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Bruce Daisley

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🗓️ 26 April 2022

⏱️ 42 minutes

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We're going deeper into the evidence today with two brilliant guests. Anne Raimondi is COO of Asana who were smart enough to have started a major piece of research into how work is evolving just before the world turned upside down. We're also joined by the most in demand brain in the world right now, Professor Nick Bloom. Nick is Professor WFH, an economist from Stanford University who has been researching remote working for over a decade.

Along the way we talk about how the biggest innovations in remote working are yet to come - and are coming from mindblowing places. We talk the changing expectations of Gen Z workers, why Nick doesn't believe we should be giving up our office just yet. We hear where the sweetspot of hybrid working is right now and why a little less freedom and a little more co-ordination is the order of the day.

I was desperately trying to get Nick on the podcast and to land Anne Raimondi at the same time is a wonderful stroke of luck.

Asana's Anatomy of Work Report 2022 is available here. You can access Nick's work here.

Make Work Better on Nick's work **SIGN UP FOR FREE**

More from Nick

A brilliant listen.

Some key findings from the Asana report:

  • 37% of workers say that they don’t have a clear start or finish time to their working day – rising to 53% for Gen Z employees
  • Managers spend the most time everyday on work coordination (62%)
  • As an organisation grows so does work about work. Employees at medium and large companies spend 59% of their day on it. That’s 5% more time than small businesses 

Compared to one year ago:

  • 42% are spending more time on email 
  • 40% are spending more time on video calls 
  • 52% are multitasking more during virtual meetings 
  • 56% feel they need to respond immediately to notifications 
  • Despite nearly half of employees (47%) finding it easier to concentrate at home, 41% feel more isolated when working remotely



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Registered reference number 900846. Hello this is Eat Fleet Workropy. I'm Bruce Daley. I'm Bruce Daley.


I'm Bruce Daley. It's a podcast about workplace culture, life and psychology.


Thank you so much for listening.


Now anyone who reads my newsletter about workplace culture,


hybrid working, how work is changing,


will know how much I adore the work of today's guest.


And in fact, I got a two for one because I was pestering Professor Nick Bloom, who's probably


the world's leading work from home expert, and he's been doing some


work with the company Asana.


Asana create a series of workplace tools, and they'd thankfully commissioned an interesting piece of research


just before the pandemic that they've been running on and so as well as speaking to Nick


I was also able to speak to Anne Raymonde who's the chief operating officer of Asana, to highly qualified


guests who are going to talk us through what we're seeing in the latest research about hybrid


working, working from home.


Some of the research I've shared from Nick


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