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No One Is Coming To Save Us From CBDCs

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🗓️ 21 May 2024

⏱️ 64 minutes

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Joe and David discuss the CBDC Anti-Surveillance Act, likening it to the Patriot Act and expressing concerns about government overreach. They also highlight the monopolization of the housing market by big corporations and the government, leading to increased prices and difficulties for young people. Guest Carlos Cortez joins to discuss CBDC, the housing market, and retirement, including self-directed IRAs and the long-term impact of politics on retirement. They briefly mention Julian Assange's extradition ruling and tease at a special guest for Friday's show before closing with a prayer.

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My brother.


Good morning, Joe.


Good morning.


Good morning.


It's good to see you.


Look like you're back home in the cave.


The workshop, the laundry room the garage yeah a little bit of all of it I think


but we've got a we've got a pretty pretty busy schedule today.


One of the things we'll be talking about is financing but I want to talk to you about the


this C B D C so the CBDC. So Congressman Tom Emmer says he is fighting the creation of the


CBDC in the House by reintroducing the CBDC Anti-Souivalent State Act


this week except when you look closer at he realized he's not fighting anything.


David, isn't this kind of the thing that we're up against fully?


We see ourselves in this place where the left and the right that


converges one in leadership not in the in the generalization or


ideology of the public for the people but definitely in leadership.


And the thing that I think just bothers me so much, is that everything that we seem to fight against this people we say hey we don't


want it they tell us no no you really do want it I'm your daddy and what you need is you


need to listen to us. Yeah, oh that and the titling, right?


So if you've got the CBDC Anti Surveillance State Act and it's introduced by Congress you can pretty much guess that it will have the exact opposite effect.


So here's a title, you know save Haiti or whatever it is and if you look deep into the details


likely here I haven't read the anti-surveillance state act you're probably going to see


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