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🗓️ 5 October 2023

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What Ange Postecoglou changed at Spurs in his first 100 days: ‘The mood has been transformed’

Charlie writes about the oratory of Ange Postecoglou

Last week I read something wonderful about the culture of Tottenham Hotspur, I contacted the writer and it felt like it was worth putting out quickly. We’ve got a couple of podcast recorded with Matt and Ellen so we’ll be back for a fuller episode next week.

Ange Postecoglou has been the manager of Spurs, Tottenham Hotspur, for around a hundred days. In that time he’s started something of a transformation. And I can tell that because the Spurs fans I know how have started smiling. Spurs have started the season well, currently sitting 2nd in the Premier League. But more than that the players seem to be happy and are playing exciting football.

There was a brilliant article by Charlie Ecceshare from The Athletic looking into the culture of the club under Ange, the article talked about how the mood of the club has been transformed.

For anyone interested in the impact that cultural change can create it was a fascinating read, full of specifics and clear actions.

Aren’t all of us looking to change the mood of our jobs? I got in touch with Charlie and we talked about Postecoglou, culture and the impact that culture has on results. 

In the show note you’ll find links to Charlie’s articles, YouTube clips of some team talks we discuss and some other things that you might find of interest, like an interview with Gary Lineker. 

Fabulous interview with Gary Lineker

Big Ange motivational speech

Thank you to Charlie, all of the articles mentioned are in the show notes. What a fabulous discussion. I’m grateful for him taking the time to chat to me. If you’re interested in workplace culture you can sign up to the newsletter in the show notes - and also check out previous episodes on Liverpool FC, Barcelona and the All Blacks.

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Eat Sleep Work repeat.


It's a podcast about workplace culture, psychology and life.


Hello, I'm Bruce Dasley.


Actually, it's just me again because today is just a really timely one-off episode.


I've been really inspired by a lot of stuff about workplace culture recently


and it seemed good reason to just put more


stuff out specifically I read something wonderful about the culture of


Tottenham Hotpur I contacted the writer and it felt like it was just worth putting out in a timely fashion.


They're currently second in the Premier League and it felt like a good time to capture that.


We've got a couple of podcasts recorded with Matt and Ellen so


we'll be back for a fuller episode next week and that will be the normal cycle of things.


Anj pasta cuglu has been the manager of Spurs, Tottenham Hot Spur for about 100 days.


And in that time he started something of a transformation.


And I can tell that because the Spurs fans are no, have just started smiling.


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