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Understanding Supplements, What to Take, and Elevating Your Daily Rituals with Founder of Ritual Katerina Schneider

Life with Marianna

Dear Media, Marianna Hewitt

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🗓️ 19 December 2023

⏱️ 31 minutes

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Want to know more about how to simplify your vitamin and supplement routine? In this conversation, Kat Schneider, founder of Ritual, discusses the inspiration behind starting the company and the importance of traceability and certifications in the wellness industry. She emphasizes the need for supplements and the role they play in supporting overall health. Kat also highlights the importance of gut health and the benefits of incorporating a symbiotic plus supplement. She discusses the need for supplementation in areas such as B12, magnesium, and protein. The conversation also touches on the significance of quality sleep and the introduction of the Bio Series Melatonin. Finally, Kat shares her daily rituals for self-care and the importance of prioritizing time and goals.

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