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Everything you wanted to know about good cooking and good eating from LA chef, author, radio host and restaurateur Evan Kleiman.

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Trader Joe's private label, sheet pan recipes, avocados

Memo Torres uncovers hidden gems and family-run businesses across Los Angeles. Adam Reiner takes a closer look at the products behind the tongue-in-cheek labels on the shelves of Trader Joe's.

Transcribed - Published: 17 May 2024

Michael Pollan’s long, strange trip exploring food and psychedelics (from "Life Examined")

We think you'll enjoy this episode of Life Examined, a KCRW podcast that explores science, philosophy, and finding meaning in the modern world. You're probably already familiar with Michael Pollan's writing on food and psychedelics.

Transcribed - Published: 14 May 2024

Global eaters, planet-saving recipes, the unpaid labor of motherhood

After she became a mom, journalist Angela Garbes shifted her focus from food to the invisible, unpaid labor that goes into raising children.

Transcribed - Published: 10 May 2024

Drinking in film, vintage spirits, world barista championship, cherries

Historian Hadley Meares looks at how Hollywood sips cocktails on the big screen. From Prohibition bourbon to dolce vita amaro, journalist Aaron Goldfarb follows collectors hunting for vintage spirits.

Transcribed - Published: 3 May 2024

Koreaworld, gas station cookies, vegan pie, pasta shapes

Deuki Hong and Matt Rodbard think the worldwide appeal of K-pop and Korean cinema has boosted modern Korean food. Operating out of a gas station, how does Arezou Appel make some of LA's best cookies?

Transcribed - Published: 26 April 2024

Apple pie, green almonds

With only a week left until PieFest, baker Nicole Rucker shows us how to make a scrumptrilescent apple pie. From Baghdad and Buenos Aires to Montreal and Mexico City, Naama Shefi taps the Jewish diaspora to fill her holiday table.

Transcribed - Published: 19 April 2024

Recipes from Gaza, berry pie, green almonds

Journalist, activist, and founder of the blog Gaza Mom, Laila El-Haddad discusses how she keeps the cuisine of Gaza alive as she tries to find solace during Ramadan.

Transcribed - Published: 12 April 2024

Onions, hand pies, Bangladeshi cuisine

Author and illustrator Mark Kurlansky peels back the cultural, historical, and gastronomical layers of onions. Journalist Shane Mitchell won two James Beard Awards for shining a light on the exploitation in America's onion fields.

Transcribed - Published: 5 April 2024

Orange yolks, French omelets, backyard chickens

Marian Bull weighs in on the popularity of orange egg yolks. Chef Ludo Lefebvre details what goes into his famous omelet, which is on the menu at Petit Trois.

Transcribed - Published: 29 March 2024

BONUS: Arielle Johnson talks Flavorama (Extended Interview)

Arielle Johnson chases deliciousness by taking science and making it fashion.

Transcribed - Published: 22 March 2024

The science of flavor, the taste of tap water, Asian vegetarian

Explaining how taste and smell interact, why smell is related to emotion, and the patterns of flavor, Arielle Johnson chases deliciousness by taking science and making it fashion.

Transcribed - Published: 22 March 2024

Ramadan, plastic bags, gluten-free cooking, feminist restaurants

Sous chef Kamran Gill discusses the challenges he faces while fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. Laura Strange develops recipes and travel guides for those living a gluten-free life in a gluten-centric world.

Transcribed - Published: 15 March 2024

Black Appalachian cooks, Maydan, shochu

Crystal Wilkinson recounts stories and recipes from five generations of Black Appalachian cooks. Poised to open a restaurant complex in Los Angeles, Rose Previte traveled spice trade routes to see how cooking traditions informed...

Transcribed - Published: 8 March 2024

Gene editing, condiments, chai as compassion, corn as fuel

Dr. Lauren Crossland-Marr explains how the gene editing technology CRISPR is impacting our food chain. Scholar and editor Darra Goldstein detonates the flavor bombs of preserved condiments.

Transcribed - Published: 1 March 2024

Food of Tigray, reality show contestants, the life of a dish

Saba Alemayoh shares her mother's story of civil war, migration, and divorce — all of it bound up with Tigray culture and food. What happens to food reality show contestants once the cameras stop rolling?

Transcribed - Published: 23 February 2024

Water in Tulare, where to eat with Memo Torres, Market Match in jeopardy

What does the Tulare Lake Basin water crisis mean for the future of farming in California? Carolyn Quick Tillery celebrates the 25th anniversary of a cookbook that pays homage to the Tuskegee Institute.

