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Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Bruce Daisley

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🗓️ 19 October 2022

⏱️ 50 minutes

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Jeremy shares his: free bonus chapter

Jeremy Utley leads some of the most popular courses on creativity and innovation at the d.school of Stanford University. I was delighted to see that he was making his teaching of such popular courses available to a wider audience and chased him for an interview. This is one of his first interviews to talk about his brand new book Ideaflow.

In it he discusses the way to have good ideas, and why most of us aren't willing to do what is required. I loved this discussion. Buy Ideaflow here - and find out more about Jeremy and his co-author, Perry Klebahn, here.

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This is the sleep work for me, I'm Bruce Dazley. It's a podcast about workplace culture, psychology and life.


One of the things I've been really intrigued by over the last few weeks is discussions about


where the office sits in conversations about creativity.


You know, a lot of us are sort of interested in the idea of where


creativity lives or we might have heard buses say we need to be back in the office so we can be


creative. So when I saw a new book was coming out that talked about the process of creativity, I was really




The book is called Ideas Flow.


It's by Jeremy Utley and Perry Klebarn and Idea Flow, it's called actually, rather than Ideas Lowe.


And it really goes into the specifics of how ideas are created.


What they do is they run a course at Stanford Business School sort of an ideas related


course that tries to show people how to systematize it.


I found it really intriguing as you hear in the conversation the preview copy of the book that I got sent


fell apart it disintegrated because I'd spent so much time flicking between it


and annotate it and ascribing it the thing that really struck me by it was that we often find ourselves


thinking that creativity is this sort of nebulous hard to reach far off thing and actually


creativity is just a process it It's a learned process. It really reminds me of a book that I think about all of the time. There's a book by a former Madison Avenue madman that's called a technique for producing ideas and I've put a


link to that in the show notes by James Webb Young it's about sort of I think


just glancing there on the Kindle it's about sort of I think just glancing there on Kindle it's about sort of


six pounds on Kindle or you could buy a paper copy for about the same amount and the


think about that technique is firstly you think Angarne is there a technique


for producing ideas?


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