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Can Evil Be That Stupid?

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🗓️ 22 May 2024

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Today on the evening edition of Conservative Daily, David Clements is joined by guest Lou Marin. Together the two discuss all things Flordia GOP, the border, election intregrity efforts and more!

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Welcome to the evening edition of Conservative Daily. I'm Dave Clements.


And I got a question for you all. What do you do if you're an effective Republican organization?


You call Ron Desantis to TAST, tell him to come home when he's


campaigning against someone that should not have a challenge that would be


Donald Trump. What do you do when you hold people accountable for their meetings with Dominion and their


attorneys, Libby Lock? What do you do when you've got an election integrity team that is holding election administrators


accountable throughout the state to clean up their voter rolls. You could describe all of these actions


being tied to the Florida Republican Assembly.


And the Florida Republican Assembly for holding the state GOP accountable


was served with a cease and desist order and to help us unpack that we have a


representative from the Florida Republican Assembly Lou Marin joining us today. Lou, welcome to Conservative Daily.


An honor to be here, Professor. Well, with that intro, I'll turn it over to you.


What is going on in Florida and just take us through the thought process because the Republican Assembly


I know you educated me a little bit on this is a historic group it's got representation all over the place to get a letter from an attorney representing the Florida GOP saying stop using the word Republican is quite shocking so


walk us through it well yeah we received a letter this as you said earlier


the cease and desist and we were amazed and we actually got the attorney on the


phone and I right away I just had to tear into him say listen are we or are we not on the same side I'm really confused when I get a


letter cease and deceased assist this using the Republican name as well as the elephant I was taken back.


I said well last time I checked which was not long ago there's no trademark on


Republican and so I was not long ago, there's no trademark on Republican.


And so I was taken back by that and I said,


are we still in the same country,


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