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Red State Public Health with Drs. Judy Monroe and Lindsay Weaver

America Dissected

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🗓️ 3 October 2023

⏱️ 52 minutes

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Public health has never been more political than it is today — and unfortunately, that’s often made it partisan, too. Which is what makes the 1500% increase in local public health funding by the state of Indiana — a state with Republicans controlling both houses of the Indiana State Assembly and the governorship — so important.

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COVID cases, positivity and hospitalizations begin to plateau as the federal government has fully


muffed the new vaccine rollout. Costco does a giant cannonball into American healthcare,


offering direct primary and mental health care for members. The Federal Trade Commission is


suing a private equity backed anesthesia group for alleged antitrust violations. This is America


Dissected. I'm your host, Dr. Abdul-Elsaid.


You know that apocryphal story at the birth of public health? If you listen to this podcast,


you've heard me tell it several times, but I want to tell it to you just one more.


It's that one about the doctor who, in the middle of a serious color outbreak in London,


in the mid-1800s, figured out that rather than a miasma causing the disease, it was probably


something people were drinking from a specific water pump. That guy, Dr. John Snow,


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