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A Guide to NFL Football for Swifties

Go! My Favorite Sports Team

Go! My Favorite Sports Team

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🗓️ 12 October 2023

⏱️ 56 minutes

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There's chaos in the GMFST studio! Markiplier has been turned into an animated character! Unshaken, Tyler takes this opportunity to welcome all the new Swiftie football fans and replays a GMFST fan favorite, the NFL Primer! Will Tyler survive the chaos, or will Mark pull him into his animated world? P.S. We’ll be back next week with a truly new episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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There has been chaos in the GMFST studio.


Welcome, elegant listeners to this episode of Go My Favorite Sports Team.


If you couldn't tell, a lot has been going on behind the scenes.


In fact, if you look at my co-host, he's looking a little bit different today.


Hello, everybody. My name is Markiplier and well, yeah.


His classic intro that he just said is literally all he can say over and over and over again.


Hello, everybody. My name is Markiplier and well, anyway,


unfortunately, we're not able to give you a uniquely new episode of Go My Favorite Sports


Team this week. But what I am able to do is welcome all of the new NFL football fans


thanks to Taylor Swift's dating life. So welcome, Swifties,


to NFL football. And today, we're going to repost our NFL football primer so that they can learn


the sport and be able to watch alongside Taylor Swift and understand what is going on.


But before we jump into the reducks of the primer, I thought I'd take an opportunity to give a


quick overview of NFL football. Those of you that don't know, the NFL football is the


professional ranking of football in the United States. Football foundations come from rugby,


which is more well-known worldwide. American football and NFL football tends to be the most


prominent sport and most viewed sport in the United States, which is fascinating while the rest of


the world watches soccer, which is uniquely called football pretty much everywhere else except for


in the US and Australia. So what is NFL football? Well, it's a game where two teams face off against


each other to try and score more points. Easy, right? Well, each team fields 11 players on each


side of the ball at all times during the game. The game starts with a kickoff where a kicker kicks


the ball down to the other team and the other team tries to go as far as they can to try and


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