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Brian Fullerton

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🗓️ 3 May 2024

⏱️ 90 minutes

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Today, we’re joined by Adam Fullerton, Co-Founder of Branded Bull Inc sharing all about websites and growing your online presence. Adam covers the basics from a recent livestream part of our LINK membership, and we’re sharing a portion of that replay today.

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grow your life. Now here's your host, Brian Fullerton.


Mr. Producer here to tee up today's podcast.


What you are about to hear is from an online hangout that link members participated


in recently.


Brian is joined by special guest Adam and Lauren.


They are the co-founders of branded bull and during the hangout call


they discuss websites, graphic design, and of course branding.


Adam even goes in depth on the impact of search engine optimization and the importance of having a good website.


This was cool.


Link members got to ask Adam and Lauren a ton of questions but they all walk through several website audits


so that members could use those takeaways and apply them immediately to their own


websites. Hey if you'd like to become a link member just visit


Lontrapreneur Academy.com or click the link in the podcast description.


We're gonna have a really cool time tonight. I got my brother Adam Fullerton on here. I pulled his sleeve. I said, hey, I need you to jump into this thing next week. We're actually having a conversation last week Thursday, myself, him and then also his co-founder, Lauren, and I said, hey, would you guys


mind offering up your services for a half hour hour? That'd be awesome.


You got a group of hungry, motivated individuals, so we're super excited about hanging out with


the guys here for the next hour and we might go a few minutes extra if Adam and Lauren have it available


I don't want to be too much of an expensive first day here.


So first off all all you guys, welcome Adam Fullerton.


If you guys want to put some stuff in the chat,


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