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LIVE EXCLUSIVE From Chippewa Falls: Parent Reveals Another Manifesto Suppressed!

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🗓️ 28 February 2024

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Last night, we were at the Chippewa Falls School Board Public Meeting to support parents airing their grievances regarding a manifesto which was withheld from the public and a parent revealed there was a SECOND manifesto withheld from the public in Spring 2023, we have the results of the Michigan primary, we’re taking a look at how “white rural rage” threatens democracy according to MSNBC, and so much more!

Guest: Gay William & Josh Firestine

Sources: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sources-february-27-2024

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GUEST: Josh Firestine & Gay William

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Hey there a little bit atypical today. We have Gerald Morgan on location


down in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. We were there last night for the parent


teacher, the board meeting I guess, not a PTA meeting but they had to move it to a larger auditorium


Got a little bit


What is going on with the state of our country here? That's what's happening today. Let me set the


stage. There is an incident that which we were made aware of another would-be


shooter, a second would-be shooter, and a scenario and a manifesto that destroyed a


young girl's life.


And we only found this out because a mother came forward yesterday at a meeting with the


board that wouldn't have happened if not for you


applying pressure. Now this isn't about Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. This is about


the level of either incompetence or corruption or a self-serving behavior. You have to


take your pick. It takes place at the cost of children in this country. Now take all these scenarios and what you're about


to see today and add school choice. You have an abandoned school in Chippewa Falls


Wisconsin, But you are gasket, you out there


right now for being upset about the state of public education. You are vilified for siding against the heroes the public servants when your children are being put in harm's way


This is not just happening in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin


We could grab 20 schools and the districts around here. I guarantee we would find the exact same stories


we're just not able to corroborate it and we had parents who had had enough.


These parents today and you will see exclusive footage have a voice because of you.


Children will be safer there because of you and we appreciate your support by the way.


None of this investigative journalism happens without


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