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Rizzing Up Public Health? with Prof. Jerel Ezell

America Dissected

Incision Media LLC

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🗓️ 17 October 2023

⏱️ 53 minutes

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Public health is really cool! Ok … maybe it’s cool to all of us who do it for a living. But to be honest, public health’s got a serious brand problem — a “rizz” gap. Abdul reflects on how the turn toward individualism left us wagging our fingers at people rather than taking on righteous fights. Then he talks to Prof. Jerel Ezell about how to address the public health swag gap.

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The state of California bans four popular food additives found in candy, fruit juices,


and some desserts. States across the country prepare to start negotiating prescription


drug prices. Murderous violence erupts in the Middle East. This is America Dissected.


I'm your host, Dr. Abdul Al-Sahid.


Hey, kids. Want to know more about the coolest thing in town? It's public health. What's


public health, you say? Well, only all the efforts that keep us safe each and every day.


Crickets. Yeah. So I'd be the first to admit that public health doesn't make the list


of coolest professions, and even if we occasionally try to change that, you and I both know we


only usually end up sounding like I just did. Let's face it, we're not running into burning


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