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349: The Rooster Gauntlet

Dear Hank & John


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🗓️ 31 October 2022

⏱️ 53 minutes

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What would happen to a dead body on the moon? Where could I live that is furthest away from venomous creatures? How do I be brave in the dark?

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called open because the normal release day for deer hang in john it came and went and you are like what happened and we were like what happened to well turns out I sent to a file that was a total of one second long.


And then we had to go through a whole bunch of work thank you to somebody on twitter who helped me with with with a little bit of tech support to extract the file from garage band and the episode is saved.


But I also wanted to tell you that the subscription window for the awesome socks club is open now and will be closing on November 14th. The awesome socks club is an opportunity to get a delightful pair of socks delivered to you once every month designed by a different independent artist.


We were really hard to make these socks really lovely. We now have both ankle socks and crew socks and also a hundred percent of the profit goes to charity.


It goes to decrease maternal and child mortality and Sierra Leone because there's this situation you're going to have to buy socks from someone and is that somebody going to be some stranger who's going to get the profit or is it going to be in a way where a hundred percent of the profit gets donated to charity.


It's a really lovely experience once the months you just get to be happy you can cancel any time shipping is free. It's at awesome socks dot club and if you go to awesome socks dot club slash dhj to your hankajon dhj.


I just wanted to make it short for you you'll get five dollars off your first month that's a deal it's a deal so go to awesome socks dot club slash dhj right now while you're listening to us have a spooky extra spooky episode and also not know what the future holds for Twitter dot com though you know that future but we in the past did not anyway awesome socks dot club slash dhj let's continue with the podcast.


Hello and welcome to dear hank and john doors. I prefer to think of it dear john and Hank it's a podcast where two brothers answer your questions give you to be advice and bring you all the weeks news from both Mars and a few in the john did you know that in Florida alligators can grow up to 26 feet.


Is this a Halloween joke or is this a socks club joke that means they have to get 13 subscriptions to the awesome socks club.


I should have seen it coming can alligators really grow up to 26 feet or did you make that up like in length. Yeah, I just picked the number.


Okay, I was like that seems way too long because I've seen the world's largest alligator and I don't think it was 26 feet long you have also seen the world's largest alligator it surfaced directly next to our canoe in child.


Do you remember this I do remember that yes, I don't think it was the longest the Florida state record for a crocodile is 10 feet or 14 feet so they only need a crocodile.


Well, no, that can't be I don't know why I said crocodile john a men alligator. Yeah, I'm offended as a Floridian and very rarely do I identify as a Floridian let alone get offended.


There's got to be a bigger alligator than that. So the awesome socks club is taking memberships now awesome socks club dot com is the you are no Hank it is the URL.


Well, that's one that's one of them. Yes for for an amazing reason. The reason awesome socks club dot com is the URL is because a fan of ours buck noticed that it was redirecting to an unsavory site awesome socks club dot com.


And so he bought the URL and gave it to the awesome socks club 100% of the proceeds go to support stronger healthcare systems and empower communities. You can learn more awesome socks club or awesome socks club dot com also we have two announcements.


One it's Halloween.


There's a lot of people who are like we want those socks that stay down low and we listened that's what they always say we were listening to our customer.


We heard you we heard you said that you are disheart liking the lack of a dislike button.


We can't bring the dislike button back but we can make shorter socks. And so we've done that and I've put them on my foot and they're nice I like them great.


It's not for me. I feel rather scanned us having that much of my ankle out. Oh yeah, no, I definitely want the lower calf socks. Yeah, but for many people this is the ideal sock.


Second, we are now shipping out of the European Union, which means that you can get the awesome socks club in Europe and not have to worry about weird customs charges.


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