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Psychological safety - setting the record straight

Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Bruce Daisley

Workplace Culture, Social Sciences, Management, Work, Culture, Business, Science

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🗓️ 29 September 2023

⏱️ 48 minutes

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Eat Sleep Work Repeat is hosted by Bruce Daisley, Ellen C Scott and Matthew Cook. Ellen is away this week - we were working hard to squeeze an elite guest in.

Amy Edmondson is the most renowned organisational psychologist in the world. In other words she's looked to more than anyone else for the answers of how to fix work.

In this in depth discussion she talks us through what she understands by psychological safety, how any of us can create it and what she believes the best team structure is to achieve it.

We're also joined by Octavius Black, founder of Mind Gym, who provide behavioural science based interventions for lots of the biggest companies in the world.

Amy's new book is The Right Kind of Wrong

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It's a podcast about workplace culture, psychology and life.


I'm Bruce Dasley. Just Bruce today because we workplace culture, psychology and life.


I'm Bruce Dasley.


Just Bruce today, because we had a guest who just deserved


being released as quickly as possible.


So we had the opportunity this week to talk to probably the single most influential


person in organizational psychology and in how we think about organizations and


that's because Amy Edmonton in the last 20, 25 years, her work on psychological


safety has become just really the bedrock of a lot of the way that we think about teams


and organizations.


Amy Ebbinson, while she didn't initially come up with a phrase psychological safety,


has certainly turned it into the vernacular, it's become currency of daily discussions in businesses and offices around the world.


What an opportunity was to sit down and have a conversation with Amy.


She's written several books that you might have seen in the past.


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