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S6 E6: First Track Day: What's Stopping You?!

Highside / Lowside: Motorcycle Podcast


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🗓️ 4 November 2022

⏱️ 117 minutes

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There's nothing like a day at the track. But why don't many motorcyclists take the opportunity to actually attend a track day? Zack and Spurgeon are joined by Jen Dunstan for a track-oriented discussion with plenty of advice and opinions for beginners and experts alike. What are the major obstacles to a track day, and how should you overcome them? How should you prepare your motorcycle, and what gear will you need? Those answers (and more!) are covered in this full-length episode, along with your favorite HS/LS segments like Not The News, The Motorcycle Engine Guessing Game, responses to listener comments, and tee shirt giveaways!

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Hello, hi-side, low-side, listening audience. I am your host, Spurgeon Dunbar, and I am joined, of course, by my lovely


and handsome co-host, Zachary Courts. We have got a heck of a show in store for you for season six, episode six.


We have not the news episode that Zach and I are going to discuss where we talk about the next big motorcycle manufacturer,


and the topic for today's episode is going to be about Track Day etiquette. What do you do? What don't you do?


We are joined by Jen Dunston for this episode. We're going to have Jen stick around, and she will play the rev trivia engine guessing game with you and with Zach and with myself.


And then we're going to round things out. We are going to pick a t-shirt winner for the best review on Apple Podcast, and of course, we will round out the show by discussing listeners' comments.


This is emails and comments that have been left by you, the high-side, low-side, listening audience for Zach and I, to discuss, dissect, and sometimes argue about, but we always argue about it in front of you so you don't feel like you're left out.


But before we do any of that, we need a word from our sponsor, Motul.


Time to drop a little Motul knowledge on you, everybody. Did you know that in 1953, Motul launched the world's first multi-grade motor oil?


I was struck by that date because 1953 is the same year my dad was born, and he's been complaining a lot about being old lately, and I don't think he listens to this podcast, so I don't think he'll mind me saying it.


The point is, Motul has been making multi-grade motor oil for quite some time, and also sponsoring high-side, low-side for quite some time, not since 1953, but almost, it feels like, to learn more about Motul products, go to revzilla.com slash Motul, that's M-O-T-U-L.


We are back, Zach, for another high-side, low-side podcast attack. I like that.


Whoa, yeah. It's Virgin Dunbar, rapper on the side, everybody. Hopefully, you're happy to have the Zach attack back in the studio here.


How was hosting an episode without me, Spurge? It was lonely. Don't say that.


It was lonely, I missed you, but I will say that Spencer Robert, while almost as handsome as you, was lovely co-host, he stepped in, he filled your big shoes almost as well as you filled them, and I would say it is ultimately though, good to have you back on the show.


How are things with you? How is the last few... Oh, it's been just fan-tabulous. Mostly though, I would like to talk about gas, gas.


I think that's where the entire public would like to go, the high-side, low-side listening public, so Zach is alluding to the fact that are not the news topic for today, and if you remember, not the news is our segment where we talk about something that is news-relate, news adjacent, we would call it, right?


Because we understand that this podcast is sometimes recorded a bit out of line with when things are most topical, as you can tell by the Christmas and holiday and Hanukkah decor behind me right now, because we are actually shooting a holiday video at the moment.


Right, for those of you listening to the podcast and not watching on the YouTube's, Spurgeon is surrounded by Christmas spirit and Christmas trees and minoras and you name it, holiday cheer, you might say.


And my air conditioner is on, so it gives you an idea of where we're at as far as recording this episode.


Anyway, for the love of Pete, let's jump into what we're talking about, Spurgeon. So, okay, who is gas gas, and why are they going MotoGP racing? This is a story that Jen Dunston wrote for the Common Tread blog, and it provoked some thought from Spurgeon, we thought we would present a synopsis of Jen's article, and then something to think about when it comes to motorcycle manufacturing.


So, the long and short of it is gas gas is a, or historically was a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer founded in the 1980s, they specialized in mostly trials and enduro bikes.


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