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Kentucky basketball's roster is starting to come together | Sources Say

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🗓️ 1 May 2024

⏱️ 68 minutes

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Kentucky entered this past weekend with just three signees in Collin Chandler, Travis Perry and Amari Williams. In the five days since, Mark Pope and his staff have added four new pieces, starting with Lamont Butler of San Diego State, followed by Otega Oweh of Oklahoma, Andrew Carr of Wake Forest, and now, Brandon Garrison of Oklahoma State. What’s next? We may not have to wait very long, as Kentucky is in the driver’s seat to land Dayton sharpshooter Koby Brea — the top 3-point specialist in the transfer portal set to decide between UK, UConn, Kansas, UNC and Duke. Sources Say would like to thank today’s sponsors, MyPerfectFranchise.net and Factor. The Sources Say podcast is also brought to you by Andy Luedecke and MyPerfectFranchise.Net. Andy is a franchise consultant (as well as franchise owner) and helps people find franchises that fit their skill sets, financial requirements, time to commit and more. His services are 100% free and he’s here to help if you have any questions about business ownership. You can learn more about MyPerfectFranchise at: www.myperfectfranchise.net While you’re at it, eat stress-free this spring with Factor’s delicious, ready-to-eat meals. Every fresh, never-frozen meal is chef-crafted,dietitian-approved, and ready to eat in just 2-minutes. Head to FACTORMEALS.com/ksr50 and use code ksr50 to get 50% off your first box plus 20% off your next box while your subscription is active! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Must remember do not forget


remind me to bring photo ID


reminder set babe can you make sure I don't forget Photo ID. Reminder, set.


Babe, can you make sure I don't forget my photo ID when I vote?


All right, love.


However you remember, you'll need photo ID to vote on the 2nd of May.


Find out more at Electoralcommission.org. UK slash voter ID. Welcome in episode 33 of the source to say podcast your go to Kentucky basketball and


recruiting podcast on the


girl and KSR podcast network I'm your host Jack Pilgrim of


Kentucky Sports Radio very excited to be joined once again by the one and


only Sean Smith of go big blue country Sean how the heck are you? I'm doing well Jack how are you? I shaved my head Sean


It's just cut through the BS. Let's just acknowledge the elephant in the room.


Let's just talk about it. Well, let's just say that I don't know when you did this, but I've not seen,


I've not been on video with you I had no idea you did this and soon as we get in the stream


I said whoa and I don't even know what you said what happened. Yeah.


So, that was only like, that was only like five minutes ago too,


so it's still fresh to me too.


Fresh cut.


It's fresh on me.


It looks good though, I like it. You look like like I said you're channeling your


Interstanding Tatum and cook that reminds me up here


So I was going to Memphis for the EYBL session one and I always before we go to an event wherever I go whether it's incidentally tournament obviously it's only just for a day or two


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