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How to Elevate your Personal Brand + Content Strategy, Connect with Your Audience and Create Engaging Content with Social Media Strategist Alyssa Chan-Evangelista

Life with Marianna

Dear Media, Marianna Hewitt

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🗓️ 5 September 2023

⏱️ 40 minutes

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Do you want to enhance your personal brand and content approach on Tiktok or Instagram? Alyssa Chan-Evangelista, a social media strategist and content creator, shares how to craft content and develop a personal brand to elevate your business. Alyssa discusses the significance of leveraging the "lifestyle pillar" and provides insights on authentic personal branding, content optimization, and audience engagement. We explore how to align your content with marketing priorities and foster genuine connections with followers. In a landscape where authenticity drives engagement, Alyssa's strategy, combined with actionable insights, empowers creators to establish lasting connections and maintain relevance in their content journey.


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The following podcast is a dear media production.


This is Amanda Hirsch from the Not Skinny but Not Fat Podcast.


You might know me from Not Skinny but Not Fat.


On Instagram where I spend my time talking about reality TV


celebrities, everything happening and pop culture.


Every Tuesday, okay?


I also talked to some of our favorite celebs


and reality TV stars.


We talk about what's going on tune in every Tuesday


and just feel like you're telling you to go with your best friends


in your living room.


Hey, it's Mariana and the co-founder of Summer Fridays


and this is the Life with Mariana podcast.


This week's episode is with Alyssa Chan of Angelista.


She is a social media strategist and manager


and I learned so much in this episode.


So I actually found Alyssa because I kept seeing her on TikTok


her videos kept coming up on my 4U page.


A lot of the advice I hear on there


kind of sounds the same but for some reason her content


really stood out to me.


It was really unique advice and even though I've been a full-time


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