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S6 E8: Motorcycle Navigation! From Maps to Apps

Highside / Lowside: Motorcycle Podcast


Motorcycles, Automotive, Leisure, Motorcyclenews, Revzilla

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🗓️ 2 December 2022

⏱️ 122 minutes

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How do you navigate your motorcycle rides? Where are the best roads, how do you share them with your riding buddies, and what devices or maps do you use to get where you're going? Spurgeon and Zack are on the mics to explore the best ways to navigate on a motorcycle. Special guest and REVER co-founder Justin Bradshaw joins for an in-depth discussion that covers GPS units, smartphones, apps, paper maps, and more!

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Welcome to the newest episode of high side low side. This is episode eight of season six. We have got a doozy for you today


We're going to jump into not the news. We've got a bunch of information coming out of like most some of which Zach


And I would like to discuss with you our audience


We are going to then jump into the main discussion on motorcycle navigation and our guest for this discussion is going to be the one and only


Just in Bradshaw


You'll hear more about him in just a moment here and we as always have a t-shirt winner for the one lucky person who was kind enough to


Leave us a review over an Apple podcast as well as a fun section of comments from you the high side low-size listeners that have been kind enough to send Zach and I an email


But before we do any of that first we need a


Mention of our sponsor, Motul


This time around I'm supposed to get a story for you and the lovely viewers and listeners my friend Ari and I riding across Wyoming for an episode of CTXP


More information on that in a later episode and our chains are taking absolute beating


They're all covered in mud. They're jumping off sprockets. It's horrible. I reached into the toolkit packed for this very adventure


And what did I find but a can of Motul chain loop that you my friend Spurgeon Dunbar had sent me in that care package a couple seasons ago


So do stuff the chain off we went it was great


I think everyone should have a friend like Spurgeon Dunbar


But if you don't you can at least use Motul cleaning and lubrication products on your chain and your chain might be as happy as mine was


You can find that over in RevZill.com slash Motul and while you're over there


You want to check out the RevZill is RPM program this ends for riders plus membership a lot of great benefits from


You know two-day shipping to you know free returns all for the low price of right around five dollars a month


But the main benefit we want to touch on today is the


Revver app you can get the the pro version of Revver with their RPM membership and


We're gonna tie in and give you a little more information as to what Revver can do for you as a motorcycle is looking to navigate your next trip


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