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Solo Episode: Fall Fashion, Habits + Routines, Travel and Pumpkin Spice Everything

Life with Marianna

Dear Media, Marianna Hewitt

Mariannahewitt, Business, Fashion & Beauty, Summerfridays, Entrepreneurship, Influencer, Beauty, Arts

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🗓️ 29 August 2023

⏱️ 34 minutes

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In this solo episode with Marianna she shares all of her favorite things coming up for the Fall season. She shares her thoughts, plans, and expectations for the upcoming fall season from nostalgic back-to-school feelings and goal-setting to the shifting fashion to cooler weather. Marianna discusses everything to prepare you for this season sharing her must-have fall fashion items, where she plans to travel this autumn, and her excitement for the upcoming season.


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Fall fashion & beauty favorites

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The following podcast is a deer media production.


Hi, I'm Caroline Stambury and I am divorced not dead.


Fresh off the back of my divorce, I'm bringing real stories, real life, real talk on all things


that aren't said. Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves for the happily ever after?


Does our love story really have to be one great lengthy novel or can we be happy with a book


of short but exciting love stories? I guess we'll find out on divorce not dead and lucky me,


you'll be joining me for the journey, so buckle up.


This week's life update, life is good, summer is coming to an end and I had the most


beautiful, amazing summer. It was really special because I got to go to a few places.


My summer really started back in April when I went to France for a wedding, all my friends wedding


was so free of her, she's wedding, so I feel like it was a wedding that broke the internet and


from that wedding on for the rest of the summer, it just felt like the most magical time of


year. I obviously love this season with summer Fridays, we had really great launches that came


out, we had so many events, I got to go on vacation with my mom to San Trope and now I'm just kind


of winding down doing like one last trip before summer's over, so I really like to take this


one vacation like around Labor Day because after Labor Day it kind of signals to me fall


and back to school and back to work and so I really like to take this last little bit of summer


for myself and it really just caps the summer for me and it's like okay closing off the season,


we're getting into the next one, it was really enjoyable summer for me, I felt like I enjoyed my


time being in Los Angeles, I read a lot of books this summer, I spent time with friends and I was


really active outside, so I spent a lot of time going on walks, going to the beach and I love


being near the ocean, I think it's a benefit of living in Los Angeles that I wasn't always taking


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