in the studio, he gave us some truth bombs and plenty to think about. Dough Cockle aka 'Geralt of Rivia' gave us a masterclass in voiceover work, and then there's rats with appendages. When you listen to the podcast where are you and what are you doing? We're nosey so tell us > [email protected] 5* reviews and kind words appreciated x

Published: 12 May 2017

EP6: Like a fox cub finding its way in the world.

Tales of wildlife valiance as Russell puts his jumper (dry clean only) on the line to save a fox cub. We hear from Dr Pam Spurr for an academic assessment of the social structure in the studio, Matt is on the subtle blag and we dominated on the phone all the way from America by Faith Foxxx. Spread the love about the show and podcast, leave us a review (5* only though) and drop us a line at anytime >>> [email protected]

Published: 6 May 2017

EP5: Dr Christian, a feline felon and Woody Harrelson's spirulina smoothie.

This week’s podcast is not for the faint hearted as Matt Morgan drops the mother of all See You Next Tuesday’s in the first two minutes. Now that we’ve got that disclaimer out of the way, Dr Christian puts to bed the mystery shrouding pipe snipping, a black and white cat is given a verbal warning by police (yes, seriously), and Woody Harrelson comes on to promo his new film ‘Lost in London’ all the whilst wearing his breakfast smoothie on his face… it could only happen on the Russell Brand show!

Published: 29 April 2017

EP4: Noel Gallagher, a snip of the pipes and Ronnie Wood's pushchair.

Welcome to more moments of audio chaos brought to you by Russell Brand. On episode 4 the studio door was flung open to Noel Gallagher, we delved into how The Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood helped Russell conquer a push chair, more on Matt's pipes and wether thousands of little Matt's will see the light of day.

Published: 22 April 2017

EP3: The second coming. Well, the Nanny thought so.

What do Jesus, UFO's, Judas Priest, credit ratings and Stonehenge tattoos have in common? They'll all be in your ear holes by downloading the latest Russell Brand on Radio X podcast.

Published: 15 April 2017

EP2: Can kindness save Katie Hopkins?

Week two saw an unexpected guest in the form of Katie Hopkins. Whilst you'll find Russell and Katie duelling minds, you can also expect stories of Matt's landlady, a prom date gone wrong and oh so much more.

Published: 8 April 2017

EP1: The Return

Back after an 8 years absence from live radio, expect to hear Matt Morgan, Mr Gee and Noel Gallagher. Tales of dog drugs, T-Rex snouts and some moments of silence as Russell comes to terms with the equipment.

Published: 1 April 2017

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