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S6 E7: Biggest Moto Controversies

Highside / Lowside: Motorcycle Podcast


Motorcycles, Automotive, Leisure, Motorcyclenews, Revzilla

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🗓️ 18 November 2022

⏱️ 118 minutes

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For all the fun and positive experiences that come with life on two wheels, some motorcycling topics and laws are incredibly controversial. How do you feel about helmet laws? Loud pipes? Lane splitting? In this episode of Highside/Lowside, Zack and Spurgeon take a deep dive into some of the spiciest debates and divides you'll find among riders.

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Good day to wheel friends that courts here joined as always by Spurge and Dunbar. This is season six episode


Seven of high side low side coming at you this time around and not the new segment about the closing of pizmo beach


To motorcycle traffic here in California a discussion about controversies in the world of motorcycling


Helmet laws lane splitting that kind of thing


There's no guest on this episode


So it'll be just the Spurge and myself playing the rev trivia game


And of course we will give away a t-shirt to a lovely reviewer of high side low side and answer some of the comments


You have left on our YouTube channel and sent us via email before we get to all that a quick word from Spurge and Motu


Here on high side low side zack and I sometimes fall under criticism of not loving all motorcycles equally and it's simply not true


We love the fact that there's a motorcycle out there for every rider amongst our audience and if there's any brand that feels the same way


It is Motu. They have got all of your V twin oil lubrication needs covered amongst all the other different kinds of oil out there


They've got primary case oil. They've got gear oil. They've got engine oil for all of you V twin


Enthusiasts you want to make sure you check out Revzilla dot com slash Motu. That's Revzilla dot com slash M O T U L


And while you're over there on Revzilla com make sure you check out the RPM page for only five dollars a month


You get the benefits of free today shipping free returns and as we're going to talk about in the


Episode today you get common tread journal


This is our print magazine that you will get as part of the RPM benefits and so much more


So to check out all the benefits for RPM to go to Revzilla dot com slash RPM


Welcome, welcome everybody to high side low side


Very excited to be back talking about motor cycle stuff with you all first on the docket as is tradition in season six


Spurgeon not the news. I think you open up a can of worms by calling me the Spurge though


So like I'm gonna I'm gonna need you to refer to me as the Spurge


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