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Presence: exploring real life culture rituals

Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Bruce Daisley

Workplace Culture, Social Sciences, Management, Work, Culture, Business, Science

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🗓️ 10 May 2024

⏱️ 34 minutes

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This episode is part of the Presence project: Presence: Fixing culture starts with your calendar, not your office

This is the second episode about rituals - the first one is next to it in the podcast feed, it's an interview with Kursat Ozenc about how rituals can be used to create culture. This episode goes into real life examples.

Claudia Wallace talks about Crisp Thursday (Connection)

Andy Puleston talks about Pizza Meetings (Connection) and Leaving Speeches (Change)

Dan Pink talks about Friday Night Experiments (Creativity)

Biz Stone talks about Hack Week at Twitter (Creativity)

Dr Heidi Edmondson talks about Ten at Ten (Performance)

Heidi has a wonderful new book out - Darkness in the City of Light

You can also hear the original episodes that each of these extracts came from by click the links above. I have to say that those whole episodes are worth revising. For example, Andy Puleston talks about how effective the culture was at Radio 1 when it was a series of affiliated tribes and he articulates the role that buildings play in shaping cultures. Each episode teaches something special.

 Andy Puleston is now Director of People & Culture at Circulor, an award winning technology business.

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This is a


This is Eat Sleep Work Repeat. It's a podcast about workplace culture. I'm Bruce Dasely


Now this episode is actually a partner episode to another one that's possibly in your feed or that you've just seen a link to.


So this is a episode that partners an interview with Kursat Arrench talking about rituals and Kossat talked about how you can be


intentional, you can design cultures, you can do that and the mechanism that you use to design


culture is that you build rituals.


And he gave five different categories for which we can look at to build rituals,


change, creativity rituals, performance rituals, conflict, and community.


Five different things.


What I've done here in this podcast is I've gone through the archive of 200 episodes of Eat


Sleep Work Repeat and I've found examples of some of those.


So I'm going to talk about community rituals, creativity rituals, change rituals, performance


rituals, specifically by looking at some of the things we've talked about before.


I'm going to delve in a really great episode in terms of the content because I've got


Dan Pink talking about Friday night experiments. I've got B Stone who used to work at Twitter


talking about Hackweek. I've got Dr. Heidi Edmondson who is going to go


inside the NHS and how she brought a performance ritual inside the NHS.


I've got Andy Paulson talking about the culture at Radio 1


and I've got a fantastic, probably my favorite thing of the podcast at all time


is I've got a discussion about Crisp Thursday.


Let's start there. So Crisp Thursday is something that came up in an episode and I've linked


to the original episodes and all of these. I have to tell you, they're cracking listens.


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