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Kentucky Derby 150 Expert Picks and Betting Tips

Kentucky Sports Radio



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🗓️ 30 April 2024

⏱️ 28 minutes

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The greatest spectacle in horse racing is celebrating a historic milestone. Kentucky Sports Radio is here to get you ready for the event with the Kentucky Derby 150 Betting Preview. Tonight Pete Fornatale from In the Money Media will join us on the KSR YouTube Channel to give you everything you need to know about the Fastest Two Minutes in Sports. Entering the race three horses, Fierceness, Sierra Leone, and Catching Freedom, stand above the crowded field. One of those will certainly not hit the board. We’ll tell you which favorite to toss from your exotic wagers and share a few potential live-long shots to circle in your program. Bet the Run for the Roses with NYRA Bets! Score big on the Kentucky Derby with a double dose of rewards! Sign up today for a $25 Free Bet AND $200 Deposit Bonus with promo code KSR25. Join now to claim your $25 Free Bet & $200 Deposit Bonus at nyrabets.com/KSR25! Need more? Bet Kentucky Oaks Day with a $30 bonus! Opt-in and bet at least $150 each on Belmont at the Big A & Churchill Downs — $30, win or lose! We’re giving you an extra $50 for Derby150! Bet $250 each on Belmont at the Big A & Churchill Downs for a $50 bonus – win or lose! Visit NYRABets.com to opt in! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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All right, love.


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Kentucky Derby 150 is almost here and I frankly can't wait and I'm so happy that tonight we are having KSR's Extravagansa.


I don't, Extravagansa, that's a weird way to say the word.


Nevertheless, Pete Porne is to tell from In The Money Media, he's here back again for a second straight year to help us get you some


winners this year for Kentucky Derby 150 and Pete I'm so excited to have you


back because well there's a variety of reasons


especially because you were big on the Japanese horse last year and I might be big on the


Japanese horse this year but before we get to that I start, Pete, by just commending the work you all do in the money




If you all haven't followed them along, it's great because you all got something for Joe


average idiot who just likes to pick the colors, you know, who doesn't take it


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