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🗓️ 2 May 2024

⏱️ 51 minutes

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The Big Blue Nation received a significant surprise on Wednesday morning. From out of the blue, Marquise Davis announced his commitment to Kentucky. 11 Personnel is here to detail the news that shocked the college football recruiting world. We’ll break down what the talented top 200 running back is bringing to Lexington and take a victory lap on Vince Marrow’s behalf after securing another victory over Michigan. — DJ Waller gives Kentucky a plug-and-play cornerback — Kentucky is in on a transfer portal defensive lineman — How former Kentucky Wildcats fit in with their new NFL teams — Kentucky Derby locks Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Welcome in to 11 personnel where it's Derby Week and it's an exciting time for the


Big Blue Nation and like it normally I'd come in here guns blazing just all I'm thinking about all I'm


talking about is horses but there's a lot going on in the world of Kentucky


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Lucky, Kentucky's taking care of business on the recruiting trail and I got to say there's times


in this business where it's fun but we're rarely


surprised now I think it's fair to say that you and I were both pretty


surprised Wednesday morning. Yeah yeah from Arkey Davis Yeah, yeah. For Marquise Davis, I just always assumed the visits would take place and then it would be like a July 4th announcement.


And so, yes, I was very surprised that that happened here on May 1st, very, very surprising.


Because he had given no indication that I don't think he was even close.


There was just, I think there was a lot of a writing on the wall,


maybe reading.


And then if you kind of dig in, there was a lot of Michigan buzz here lately, Nick.


A lot of Michigan buzz.


A lot of that was because he had visited there like three times in a couple months but if you looked at it closely he'd


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