Transcribed - Published: 16 February 2024

Juliette Binoche on 'The Taste of Things,’ Asian food at Costco, chocolate

Director Tran Anh Hung and actress Juliette Binoche discuss the recipe for subtle seduction in The Taste of Things. Foley artist Olivier Thys reveals which foods he uses to simulate the on-screen sounds of bones breaking and...

Transcribed - Published: 9 February 2024

Rice, tainted applesauce, Texas barbecue

With restaurants dedicated to global rice dishes, JJ Johnson explores 28 varieties in his latest cookbook. Chef Eric Adjepong explores assimilation, culture and home in a new children's book.

Transcribed - Published: 2 February 2024

Afghan cuisine, LA restaurant closures, Hmong cooking

Zarghuna Adel learns classic recipes from older Afghans living abroad and reintroduces them to a younger generation living in the country.

Transcribed - Published: 26 January 2024

Soil, the future of farming, policing avocados

Journalist and author George Monbiot has a radical idea for fixing farming's environmental devastation — but can a post-agricultural world feed the planet?

Transcribed - Published: 19 January 2024

Eating for mental health, hospitality, tipping, new food laws

Erewhon sells an $18 dollar smoothie named after Hailey Bieber. Mary Beth Albright considers how drinking it will make us feel.

Transcribed - Published: 12 January 2024

Encore: The life and times of Lalo García: Immigration, deportation, reconciliation

Journalist Laura Tillman phoned Máximo Bistrot, a restaurant riding the wave of Mexico City's popularity as a fine dining destination, in hopes of interviewing its chef, Eduardo "Lalo" García Guzmán.

Transcribed - Published: 5 January 2024

Best of 2023 — Spearfishing, unconventional winemaking, (kinda) camping

Terrified of the ocean in her youth, Valentine Thomas is now a champion spearfisherwoman. Maggie Harrison describes the "maniacal rigor" with which she seeks out beauty through winemaking.

Transcribed - Published: 29 December 2023

The history of Chinese food, Cantonese cuisine, Genghis Cohen

Fuchsia Dunlop distills the history of Chinese food through a menu of 30 dishes. Kevin and Jeffrey Pang cook up some father-son bonding over plates of Mongolian beef and General Tso's chicken.

Transcribed - Published: 22 December 2023

Heirloom grains, Filipino bakes, Bill Addison picks LA's best restaurants

Rose Wilde encourages bakers to develop a relationship with heirloom grains and alternative flours. Abi Balingit, a self-described "dork who baked," turned her passion into a cookbook of Filipino desserts.

Transcribed - Published: 15 December 2023

Baking with Nancy Silverton, chili crisp, extracts

With a competitive spirit, Nancy Silverton sets out to make the best versions of classic baked goods. James Park grew up on kimchi, but when he discovered chili crisp, his world changed.

Transcribed - Published: 8 December 2023

Best cookbooks of 2023, memories of Nigeria, cooking through grief

Bookstore owner Celia Sack shares her list of notable cookbooks of 2023 — perfect for gift-giving. Yewande Komolafe connects the dots of her Nigerian past, visiting Lagos and returning with a new cookbook.

Transcribed - Published: 1 December 2023

"High on the Hog" returns, streaming leftovers, kombucha

In High on the Hog's second season, producers Fabienne Toback and Karis Jagger continue to explore how Black hands in the pot influence what America eats.

Transcribed - Published: 24 November 2023

Thanksgiving — Sides turned mains, turkey, wine, stuffing, and pie

Molecular biologist turned cookbook author Nik Sharma joins Evan Kleiman to talk turkey and all the trimmings. Hetty Lui McKinnon has led a life surrounded by vegetables and shares a riff on a potato gratin.

Transcribed - Published: 17 November 2023

Cuyama carrot boycott, Indian in Artesia, how to cook pasta

Melinda Burns reports on the water wars in Cuyama, where small farmers are boycotting carrot behemoths Grimmway Farms and Bolthouse Farms. At the farmers market, Karen Beverlin explains why carrots taste sweeter in cooler temps.

Transcribed - Published: 10 November 2023

That's Entertainment! — Cocktails, cubes, company, cake

Toni Tipton-Martin spotlights the creativity, hospitality, and excellence of Black drinking culture. Leslie Kirchoff gives boring, square ice cubes a '70s-inspired remodel.

Transcribed - Published: 3 November 2023

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