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Radical Illinois Judge Boots Trump Off Ballot! What's Next?

Louder with Crowder

Louder with Crowder

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🗓️ 29 February 2024

⏱️ 66 minutes

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2024 is wild and it’s only February! Illinois boots Trump from the ballot! Eight months before the biggest election of our lives, the head Senate Republican, Mitch McConnell, is stepping down! Former Vice President Biden and President Trump will separately visit the U.S.-Mexico border today and so much more!

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GUEST: Josh Firestine

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Hey audio listener on that now on the video show today. There's a new intro and it's for sponsor


watchtower firearms you can go to watchtower firearms. But it doesn't really make any sense so I'll just


describe it for you I'll narrate for you. Josh is sitting at a couch he's playing chess


chess. Jill comes and he wipes the whole chessboard clean to get his attention even though it's


completely unnecessary and he asks him to help create a watchtower ad and of course this is


misinterpreted by Josh Firestein because he believes that this has to do with the Jimmy Hendrix watch tower song


Ad montage full on him getting dressed smoke machines special effects the whole bit we see him nearly paint himself in blackface. Of course he makes


the wiser decision and opts to not do it. Gerald walks out on him in the green room and he notices


that he's doing a Jimmy Hendrix watchtower parody. He asks him to correct the ad, in which case instead of playing a guitar, he begins playing an AR-15 rifle as though it's a guitar with his tongue and shoot somebody.


So the point is it's a lot funnier if you go and watch it.


When I'm saying it now, it almost doesn't make sense. But I have to tell you about it.


Because they're in the, you know, Watchtower firearms is sponsoring the show it's these are American made firearms


Unlike a lot of other companies for Americans where all of your money goes to a company that supports the second amendment


But we just didn't think about how to do it on audio. So, you know, go watch it or just, if not,


hit the review button there and include the word watchtower.


Yeah, or just, I don't really care.


Tracking my sleep. Apparently I'll be dead in two weeks, it says.


Sleep apnea episodes for every hour last night.


I'm going to have to get one of them silly masks.


I didn't even snore up till a few years ago.


Luckily, my wife sleeps in another house, but listen. I didn't even snore up until a few years ago.


Luckily my wife sleeps at another house, but listen.


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