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No Sleep Till Iowa

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🗓️ 8 January 2024

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The Iowa caucuses are just a week away, and in this installment, the 538 Politics podcast sets its sights on the early states. Galen speaks with celebrated Iowa pollster Ann Selzer about likely caucusgoers' views of the candidates and how things could change in the final week of the campaign. Later in the show, Galen is joined by ABC News reporters Kendall Ross in Iowa, Kelsey Walsh in New Hampshire and Gabriella Abdul-Hakim in South Carolina. They share their insights from months of talking to voters and listening to candidates as they crisscrossed their states. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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rat-baster oh okay that's a big deal for you. Hello and welcome to the 538 Politics Podcast I'm Gailand Rook.


We're just one week away from the Iowa Caucasus and so today we're heading to the


early states to get a picture of the Republican primary


contest in the final stretch. To start there is no better person to gauge the


pulse of Iowa caucus goers than Ann Selzer, the poll poster behind the Des Moines Register Iowa Poll.


According to 538's Polster readings, she's been the best Polster in the country


for years running, and she's become, at least in some nerdy circles, famous for publishing outlier polls that turn


out to be harbingers of eventual election results.


The first high profile instance was during the 2008 Democratic caucuses


when her poll stood out for showing Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton in


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