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BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules Trump Stays on Ballot!

Louder with Crowder

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🗓️ 4 March 2024

⏱️ 63 minutes

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Welcome to our first show of Women’s History Month 2024! Nikki Haley won the D.C. Swamp primary over the weekend with a whopping 1,279 votes. We’ve got the details on Catherine Herridge having been held in contempt for refusing to reveal confidential sources, raising questions about journalism and freedom of speech. Apparently “white rural rage” is the newest threat to American Democracy, so we’re breaking down the facts. Today, we expect the Supreme Court to rule on the Trump Colorado ballot case. We will be actively monitoring the situation and will keep you updated!

GUEST: Josh Firestine

Sources https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/source-march-4-2024

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It'll be the best thing you do.


Former President Donald Trump endorsed McConnell.


Oh, I bet you he's proud of it.


I was drunk.


This is Mitch showing you the charisma.


But one of life's most under-appreciated talent.


Is that his wife behind him?


Agent Broader late 100?


When it's time to move on to life's next chapter.


The next chapter's six feet under Frank.


He's the O.G.


He has his own show here in Mug Club, Monday through Thursday, 5 PM Eastern, Nick DePalo. And the Do the strange general thing is That's what I know. You're gonna strange I'm gonna change I'm


I got the fall.


I'm gonna to speak to speak.


That's okay.


I'm gonna go.


That's okay, you're not here for the sip so we're going to get right into it.


Added some promo because it's a busy day. The verdict just came in.


Before any else, the verdict just came in regarding Donald Trump.


Colorado does not have the authority to take that man off the ballot.


That is big, that is one step closer toward having a free and fair election, although we do have the most free and fair elections ever, okay?


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