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659. Teenager Transformation: From Lawn Care To Tree Forestry & Specialty Services!

Fullerton Unfiltered

Brian Fullerton

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🗓️ 1 May 2024

⏱️ 46 minutes

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Today, we're joined by Blake Stiehl, owner of BDS Outdoor Services out of Atlanta, Georgia! Listen in as Blake shares about his recent investment into a new forestry mulcher and skid steer and the incredible opportunities that have opened up.

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unfiltered grow your business grow your life now here's your host Brian Fullerton


hey what's going on guys welcome to another episode of the Fullerton on Filtered Podcast.


It is your host, Brian Fullerton here.


Hanging with you guys, good morning.


Well, we are jumping right on into it today.


On line at 2, we got the man the myth the


legend one of the most fun teenager tours that I was able to do this same time


summer last year Blake Steele joining us all the way from beautiful Atlanta, Georgia. How you doing this morning, brother?


Good, how about you, brother? Living the dream, man, it's been a busy morning.


Literally, we're 60 seconds into this phone call and I said man I'm hitting record let's go I said


I had a nine o'clock webinar with our assistant had a ten o'clock zoom meeting with


brained bull just do things are moving and grovenven. It's a busy time of year man. How


about you? Great start to the season. I'm in the same boat. That's a


going better for me. Heck yeah, heck yeah.


Now how long have you guys been kind of like working if you will this spring?


Because I know you're down in Georgia.


I know you guys get like a winner and things do slow down but you guys have


probably been out there for what a good two months almost at this point or what?


Well the thing is I we just started I was actually I've been in Texas since January. Oh okay. A lot has changed a lot has changed on business. I was so basically now I'm into land clearing now of my business. I was so basically now I'm in the land clearing now of my business. That's kind of my new main thing that I'm really


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