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249: Reviews of Microwave Meals

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

Forever Dog


4.85K Ratings

🗓️ 6 September 2023

⏱️ 79 minutes

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Welcome to beach to sandy water to wet. A podcast featuring real reviews written by


people who just need the world to know what they think. Between you and me I


wanted to like this podcast but I'd give it zero stars if I could.


Okay take two. I was my microphone wasn't simply not plugged in is the short


version of the story. And thankfully we only got like a minute in. Yeah I feel


like it was worth a retake because I wasn't feeling like my prime you know


shit I'm still not prime evil like what I'm still not feeling my prime evil


self. You're looking at. I'm in my prime evil era. Can you talk about the


podcast you're on again? Yeah I'd love to talk about it again because I can't


talk about it enough. I was on de-listers of history which is kind of exactly


what it sounds like. No because I thought it sounded like you were gonna


I was the de-lister. Yeah that's true. It turned out I was deeply disappointed you


were not but it still sounded like a good time. No their description says it's


a podcast about people who you probably didn't learn about in school. And sure


enough the episode I was in I got to learn about Augustine Frenel who was


responsible. I'm pretty sure it's from Mary Potter. No okay. It sounds like it but


no he was responsible for the Frenel lens which is the lens that's in was


in most lighthouses around the world. I wonder what class it would learn that


what what what are what class we would have religion I learned the most


worth it. You and I literally took a sailing class so I talked about that


yesterday probably would have learned about on on and that's what we drink I


talked about it yesterday when we recorded and oh no now everybody knows I'm


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