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Ultimate Frisbee Primer

Go! My Favorite Sports Team

Go! My Favorite Sports Team

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🗓️ 7 September 2023

⏱️ 46 minutes

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Although the official spooky month is still weeks away, the vengeful ghosts of J'ACCUSE return, refusing to be ignored for a moment longer!! After banishing these vengeful ghosts, Tyler and Markiplier pop the conversation back and forth as they pull what they know about the fast paced sport of Ultimate frisbee from their brains… Grab a frisbee, a few friends, and enjoy! But watch out for those aliens… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Hello, and I am here to disavow any responsibility for the ads it's


all Tyler's fault he lied to me and he said he stood there and said we have


integrity we would never take I did nothing wrong I never do anything wrong I


am not a person who does ever anything wrong look at his face look at the


guilt look at the guilt the shame look at the shame I was sweating so hard as


hair drooped no because of the embarrassment and shame I what you can't even


speak for himself again look all right so from here on out I will be the


soul host of the the podcast will he'll be replaced by Drew Kerry or someone


equivalent and will I get some actual sports people in here I don't control


the ads this is supposed to be an ad read and I'm so


oh okay well you can take this and stitch it on to the episode actually you


know it's great we're just gonna do the episode now oh yeah we'll do the we'll do


that we'll do that we're supposed to be doing as we know right oh man we got


this whole catalog of gambling ads draft kings and we're about to do Tyler brought


it to me and I said no more I can't live this lie man how funny is that though


I'm sorry I can't hear you right now oh yeah yeah because of my outrage of you


trying to claim that I did something I didn't do right yeah yeah try to pull


fast one honestly he he didn't succeed is what happened so no this is I


don't know if these ads have been playing before that episode it doesn't seem


like it it seems like literally this somehow timed up to land exactly at


the moment that this would occur because I don't I don't see anyone saying that


there's been an ad before I don't remember there being any and I'm pretty sure


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