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Don Jr Targeted With Mysterious Powder & Joy Reid Preaches Great Replacement Theory!

Louder with Crowder

Louder with Crowder

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🗓️ 27 February 2024

⏱️ 63 minutes

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Yesterday, Don Jr. received a letter at his home containing a mysterious white powder along with a death threat, Hunter Biden is going sober to save democracy, Joy Reid says we should stop having kids, NATO is expanding and gearing up for World War III, Dr. Phil triggered everyone on The View with some hard truths, and much more!

Chippewa Falls TONIGHT: The school administration has changed the location due to expected crowds. The public board meeting will now take place at:

Chippewa Falls High School Auditorium, 735 Terrill Street, Chippewa Falls, WI 7PM CT

GUEST: Josh Firestine

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The Pardon me, sir, would you happen to have a wolf at P. D.P.


Would you happen to have a wolf at P. D.P?


But of course. May I have one?


Everyone may have one. In fact, I encourage all able-bodied individuals of legal age to have one.


Why is that? With its revolutionary ergonomics, its super terrain slide serrations and


brand new performance duty trigger, it's simply the best option out there. Plus it's cool


as hell. Well yes that's all quite nice but may I have


one now please. You may have one whenever you so desire. Driver move along.




Work for it.


Walter, one of life's finest firearms.


Try it, you'll buy it.


If you want to wage a war against the bad ideas out there, like the far left's ideology, the insanity that's being pushed on us.


We've got to be very, very specific and laser being focused on where the actual enemy is. Where is the actual nest of snakes?


If you've got a sickness somewhere in your body,


you want to target that sickness.


You don't want to just blast the entire body with everything. Off limits. Oh, That's what I know. You're gonna change I'm on.


I got the strange I'm on.


I got to fall.


I'm speeding to speed it to speed.


It's going.


I'm going to be able to


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