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Solo Episode: Strategies for Effective Goal Setting, Vision Boards and Healthy Habits for the New Year 2024

Life with Marianna

Dear Media, Marianna Hewitt

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🗓️ 12 December 2023

⏱️ 44 minutes

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In this solo episode, Marianna dives into the world of goal setting, vision boards, and achieving your aspirations. She provides practical tips and personal insights, we cover valuable strategies on how to plan your goals, understand their importance, and handle the hurdles along the way. You'll discover how to break down a goal into manageable steps, understand the power of manifesting and the effect a vision board can have on your dreams. You'll listen to beneficial strategies for keeping track of your progress and maintaining your momentum. We discuss the importance of timelines, the impact of motivation, and tools to build healthy habits. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to make the most of their year ahead and beyond.


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How do I ask my boss for a raise? I'm so jealous of my co-worker's promotion. I just don't know what to do.


Is there a good way to brag about my accomplishments?


Careers are complicated and there are so many hush-hush topics we're told we can't talk about.


That's why you have the Career Contessa Podcast.


I'm your host, Laura McGoodGoodone and each week I'm joined by


experts to help you overcome your workplace woes with actionable advice that you can use today.


Subscribe to the Career Contessa Podcast and make progress in your career every Tuesday. Hey, it's Mariana. I'm the co-founder of Summer Fridays and host of the Life with


Mariana Podcast. I've done this episode every year since I launched the


podcast and you guys look forward to it so much and it's all about


setting goals vision boards building healthy habits for the new year and how I think


about goals is not necessarily the word goal but my intentions that I'm setting for the new year.


There's a couple things that I do about tips and insights how I really think about my


goals and plan them out. I understand the importance of what I really need to


prioritize personally or


professionally and how to handle any setbacks that come along the way. I want to


share with you guys manageable steps how to make it happen, the power of


manifesting, and really keeping that momentum up. If you guys want to learn a little bit more about my thought process behind goal setting and goal intentions and vision boards, keep listening.


And don't forget to subscribe to my podcast or follow on Spotify.


I have new episodes every single Tuesday and I'm so excited


to share this one with you and if you guys love this one I would love if you just


screenshot it and post this on Instagram and tag me. I send a few of you guys a little


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