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Rock Climbing Primer

Go! My Favorite Sports Team

Go! My Favorite Sports Team

Sports News, Sports, Comedy, News

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🗓️ 21 September 2023

⏱️ 47 minutes

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Strap in and tie on for an episode chalk full of fun and frankly just plain ROCKS! After appeasing the NFL football fan horde and banishing the J'ACCUSE ghosts, your magnificent hosts, Tyler and Markiplier, reach new heights and fall to new lows while scrambling their way through a primer on competitive rock climbing. Can you meet the challenge presented within this episode? Listen now! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Good morrow and welcome to GO! My favorite sports team! I'm your host Mark


here not to know sports but to learn about sports because the other host is Tyler.


Yes that's that that would be me. I'm the one who knows the sports. Some would call me a master


of balls and holes. Not many. Not many. I don't think it's caught on. Maybe a little bit.


Not really. I don't think out in the public anyone's calling you that. Anyway how are you Mark?


You've been you've been doing the sport of editing a lot. I'm not even going to talk about it


because everyone's so sick of me talking about it. It's either MacBooks or it's editing.


Oh I got nothing in between. Oh my life just so boring. I recently watched something where you


had a Ratatouille moment with food. A Ratatouille moment. Like some new food that you've had


two of separately and then you had combined and it was just like eye opening. I have no idea what


that's referring to. Kimchi ramen. Oh! All right man you gotta try that. We gotta go. Yeah. Like


that's it's dope. You like ramen? I like ramen. Do you like Korean food? I do like Korean food.


Well then let's go get this yeah. Okay. Okay. Any excuse to go. I'll go. Oh man. I feel like it's been


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