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Activating Public Health with Dr. Shelley Hearne

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🗓️ 10 October 2023

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The truth should speak for itself. The problem is that it just doesn’t speak very loudly — we have to speak for it. Which is why public health has to be a lot smarter about the process of policy change. Abdul reflects on the contrast between publishing and publicizing. Then he speaks with Dr. Shelley Hearne, a co-author on a new book on public health policy engagement about how it's done.

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DeBomont.org. 75,000 Kaiser Permanente employees went on strike last week, the largest


healthcare strike in US history. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to the scientists


behind the mRNA breakthrough that powered the COVID vaccines. The CDC prepares to recommend a new


approach to preventing sexually transmitted infections. This is America dissected, I'm your host,


Dr. Abdul Alseid. Last week, we spoke with two leaders who helped expand public health funding in


Indiana. You know, the notoriously red state where Mike Pence once served as governor.


One of the most important points of consensus in that conversation was that public health ought to


be political, but not partisan. Politics has been called many things by philosophers and thinkers,


the art of the possible, war by other means, etc., etc. But in a democracy, politics, it's a


contradiction. Our right to choose our leaders means they can represent our highest aspirations


or our basis desires. Think about the contrast between how you felt the day Barack Obama was elected,


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