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Dan Coyle can fix your culture

Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Bruce Daisley

Workplace Culture, Social Sciences, Management, Work, Culture, Business, Science

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🗓️ 3 May 2022

⏱️ 43 minutes

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If you find yourself becoming interested in the magic of workplace culture one of the go to authors of the subject is today's guest, Dan Coyle.

Dan's 2018 book The Culture Code allowed him to go deep with some of the most successful cultures in the world - in the arenas of business, sport and even the military. He's returning after the blazing success of the Culture Code with a book that gives more of the energy of that title but drawn into a workbook, The Culture Playbook - imagine something like a journal with prompts of what to write.

He joined me for a discussion where we reflect on the challenges of the last 2 years and what any organisation should be thinking about as they set about creating a winning, forward-looking culture.

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Hello this is each sleep work with me, I'm Bruce Staysley. It's a podcast about workplace culture, psychology and life.


Thank you for joining and it's a really lovely episode today. I think a lot of people have been wrestling


over the last few months with how to bring their workplace culture back together.


While we're in this of interim limbo stage


of being fully from home, we recognize that we just


needed to suck it up.


Now we're back in the office.


Everyone has increasingly been it vocalizing a


desire to get work culture back going again. And that's why today's guest is


such a timely conversation. Dan Koyle guest is


Dan Coyle is the author of the Culture Code.


Probably one of the best books about workplace culture and probably the reason why


Dan's work is so outstanding is he gets


this incredible opportunity to go inside really elite organizations like Pixar,


sport organizations like the San Antonio spurs, Navy Seals, goes inside these organizations to try and understand


their culture and understand the some of the decisions that have contributed to that culture.


He's got a brand new book out now which is


really sort of drawing on the success of the culture code is turning it into


something of a workbook. So it's one of those books you can imagine halfway


between a journal and an exercise book where you give them


prompts and you're asked to put things in. I'd strongly recommend if anyone's


interest in these work that you start with the culture code but this new culture playbook is most definitely


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